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  1. Here is one of Kentucky Kingdoms Raging Rapids, if it will help Rob. Raging Rapids
  2. I was just there this past Saturday. The last hour we was there is was dark and dead. We rode Thunderbird, 4x in a row without getting off and the Voyage as we walked out. The last 2 hours the park was open was dead, you can get plenty of night rides. We ended the night with a ride on the " Scarousel ", in the dark. I asked the operator to turn the light's off for us and she did.
  3. Saturdays are fairly crowded, but still not bad, 1/2 hr waits at most.
  4. Cool, Holiday World needs one of these over by Hyena Falls.
  5. Took this pic of Storm Chaser, when I was at the KY State Fair Tuesday, thought it was pretty cool. Storm Chaser
  6. ^ You caught me and my partner in the first clip of Storm Chaser. We're in the back, I have my hands up.
  7. Great report, I miss Nashville. I lived there for 7 years, worked at Opryland the last 3 years it was open.
  8. Saturdays can get BUSY, but not 2 hours busy, Sunday would be your best bet. Hope this helps
  9. "Fabulous" makes me think family coaster. Which isn't a bad thing. I wouldn't be surprised if this coaster is planned for the old dragster pad. Sorry but how do you make that conclusion? Ed Hart is an interesting character. I've watched several interviews of him because I'm a nerd and I could totally see him using a word like "fabulous" to describe almost any decent roller coaster. Don't ask why because I have basically no way to prove that but he's just got strong New Yoker/New Jersey vibes going, like the type of person that says "wonderful" in every third sentence. Basically I wouldn't rule out any coaster type at this point. It's late so don't question my likely flawed logic, lol. I personally just don't see "fabulous" as an adjective for a big, high thrill coaster. I could be very wrong though. True, the maximum height he can build in Dragsters spot is 100 ft. That is why the Sky Catcher is in a odd spot, that is in the area where they can build over 100 ft. Basically a small strip running from the Drop Ride, Giant Wheel and Sky Catcher is the only area they can build over 100 feet.
  10. I've been on 3, Indiana Beach, Cedar Point "both sides" and Holiday World. Of the 3 Liberty Launch at Holiday World is my Favorite, I love the second bounce back up.
  11. They are for classes that study the G forces and other factors of the rides. They are only open to the Students and their Chaperones, sorry.
  12. They are just for School groups and their Chaperones for their study of Negative G's and forces found on the rides. Unless your with a group, they won't let you in, sorry.
  13. Went to the Park today, for a few hours. Rode all the Coasters, Storm Chaser is a Freakin Blast. Loved the first drop and the Corkscrew the best. Can't wait to ride it more this Summer.
  14. I agree T3, is more enjoyable than before. It's still a little on the rough side, but for being the 2nd one ever made, it's not the worst. I'm most looking forward to Storm Chaser. The first year I worked at Ky Kingdom, I worked " Twisted Sisters" it's in premiere year, so I'm looking forward to this. It looks great, and I can't wait to ride it April 23.
  15. ^ They are using the left side as storage and the transfer track is in the front of the station.
  16. Sorry for the double post. Just saw on Irvines Facebook page, someone posted a video of a test run. This thing FLYS through the course, can't wait to ride.
  17. They have a second Train, that was purchased close to the end of last season that will be in use this year.
  18. One of the things I'm most excited about, from last weeks podcast, is they're going to have Big Red in all the drink stands now.
  19. Looking great, can't wait to ride this. Have a feeling I will be using my pass quite a bit this year.
  20. Really enjoyed the Podcast, they were having so much fun with it.
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