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  1. That's an easy challenge, I actually really enjoy Mind Eraser in the front.


    Front row of Roar with your eyes open? I could see that on Superman because the height scares people but Roar, really? They need better people running their social sites. They missed the mark when trying to fool everyone with Wahoo River and the crypt keeper pics too.


    I agree that was way too much teasing for what was ultimately a slightly larger improved lazy river.

  2. I'm planning a potential Knoebels trip in October for the first time because I really want to ride Phoenix. Curious question is Impulse "large rider friendly?" Not worried at all about the wooden coasters as I can ride the PTC trains at KD no problem (though I don't recommend another human being sit in one with me). I can also fit on rides like Intimidator 305, Apollo's Chariot, and InvadR. Also wondering what flats may be an issue.

  3. Mabey we will get a kingda ka... Wishing but not getting my hopes up... They could make it scream twords the cliff at 128 mph and then shoot thru a tunnel and out the top of the cliff wall... Go over the top and then nose dive Right back into the ground thru a tunnel... Mabey I'm just still on a high from my great adventure trip at the beginning of july


    The odds of Six Flags building another ride similar to Kingda Ka are extremely low. Nothing like that or Top Thrill Dragster has been built since 2005 due to a variety of reasons such as reliability and cost. Six Flags has not been crazy about spending that kind of money on one park recently either. It's fun to imagine your home park building an extremely awesome ride like that I understand but most corporate parks don't see the return on investment they would desire from something like that otherwise there would be TTDs and Kingda Kas all over the place at this point.

  4. I definitely see why more parks are moving to a locker system. I've seen a lot of snapchats recorded on the map function of POVs on roller coasters and the other day at BGW I saw this kid go down the drop on Le Scoot with his phone out. I was watching a map snap that was inside of Escape from Pompeii and an employee came on the loudspeaker to put the phone away. Now I am getting worried on some rides somebody's giant Samsung Galaxy might hit me in the face.

  5. Yikes that is not great. Glad I don't have any FUN in my 401k right now. Item of note the CEO mentioned they were "pleased" with guest response to "particularly Steel Vengeance and HangTime" but not Twisted Timbers. Probably means nothing in the long run honestly but interesting to me in the least. Guess Twisted Timbers may not be having the impact on KDs attendance they were hoping for.

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