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  1. Mine is from my wife and I's honeymoon at Walt Disney World. We didn't notice it until we got back home and looking through the pictures, but it appears Mr. Smee is trying to look down my wife's top. Not sure if that was the case, or just the way the actor is forced to stand in order to see out of the costume.
  2. Biggest things for me yesterday were: Colts vs Lions - I expected the Colts to come in and win big. Luck coming back from his injury, the Lions losing Megatron due to retirement. And, it was also in Indy, home field didn't do much to help Indy, it's going to be a long year with their defense. Packers vs Jaguars - A lot of people are picking the Packers to win the super bowl this year, the Jags had a chance to knock them off. If it wasn't for a horrible play call on fourth down at the end of the game, I believe the Jags would have won the game. They could make a run for the playoffs this year. Raiders vs Saints - Love the aggressive play call at the end, going for 2 for the win instead of the tie. I grew up being taught, when your on the road you go for the win, when your at home you go for the tie. The Raiders went for the win, and it worked. Overall - Lots of very close games. There was only 1 game that was decided by double digits. And, I'm sorry if there are any Browns fans, but unfortunately they are going to lose a lot of games by double digits this year. But the future looks bright in Cleveland, you do have Gordon coming back, and Hue Jackson is one hell of a coach.
  3. Always do Friday night, with local teams playing football crowds are lighter than Saturday(and less annoying). Haunt does get busier the closer it gets to Halloween, so the earlier the better. We will be there on the 23rd as well.....and every Friday after that.
  4. I'm sure the marketing folks helped pull in some money with those. I'm not sure how much they cost, but I know last season at KI they were everywhere.
  5. I personally don't like the idea behind the necklaces, they suck when you want to be scared and you get put with a group full of "no boo" necklaces. Ruins the entire house for us, if you don't wanna be scared, don't go to an event where the purpose is to scare people.
  6. I didn't even notice that those area's were open during Haunt. I know KI closes there's down during the event, maybe that's because they have a scarezone going right through it. But regardless, I don't see many kids there during that event that keeping the kids area's open would see a lot of traffic on the rides. Maybe I'm wrong in that.
  7. Anderson looked really good, strong, fast, put his head down and hit the hole hard. I expect him to get a lot of carries this season, especially with Siemian under the center. He looked good last night, but he is essentially a rookie and will need the running game to help him develop throughout the season. Partner all of that up with a top tier defense, Anderson could be a fantasy beast this season.
  8. Starting the day off with music, then closing the work week up with some stand up comedy. Here Come the Mummies - Undead Live ... The CD Followed up with: Mitch Hedberg Aziz Ansari Lewis Black
  9. Can't you do both of these at the same time? Heck yes you can! Look at my profile picture. This was my first ever trip to CP in 2014 and she was my girlfriend at the time, once she did this with me...I married her in June this year I might be a little biased in saying that it was a requirement at the time of whoever I dated to put up with my hobby. Right there with you, when I met my now wife, she thought I was joking when I said she has to ride coasters and enjoy amusement parks, after 7 years of marriage she still brings it up and how she thought I was completely crazy at the time.
  10. Seems very counter productive to go through all the time and effort to drain it and remove everything, then to go back through and fill it back up for what, a month's use...if that.
  11. Love the Halloween Haunt pictures, I wanted to visit the park this past weekend to see the progress that they have made, due to family plans my plans were erased. I can't wait for Halloween Haunt, already have the baby sitter in place, pre-gaming destination picked out and ready to get my Fright Lane pass.
  12. Sounds good to me, I will join the league this evening when I get home from work and my son's football practice.
  13. It is included. If you haven't before, shell out the extra money for Fright Lane, the skeleton key is a lot of fun. We actually had a debate about this today. At the CA Cedar Fair parks they close and reopen for Haunt, so you either need a separate Haunt ticket or a Gold/Platinum Pass. With my Platinum Pass I get a bring a friend ticket, so does that mean I can bring someone to Haunt for free? If it's like the CA parks, I wouldn't be able to. That's odd that a Cedar Fair park would operate different than another Cedar Fair park, but KI does not close and reopen, they stay open all day Saturday, Friday night is just evening operation and Sunday the haunted houses are not open. As for the bring a friend free, not sure how that works. Looking through KI's website, the only benefit I see around the bring a friend is the ability to buy up to 4 discounted tickets in advance or the ticket window.
  14. It is included. If you haven't before, shell out the extra money for Fright Lane, the skeleton key is a lot of fun. I didn't know there was any other way. That's why I don't invite people to go anymore, they don't "believe" in paying for the Fright Lane. I don't need that negativity in my life.
  15. It is included. If you haven't before, shell out the extra money for Fright Lane, the skeleton key is a lot of fun.
  16. If all of those box-looking things have scarecrows, I'm going to be peeing myself. Haha I'm so pumped for Haunt! (minus the pee). Also, if KI has a Haunt page up I cannot find it for the life of me. I'll feel really dumb if it was right there in front of my eyes the whole time, but can someone link? I don't think it's up yet. On the KI home page they have the ability to buy tickets for haunt, which shows the mazes and everything, but it does not have the new maze on it. However, they do typically have a webpage for it, and my guess is it would be out soon, with us being roughly 3 weeks away from opening night!! Here is the link that I am talking about. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/haunt I take what I said back, as I posted that, checking the website it is updated with the new maze on it.
  17. The images for the game look amazing, the idea behind the game is extremely interesting. After reading about it, it seems like it is going to be an amazing game if they are able to do everything that they intend to do. I will be trying this demo out the second I get home from work this evening.
  18. I will join another league, no preference, right now I am in leagues on Yahoo and ESPN.
  19. Sounds like a place to find some brews. Do they have good food? I agree with Thirsty Pony, food is great, beer is great, can't beat it. Whenever I visit CP, I always make sure I stop at Thirsty Pony and Famous Dave's.
  20. Great TR, I was hoping to make it up to Cedar Point for Halloween this year, however not sure I will be able to, seeing the pictures is making it harder and harder not being able to go. Kings Island is my home park, I completely agree with what you said about Flight of Fear, it used to be a smooth ride, I have only rode it one time this season, and thought it was the worst ride I have ever rode. I wasn't sure if it was due to sitting in the front row, or the coaster itself...after reading this, maybe it's the coaster itself and not just the front row.
  21. Looks like an amazing time, love the pictures. It's been probably 8 years since I last visited Hersheypark, I have been dying to go back, they have added a lot since my last visit.
  22. It looks amazing, Universal continues to top itself with themeing. I can't wait to visit this place.
  23. I have always wanted to make the trip out to Knott's for their event. Pictures from the event look fantastic. I can't wait for all of the haunts to start posting from their respective parks.
  24. Unfortunately I will not be traveling anywhere anytime soon, however I will be at Kings Island every Friday night for Halloween Haunt, if your in the area at all and want to meet up, give me a yell. Next year, looking to visit Carowinds, Kings Dominion, Kentucky Kingdom and Universal Studios Orlando.
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