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  1. Screamscape stirring the pot about 2019 at Kings Dominion and CGA.


    Park News - (11/2/18) Could new announcements for Kings Dominion and California's Great America be coming soon? According to a post on Twitter an early teaser poster for Yukon Striker that was up at Cedar Point has been removed and now there are a few new letter envelops to be found that contain some interesting longitude and latitude coordinates on them.

    The first, 37.8399 N 77.4442 W, takes us to a landscape planter location inside Kings Dominion’s Planet Snoopy area.

    The second set, 37.3984 N 121.9752 W, takes you to a location just outside the main entrance of California's Great America.

    The #CanadasWonderland teaser poster has been swapped out at #CedarPoint, with some new envelopes to review...


    Interesting coordinates:

    37.8399 N 77.4442 W

    37.3984 N 121.9752 W pic.twitter.com/67j3NGAWG2


    — CP Food Blog (@CPFoodBlog) July 25, 2018


    Not sure if this means anything in regards to the exact position. If it does then well more Planet Snoopy stuff, yay for those with children. But CGAs marker is outside the front gate which makes me think the coordinates are not exact. Digression if it's not a Planet Snoopy expansion my guess would be some kind of flat.............or nothing since it's November and both of these parks just opened Twisted Timbers and Railblazer.

  2. Dude... what's wrong with you?


    You absolutely need to change that.



    I will most likely check out Winterfest @ KD this year since it's 35 minutes from my apartment.


    If KD is 35 minutes from you then Great Adventure is about 4 hours. Sounds like a road trip is in order. I mean, you can ride an 80mph hyper coaster in 20 degree weather, just sayin.


    I need to go back to Great Adventure asap I haven't been since 2011. Definitely high on my revisit priority list.

  3. I do want to point out that Twister was absolutely fantastic for my night ride in the cold. It produced one of the craziest rides I've ever had on a roller coaster. It might be after El Toro the most intense wooden coaster I have ridden. I'm surprised it's not talked about more but I suppose it's because Phoenix overshadows it. That was easily one of the best night rides I've ever experienced such a blast. My uncle was dying to go again but I wanted to get more Phoenix airtime in before the park closed.


    Twister is a criminally underrated ride. Aside from Phoenix, it’s probably my favorite wood coaster not built by Intamin or RMC. If Phoenix wasn’t a thing I feel like people would rave about that ride.


    Yeah I’m trying to decide whether or not I like it more than the two “good” GCIs I’ve ridden or not (Thunderhead and Lightning Racer) not that this matters to absolutely anybody.

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