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  1. Bayless is a joke, he is one of the last guys that I will listen to in the sports world. Anyone that thinks Tebow was a future hall of famer or even a great QB loses all credibility. The game was fantastic, not thrilled about the Patriots winning, but it was probably the best superbowl that I have seen. Surely one that most people won't forget, especially Atlanta fans. Commercials were horrible. I don't typically care about them anyway, but there are usually a handful that stick out to me or I thought were funny. This year, I can only really remember the Mr. Clean one, and the handful of trailers they showed for upcoming movies.
  2. Wonder if they will move pass preview to another night, or do away with it this year. If in fact the park is closed that Friday night for the special event that typically takes place on the Sunday after opening day.
  3. Opening day is on the 15th which means the pass preview night should be on the 14th. Don't they usually close on the fist Sunday for a buyout? Typically yes they do, this year I am assuming Friday the 14th will be the pass preview night, with opening day on Saturday the 15th and then closed on Sunday the 16th. Already have my countdown and babysitter in place for the 14th and 15th.
  4. Being from Cincinnati, I pray it's not the Steelers, but they have one of the most dangerous offenses, and probably one of the most dominant offensive players in bell in the league right now. If my Bengals cant get in (which is every year) I always tend to cheer for the teams that haven't been there before, I like seeing some new teams in there. A game where I'm not cheering for anybody, I can be a fan and just watch it and enjoy it. As the picture sits right now, from the AFC I wouldn't mind seeing the Chiefs, Dolphins or Raiders. From the NFC I wouldn't mind seeing the Falcons, Giants, or Cowboys (big Ohio State fan, love what Elliot is bringing to the NFL). If I am a betting man, my pick right now would be Patriots vs Packers. If I got to pick any two teams, I would say Raiders vs Falcons. The Patriots have been the most consistent team in the AFC, not sure if anybody can go into New England and come away with a victory. The Packers are one of the hottest team's in the NFL right now, if Rodgers can stay healthy he is a huge threat, and their defense has been playing very good as of late. I think Green Bay wins out the season and ends up winning the NFC North. Out of the teams in the hunt, I would like to see Tennessee from the AFC and Tampa Bay from the NFC squeeze in.
  5. I think in the first half the show they went too long in between episodes from showing other characters. Going almost 6 episodes without seeing Carol and Morgan, 2-3 episodes without seeing Daryl or Rick. The mid-season finale, I thought was very well done, we had see all the characters in the first 15-20 minutes of the show. Nothing seemed rushed, nothing seemed to miss a beat. I hope going forward they stick to this as well, I can understand an episode here or there where a character is not involved, but 6 is a little too much. The show has lost a lot of viewership, but it is still the number one most watched show on cable television on Sunday night, pulling in over 10.6 million viewers. The Talking Dead, which is a talk show about a show was second with over 4 million. While they have lost viewership, I don't believe the show is leaving AMC anytime soon. Nonetheless personally I am excited for the next half of the season and think it's going to be very exciting, which if they choose to follow the comic books, we could be losing a couple more of our group by the end of the season.
  6. Got the same survey, I love the idea. Having two little ones, the all season cup was an amazing deal. The only downside we ever had with it was forgetting it at home on a couple visits and not being able to use it that day, this would help with that. Hope to see this introduced soon!
  7. Chapman getting big money from the Yankees. Largest reliever contract in the history of baseball, 5 years 86 million. No trade clauses include not being traded in the first 3 years and not being traded to a team from California. The Yankees had to make some type of move, considering the big move the Red Sox pulled off. I have never liked the Yankees, but will continue to cheer for Chapman. Being a Reds fan, he was the most exciting player to watch pitch. Seeing the crowd react to every pitch he threw is something I have never seen in a baseball game. I remember watching games and visiting teams turning off the speed gun to attempt to quiet the reaction of the crowd.
  8. Toon Lagoon is one of my favorite area's in IOA. We can spend hours in that area with everything that it has to offer. Not to mention Dudley Do Rights and Popeye are two of my favorite water rides in any park. Curious if they would ever touch The Lost Continent anymore than they already have with Mytho's being part of that area.
  9. Agreed. I, by no means work construction, but have some buddies that do. I believe that when the company seeks out a construction company they meet with a project manager and tell the project manager the time line in the meeting, with a goal date typically ahead of the "go live" date to allow for any unexpected events (weather, etc...) I don't know if a company would really be able to succeed if they just said "Eh, let's finish it whenever we get the chance, if not this year, hey maybe next year we will get it."
  10. I have worked on a couple different rides/area's in amusement parks. The Worst Parking at EPCOT - Getting yelled at on a daily basis for parking being too expensive, dealing with the taxi drivers not wanting to pay, having people pay $10.00 (at the time) in all change, having to work in a small booth all by yourself for the entire shift. DOT (Days of Thunder at Kings Island - No one listened, when a car would spin out, having to straighten them out was extremely hard to push the go-karts around, they would often get stuck at the bottom of the 1st turn, which is on a hill, so you would have to push the car up the hill to turn it around. The go-karts were not light at all. The 'Ok' Entrance at EPCOT - Job was easy, you were typically the first person the guests seen when entering the park, got to interact with people from all around the world. If you closed you got to see the fireworks every night. Working in World Showcase, right around dinner time the smells from the different countries were amazing. ScareActor in Urgent Scare at Kings Island - Job was really exciting going through dry runs, getting fitted for costume, and getting your make up done. But, by the end of the night, you had no voice, body was sore all over and you realized just how annoying teenagers really are after dealing with them throughout the night. The Good Skyflyer at Kings Island - Got to be in the sun all day long, working on an awesome ride that never had any down time. Our crew was fantastic and got along really well, which made for an excellent summer. If you got bored doing one thing, the ride had four different positions which kept you doing something new throughout your shift. I know these aren't all rides, but bring a different aspect of area's from the amusement park. Working at Disney World, if you worked in parking and/or front entrance, those area's were actually considered working in rides. Interviewing for Disney World, when I chose rides I thought something cool like Space Mountain or Everest, I didn't think front entrance and parking is where I would land at.
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing it go back in US and replace Curious George, barney, etc... I'm hoping they don't get rid of E.T. It needs some updating, but it will always be one of my favorite rides in the park.
  12. Wonderful pictures, looks amazing. Love the picture of the swings behind the fountain!
  13. I will help save you money, Hard Rock Park closed in 2009 I believe. No need to pay them money. I will help you read. The post you quoted is from 2008. Good call on that one, didn't even look at the date. Need to add that to my checklist before posting.
  14. I don't see the Negan issue being resolved this season. Too many story lines going on. I agree, I would be shocked if they do anything big this season. Currently have 4 different storylines to attempt to tie into 1. Not to mention Jeffrey Dean Morgan's name shows up in the opening credits, showing he is going to be around for a while. If they choose to follow the comics with his character, he isn't going anywhere.
  15. I will help save you money, Hard Rock Park closed in 2009 I believe. No need to pay them money.
  16. ^I hope the NFL gets rid of the tie. College football has the right idea in mind with overtime, the only thing I might change would be moving the teams back further. Make them get atleast one first down to get inside field goal range. But then again, that might eliminate the excitement that OT brings in college football. One of the most exciting games I have ever seen, was when Eli was at Ole Miss and he went into 7 or 8 OT's against Arkansas. Right now NFL OT doesn't even compare to what college has put forth.
  17. ^That game was a blast to watch. Elliot is a beast, he was a joy to watch at Ohio State, and although I hate the Cowboys, I want him to succeed, and by the looks of it, he is going to have a great season which will hopefully extend to a great career. The Steelers haven't looked like the "Steelers" this season, there defense is week. However, they do benefit from playing Cleveland next. That should solve there struggles they have had over the last 5 games.
  18. ^Agree, primetime games have been horrible. Mix in a lot of mediocre teams this year, games haven't been all that exciting. Seems like every year the NFL is changing the game to confuse the hell out of the fans. The fans enjoyed watching the hits, the NFL doesn't allow that anymore. As a fan, when watching the game, whenever I see a big hit, I expect a flag to be thrown, no matter what. I don't even know why the NFL is allowed to rush the QB, if you even touch them the wrong way there is a flag that will be thrown. I think Roger Goodell is successfully ruining the game of football, everyone thought that the sport was so popular that nothing could do it wrong, he is proving otherwise. I don't know if anyone can get him out of there, but until he is gone I expect to see the ratings to continue to drop.
  19. Love the report and the pictures, I have never been up this way or even really considered it. After seeing some of the pictures, the parks look very interesting, might have to find an excuse to make my way to some of these parks. Thanks for sharing.
  20. Relax bud, I was being facetious. Unless there's like strippers and beer in the shed, I could care less. If this was to be true, I have found my new number 1 favorite coaster.
  21. Moving 5 minutes away from Kings Island was one of the best decisions I have ever made, love having it as my home park. 14. Great Pumpkin Coaster 13. Woodstock Express 12. Flying Ace Aerial Coaster 11. Adventure Express 10. The Bat 09. Racer 08. Back Lot Stunt Coaster 07. Vortex 06. Invertigo 05. Flight of Fear 04. Firehawk 03. The Beast 02. Diamondback 01. Banshee I'm guessing that once Mystic Timbers opens, it will take over 4th in place of Firehawk.
  22. but it wont be the same for 2 big reasons: 1) they've made Dwight so unlikeable (as they did with the Andrea character on the show), there's simply no way to redeem him. and 2) Darryl. Who doesn't exist in the comic. So brings a WHOLE new storytelling opportunity here. I have a feeling Dwight is going to turn on Negan, you could tell throughout the episode that Dwight was very frustrated with Negan, mix that in with other clue's throughout the episode, I feel like they will follow the comics in that aspect. Right now, no one likes Dwight(me included). But as a writer all you have to do is have Dwight help Daryl escape and take down Negan's group, and just like that he is popular again (anybody that helps Daryl automatically is loved by the fans). Daryl is the one character, who, like you said is not in the comics. But, is he taking Carl's place right now? In the comics it was Carl that Negan took a liking to and held "prisoner", will that just be Daryl for the time being? Who knows, only time will tell. While the comics can give us insight into what will happen next, it also keeps us in shock when they choose to stray away from the comics and try something new, which is one of the great thing's about this show.
  23. Downfall about reading the comic, a lot of the show is falling right in line with the comics. Last night's episode between Dwight and Sherry, almost exactly how the comics told the story.
  24. Hoping this is open when we visit next summer, so far everything I have seen and heard sound completely amazing. Don't think I have ever been excited about a waterpark opening, this one sounds too good to be true.
  25. The Cubs were the better team, top to bottom. The Indians played a heck of a series, but at the end I think talent just took over. That being said Maddon tried to lose it for the Cubs, no way Chapman should have pitched that much. I'm a Reds fan, Chapman is an amazing closer, the guy is a blast to watch, but the more he pitches the less effective he is. I do think the Cubs will be around again next year, depending how they handle free agency. I believe Arrieta and Chapman are the only two that are going to hit the market. You will have a world series team potentially returning their entire starting lineup along with 4 of 5 of their starts, all 5 if Arrieta resigns.
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