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  1. I'm starting to figure out it's not even my waist that gives me a ton of issues with rides it's mostly my chest, broad shoulders, and thighs. InvadR we really had to push to get the one click to ride, the bar wasn't even toughing my waist and when I try the TT test seat I feel like the bar hits my shins before it even gets close to my waist. Also I need to check again to really figure it out because it's not fun to do that in front of people.

  2. ^^This park could install Millennium Force and serve free beer in the queue and I'd still rather go to Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens. I don't think Six Flags has any interest in competing with those parks on anything other than price and the convenience of their location in relation to downtown Washington DC and that's probably because of the insane investment that would be required to even attempt to do so.


    A lot of people in Northern Virginia that I have spoken with over the last few years seem to have no idea there's even a Six Flags here and some people are critical of how "unthemed" Kings Dominion is so I can't imagine their reaction to SFA.

  3. Is there really that much negative feedback about it? I haven't seen much of anything other than reactions ranging from "this looks fine" to "this is awesome".

    As with any park related announcement, there are tons of dumb/negative comments, though the overall reaction seems to be positive. I'd normally retract these peoples names but eff that, they deserve to be publicly shamed.


    Negative facebook comments on new ride announcements are just awful. Nobody is ever happy with the new attraction. I always love the comments like "what about people who DONT like roller coasters?" I recall when Fury 325 was announced I saw a woman say "another huge coaster that parents can't ride with their little kids! SHAME ON YOU CAROWINDS" like really? Shame? What?

  4. Great update!


    So an enthusiast went up to a park representative on the day they announced an amazing dive coaster that they’ve been working on for years and told them that they should be building something else instead and was incredibly “persistent” about it?


    Sounds about right... I hate people.


    The amount of coaster dorks I've seen on forums that throw a fit whenever an RMC is not built is depressing. I saw people on another unmentioned forum saying how the new BGW coaster needs to "contrast I305, and Fury 325" and I'm over here like "I just hope it's fun."

  5. Crowds are fine except for that first week in October (Phoenix Phall Phunfest and the Covered Bridge Festival). In that case, crowds are still fine in the park itself but the issue is parking because the Covered Bridge Festival is tremendously popular. I would suggest parking your car by 9am on Saturday or Sunday that weekend.


    Thank you sir and noted. I will probably shoot for a Saturday in mid-October. Looking forward to riding Phoenix about 50 times.

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