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  1. It would be kind of cool if there was a pre-ride video, and immersive theming in the station and up the lifthill, but the twist that the park was hiding is that its actually themed to the Cold War and the fear of the Arms Race and Mutually Assured Destruction. Then the post-credit scenes shows Putin interfering with our elections and controlling Trump like a puppet, showing that the Iron ("Steel") Curtain never really went away.


    This escalated very quickly.

  2. Nice report! It looks like KD WinterFest has created a great event like Kings Island has. The lights look great and there are some nice offerings for family as well. It's rough when it's so cold but I'm glad they have a couple coasters open as well. Didn't sound like Flight of Fear was open, maybe next year?


    Flight of Fear has the issue of being very far in the back of Safari Village which that entire section is not open for Winterfest.

  3. Great report Chuck! I was there Saturday evening with family as well. The park looked GREAT! I didn’t get to sample any treats myself however. Did watch Charlie Browns Christmas Spectacular in the KD theater and thought the show was great as well as Cool Yule.


    We waited about 45 minutes for the Blue Ridge Tollway and they’re doing this thing where they play then “12 days of Christmas” over and over and over.


    The tower I agree was absolutely fantastic and I really enjoyed its presence throughout the night, Definitely a fun cool event. I think it will start to get crazy busy the closer to Christmas it gets.

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