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  1. Actually Robb and I want to keep it during Solace weekend to keep the attendance where it is. Usually, it is earlier in the month (last year it was this weekend), but Knotts chose the 21st for Solace which set WCB for the 22nd. Sorry, but the attendance would have to be beyond our expectations for the date to be moved away from Solace. From doing this the last 6 years, I know that Knott's DOES move Solace around to suit them at times(hotel occupancy levels, etc.) If you want to reconsider attending the event, that is up to you. We still believe the event is awesome for the price you are getting even if the crowds during the day might be a tad larger than normal. Riding X2 for two hours before park opening with 300 other people alone is worth $30 IMO. Chris
  2. Do you guys honestly SF, Inc. would invest money they do into SFMM if it WASNT one of the most visited and popular parks in their chain? I THINK NOT! They know exactly which parks are profitable and which ones aren't. I think they ones that were the least valuable are gone now. These aren't kids playing RCT here....
  3. I completely disagree with this. IMO the most complete of all of the Disney parks is either Disneyland or Tokyo Disneyland, but lets just focus on the domestic parks. Disneyland has every major attraction that The Magic Kingdom has plus a much fuller Fantasyland and a real Toontown. If only Disneyland had the space that the Magic Kingdom does. That is why I love TDL so much, it mixes Disneyland and the Magic Kingdom so well. As for Nemo, I wish they would've just spent $60 million at Disneyland for the Epcot version of the ride and left the rest of the budget for something else. As much as I love the subs, that ride just doesn't feel E Ticket to me. Ok, back to DCA, as Robb said, "The park looks bad!" Yeah, I guess I should have prefaced my remarks with "out of the parks I have been to (DL, WDW, and DLP)". I have not had the priviledge to visit TDL or TDS but I hope to get to them in the next few years. And as far as Nemo, I agree. I do enjoy the EPCOT Nemo better and it feels more up to date technology wise. I just wish the DL version had better capacity.
  4. As far as the WDW versus Disneyland debate, out of all of the parks Disney has I consider WDW's Magic Kingdom to be the most "complete" park out of the ones I have visited (DL, WDW, and DLP). They have a wonderful collection of rides including Disney staples (Small World, Jungle Cruise, Pirates) to newer attractions like Philharmagic, Laugh floor, and Stitch. While I do agree that the Magic Kingdom could use some newer attractions, I would imagine that attendance would not rise there as much if a new ride went in at an "incomplete" park (Animal Kingdom being the worst in FL IMO). Adding an attraction to AK (i.e. Everest) helps drive attendance to levels where it should be. I can definitely see where DCA needs to expand to help its attendance out. However, I probably would have built the attractions that wouldn't cause so much disruption first like Carsland, then tackled the refurbishment of Paradise Pier and the main entrance in phases in the winter months. But, I know the carsland area will take years to build and these projects only a fraction of that time. Just having everything happening to such a large area like Paradise Pier is what is making the construction stick out so much. Again, those that think that area isnt big are not realizing the size of the area in respect to the total size of DCA. Its as if half of the park is under construction due to the largest area of the park (water feature) being drained and worked on.
  5. As a season pass holder in Tennessee (Yeah, that is correct), we usually visit the park 2-3 times per year and we really enjoyed some of old DCA views when we would eat in the Vineyard Room (RIP), riding on the Sun Wheel, and riding the Zeppelin ride. What really sucks is we are staying a couple of nights at the Grand Californian this trip and I made sure we DID NOT get a park view room so I didn't have this eyesore to look at. I am also predicting that with those narrow pathways, we will be over at Disneyland more this time where the paths are more stroller friendly. Oh well, there is always next year! Chris
  6. ^ Totally agree with everything you said. It looks like over half the park is "under construction" and for those visiting the park for the first time, it definitely reflects it in a negative way.
  7. Hey all, We will be ending our $5 one year membership promotion on Saturday February 28th, so get yours ordered now! You can purchase your $5 new or renewal membership HERE We will continue the 5 year membership for $25 until the end of 2009. Those can be purchased HERE To see a our current list of events you can attend with your membership card, click HERE. That list will change as events are more events are announced and finalized. Even with the ones listed, $5 is one heck of a deal! Thanks for everyone's support and we hope to see you at West Coast Bash 6! Chris Godsey RideWorld.com Admin
  8. ^^I'll give you an example... Several years ago, one of our RideWorld members was able to get 13 rides on X in the 2 hour ERT before the park opened. Do you think that is possible on a given weekend day?
  9. ^No, they did have breakfast for us last year too. I remember because I had a blueberry muffin while talking to the park GM! ^^ As far as cost, we worked to get the best deal for the majority of people that would attend the event. We understand that those that have season passes will have to pay more, but this is what the park offered us and this is what we wanted to go with. Having to worry about multiple types of registrations is simply an undo burden on us event organizers. Also, it will make the registration process go MUCH faster that day(those that have attended in the past can attest the line can get VERY long). When you compare the event cost to Solace, it is $5 more than the season pass rate but compare the amount of ERT, the extra meal, and the other things that make our event much more affordable in the long run. Chris
  10. I assure you, neither us nor the park is making any money on this event! We wanted to make it as cheap as we could. This is the 6th year that RideWorld has held this event(2nd with TPR) and I look forward to it each and every year. Thanks to everyone for your continued support! Chris
  11. Try $30 for this year. Everyone pays one price, no season passes accepted. Sorry Robb, wanted to nip this discussion in the bud. Flyer should be posted very soon.
  12. From what I understand the information was shared to a select group of people behind closed doors. B&M has had these kinds of meetings at IAAPA in the past. That is how they showed the Flying coaster concept to Six Flags at IAAPA in 2000. They saw it during the presentation and signed the contract the next day for Superman at SFOG.
  13. That MC108 correlates to a database where the information is kept on the purchaser. Perhaps these pieces have a generic tag on them or a customer ID hasn't been assigned yet because they might be a new customer...
  14. Five Whole Dollarsand then you can attend this and other park sponsored events.
  15. /beginplug Just FYI, A RideWorld membership is currently $5 per year until March 1st and we will definitely allow our members to attend the Diamondback media day. For Italian Job, we received over 100 media invitations for our club members! $5 to attend Holiwood Nights, CoasterMania, Solace, WCB, and other park sponsored events has to be the best deal out there! /endplug
  16. You can bet the house that the ride will have "speed check" brakes along the course in at least 2-3 spots. That is just how B&M operates. They put those speed checks in place to keep the train speed within operating limits.
  17. We are hoping to get the details finalized with the park this week.
  18. From the website above.. 6 month/6,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty Wow.. a 6 month warranty! Most appliances have a longer warranty than that!
  19. http://www.knotts.com/park/calendar/index.asp Solace is definitely the Friday and Saturday before.. See you guys at the bash! Chris
  20. Hey, Disney can change the name of the ride to "BrokeBack Mountain" and it wouldn't require any work to the yeti! I smell a winner!
  21. ^ nah, most mine trains have at least two lifts, most of them with three. I think the modifications and the extra trains will be more than what the ride goes for. I would be surprised if it goes for more than a million dollars.
  22. This is what I think will be sold: Led Zepplin- Cedar Fair or Six Flags (CF already made a bid of 1.5 million) Fast Lane- Six Flags or a small park (would make a GREAT family coaster with some minimal theming) Roller Skater- Same as above RPM- SCRAP METAL (No one will want to work with that lift. Not much track at all). Slippery- SCRAP METAL (Its half good, half old coaster anyways) Flats- Cedar Fair (already made a bid on several of them) Dark Ride- Ride system might be purchased but I dont think the themeing will work anywhere except HRP.
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