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  1. :lmao: I chuckled at that when I read it. "The first floorless coaster in Maryland" when there's one in Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Oh man I better get there next year to ride the ride with that selling point.


    Well...it "is" the first floorless coaster in the state. Just about every park that announces a new ride that is a first for that state, cashes in on that.


    Yeah I get that of course. Just seems like such a minor thing to brag about when you know way too much information about these things to begin with .

  2. Though, I'm already prepared to be disappointed, with a side of butthurt to go with it, especially after what happened last year.


    As long as it involves Fortnite in some capacity, it can't be more disappointing than teasing a big new ride and actually just giving us a longer lazy river with 3 water features.


    Yeah those announcements sure are fun it's like "AMAZING NEW RIDE FOR EVERY SIX FLAGS (not SFA)." Granted those of us with SFA as the closest Six Flags to us can just go to another park in the area.

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