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  1. The Boss would be my number one (and consequently my top five would be rearranged to look a lot like yours) if the Boss gave consistent rides between May-October. In the spring, The Boss is one of my favorite wooden coasters period, but can't even hold its own in the park by October. LOVE the Boss! A real coaster it is!
  2. 1. American Eagle (red) 2. Whizzer 3. Raging Bull (please stop complaining about the brake on hill 3; the ride has a great layout) 4. Demon 5. Viper 6. Batman 7. Goliath 8. uh.....
  3. The comment originally was about families, If they are all your kids they can share and save $27 over each having one. Personally I don't think CP season drink bottles are advisable. CP doesn't have holders at all rides, like SF. CP they bottles are not free with the season dining pass. SF bottles much better deal IMO. But CP doesn't run out of regular ass coke (or regular ass pepsi) and ice on a continual basis... and have 20 minute lines for a fill up.
  4. ^Looking good! Can't wait to visit the park again in 2017. What a nice place your park has become!
  5. I'd really like to get the last few "classic" coasters I haven't been to yet... in a hurry! Playland (Vancouver) Coaster, Puyallup Coaster, the wooden wild Mice... and a few others. Olympia Looping, and the remaining Schwarzkopf (for the first time or again if I've already been on them.) Plenty of new stuff too, but no rush for that.
  6. ^^Dang, I *LOVED* Gwazi (with PTC trains). It was rough, but the design/profile was excellent, and very "daring" for GCI. I would love to ride the Geauga Lake Big Dipper again. I know that's not the most popular wish around here, but I loved that ride. We would drive over while working at CP in the 90s to get a dose of another "classic" coaster with no seat dividers.
  7. Another point I thought about is that Holiday World has a slightly different clientele... one they have built up for years and years. They have earned (with years of excellent service) a very loyal guest base. Even some people here in Chicago know about Holiday World and how awesome they are.
  8. Welcome to the dark side. Haha. Thank you. I remember the days when I wouldn't be bothered with such "lame rides." Now I seek them out. How cool would it be if Cedar Point decided to bring back the Frontier lift? They could if they wanted... and it would be popular. They could use a real flume, too. And a classic woodie... They really botched up Blue Streak years ago. They have the means for anything they want, it would be nice if they had "one of everything."
  9. Skyrides are becoming a bigger part of my amusement park/coaster hobby. As are classic rides (especially coasters with no seat dividers, and all that extra junk), and log flumes.
  10. The park is not "running out of room." Whenever you think "Hmmm, this park is starting to run out of room" just remember Gröna Lund. . . Therefore, "The park is running out of room" is never allowed to be an argument. . . Thank you! It drives me crazy when people attempt to bring up the space issue. It was also used as to why Goliath is so short: "they did as much as they could with the space." Wrong. They did as much as they could with the limited budget. Why not wait another year and build a full roller coaster ride? Six Flags doesn't do that anymore. Low capacity, trick or "contraption" coasters are what's happening now. Hey, I ain't complaining too much... we still have Whizzer!
  11. I *love* PTC trains. They still feel like a roller coaster (in contrast to say, RMC trains; although great rides, those leg/lower body shackle cars stink). I like the way a PTC lets you feel the coaster. Sure, they are very old and basic design. It would suck if everything was perfectly heartlined and held you tight in the seat; that's a whole different experience. We have plenty of B&Ms, GCIs and the like. It used to be that bruises meant you had a good coaster ride. So many folks have been raised with the perfectly, over-engineered gentleness of B&M. The only thing I don't like about PTCs are those ratchet bars, but they are still light years better than the auto-stapling in a GCI or (manual stapling) RMC. Just my opinion though, it's good we all have different likes.
  12. I miss the Big Dipper. After the Beast lost it's edge in the late 80's, Big Dipper and Screechin' Eagle at Americana were the best woodies in Ohio. I know plenty of coaster/park fans like newer, over-engineered (and super tight seats) of RMC and Intamin (and I respect their opinions), but give me a true classic anytime. I like the new stuff too, but nothing can take the place of a good old woodie (that hasn't had it's trains modified or a GCI altered profile). We only have a few left, and I'll enjoy them every chance I can get.
  13. ^I've heard Ghost Lake is the bomb! Non-corporate stuff is always better. The Elysburg Haunted House (2 miles down the road from Knoebels) is outstanding! We don't have anything half as good here in Chicagoland for 5 times the price. I Haven't been to Conneaut's Ghost Lake yet, but plan to next year.
  14. Umm..Mean Streak has no space before the lift to do that. They can't just make a pre-lift just because, the other coasters could support it. lol @ "no space" in Cedar Point. What a joke. RMC can do whatever the hell they want with a pre-lift. It's not like RMC hasn't manufactured rides from scratch, they most certainly could incorporate something less boring than a simulated-Valravn pre-lift for the new RMC updated Meaner Streak. Saying that an RMC "can't just make" anything is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Thank you. THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM. A pre-lift would be nice, a nice long pre-lift with a tunnel. Double-loading station and 4 trains. Hey, dreaming is free!
  15. SF Great Adventure??!! No i never been there but i want to go there on day...besides MM(which i want to go to one day too...) isnt it like the best SF park in the chain?? Like it has some of the best coasters....i mean El Toro and KK look awesome! I imagine Magic Mountain is the "Cedar Point" of the Six Flags chain and Great Adventure is like the "Kings Island" or maybe even another "Cedar Point" of the Six Flags chain. I guess if you are looking at records (Kingda Ka) and number of coasters... but my vote for best in the chain is with my home park, SF Great America. We have such a well-rounded collection of rides and coasters. Of course, I get that plenty of folks love Magic Mountain and Great Adventure. I used to love Magic Mountain... but you know... things change. Huge bonus points for fixing Revolution though!!! I'd also add that Great Adventure has been such a frustrating place to be the last few times I was there. It was bad, really bad. Huge rides at dead-ends, atrocious operations, the list goes on. No rush to get back. I did have fun the one time Chiller (Robin only) was open when it had the twisty thing AND lap bars, that was awesome!
  16. Favorites: Holiday World Seabreeze Knoebels Kennywood Hersheypark Cedar Point Least: SF Great Adventure Mt. Olympus Then I have used to be a favorite in Indiana Beach. And Six Flags Over Georgia as least favorite but one of my favorite rides with Mind Bender.
  17. It's a good thing we all have different opinions. Minus the walk to and from Viper, it's a stellar wood coaster, easily one of the best WOOD coasters in the chain. And I would rather ride Demon than any B&M at the park... I *LOVE* Demon. It took me plenty of years to "get over" the new kids on the block, but the Demon is once again one of my favorite rides. I would vote for Superman and V2 to leave, if anything had to leave. But see that's ok... we all have opinions... The park has something for everyone; every coaster there has it's fans. Sorry to hijack the CP forum with stuff about Great America. Back to Cedar Point! They're really moving on whatever is happening to (RMC) Mean Streak. Perhaps they will try to outdo (time-wise) Holiday World's "66 days at sea" nerve-wrecking (but awesome!) publicity campaign they did for Thunderbird.
  18. As Great America is my home park, I would agree with part of "one of the world's best parks" part of what you said; we have an excellent lineup of coasters and rides (and flumes, thank you very much!), but the park loses HUGE points when it comes to operations. Offering a super-cheap season pass isn't necessarily a good thing - you pay for that cheap pass with the park's operations. I would argue Goliath and Superman are good for a few rides, then totally lose their luster. Whizzer, Eagle and Raging Bull (let go of the trim brake complaint; the layout is unique and offers PLENTY of forces) are where it's at. I would even add Demon, after you "learn how to ride it." Whizzer is a treasure and seems to get better every year while the newbies lose their novelty after a few years. I've been riding Whizzer since 1981... I wish Cedar Point had something that cool! Well... to me, Goliath is a sort of RMC "test track" or "sampling" of what they can do. A full roller coaster it is not. And remember, the problem was NOT lack of space (as the park says) but rather the unwillingness to spend more on a "full" roller coaster. This is where I hope Cedar Point really goes all-out with RMC Mean Streak... A nice double loading station, a VERY long ride that doesn't end too fast. I predict they will do it right. Even if it takes them until 2018. I would rather wait and get a truly full and world-class ride.
  19. Top 3? 1) Whizzer (Don't ride Whizzer for intensity; uniqueness and ride-ability are it's strong points.) 2) American Eagle - RED (Anywhere in the front car for most of the ride; the back car for the first drop. Hell, any seat for the first drop.) 3) Raging Bull I guess I would throw Viper and Demon in there too. Most everything else is already found all over the country.
  20. Just go... You got nothing to lose, it's a dirt cheap season pass.
  21. Looking good! Haven't been to Fright Fest at SFMM in a loooonng time. Look forward to getting back there! Oh, and Harley Quinn. Who's current incarnation is thanks to Deborah Harry as 1976 Punk Magazine Playmate of the Month. So cool to see such a cool influence on the Suicide Squad.
  22. Whatever it is, it will beat out Twisted Colossus in overall experience (do people still compare SFMM and CP? If not, sorry, late to the game here...) I could see a double loading station (remember, CP cares about capacity), and a launch section after the lift portion gets low to the ground. No rumors here, just wishes! If they're going with RMC, they're gonna do it right.
  23. That explains the lack of any notable forces. But if you're riding a B&M that isn't real does it still rattle? It depends on the number of imaginary ball & socket joints and hinges the ride has: Schwarzkopf did it right! If CP is really starting work on a "new" Mean Streak/RMC/etc., good for them. I'm surprised, but good for them! They are obviously doing well. I visited the park 4 times this year (with my 2017 CF Platinum Pass; one visit was included and the other days were $14.99). The quality of the service is very good, SO much higher than Six Flags. It makes me WANT to spend my money there. Even if they don't have a Schwarzkopf coaster. Anymore. Or a classic woodie with classic seating. Anymore. It's still a fun park with tons of coasters and flat rides that are open and running well. All sorts of lines (food, entrance, rides) move quickly and employees know what they are doing.
  24. Whatever is happening, it sure is mildly entertaining watching everyone ponder about it. The folks at Cedar Point are probably enjoying it too! On a related note, I got my final ride in on Mean Streak last Friday night. I remember the ride in early 1991; the run from the 3rd drop to the block brake was phenomenal. But that all got botched up over the next few years: re-profiled, brakes and rough track. Although still not the most exciting ride around, I didn't find my recent rides (last week and 3 weeks ago) to be too rough. It's funny that CP fanboys think that's rough...
  25. I'm getting the good 'ol "error trapper" message. I can't remember how I may have fixed this issue (if at all!) years ago. I'm running Windows 10 now... I seem to get this message when I've been working on a game for a long time. I tried all the different compatibility modes to no avail. Surely there has to be an easy fix for this? Thanks in advance for any help.
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