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  1. Went to the opening night of Halloscream, with two of my girlfriends. Kentucky Kingdom did a good job, on the return of Halloscream. There is not to much Halloween props, through the park, just rides in the dark. Most of Halloscream takes place in the Picnic pavilions and the plaza area between the waterpark. The 2 Haunted Houses, Die Laughing, A Clown Funeral and Zombie Wasteland are located in some of the pavilions and the shopping Bazaar in another. They had some really cool " Selfie Props " in the Bizarre Bazaar. The Mardi Grave, dance party, was in the plaza area in Hurricane Bay. There is a stage, with a Zombie D.J. playing music and Zombies out dancing in the laser lights and Fog. All in all it's a great start,to the return of Halloscream. Most of my pictures had me and my girls in them. So this entrance photo is all I will post.
  2. Nothing said about it yet. I heard Deluge is going and a new Water Coaster was coming
  3. I too am looking forward to the return of Halloscream and how they will do with it's return. Can't wait to ride the Coasters in the dark. I will most likely go a couple of times to check out both Haunted Houses.
  4. Rumor's going around is Deluge and the Waterslides, in the middle of the Lazy River are going out after this year and a New Water Coaster is going in their old spots. Also hearing a couple of Flat rides are going into the area leading to Storm Chaser.
  5. Finally rode Diamondback, Banshee and Mystic Timbers. Diamondback was great, fast and fun. Banshee was good, but both times I rode it I came off nauseous and Mystic Timbers was fun.
  6. ^^ Excited to ride the Coasters in the Fall night air. Wonder where they will do a Haunted House, they used to have one in the old Picnic pavilions they tore down. Curious to see how this turns out.
  7. Had me a zen ride, backseat, on Kentucky Flyer yesterday. Love that coaster, it packs a punch for it's size. Kentucky Flyer
  8. Earned my Wings last night. Like everyone is saying it's a solid coaster, with some great airtime. Love how it looks along the back of Hurricane Bay. Can't wait to get back tomorrow, to ride some more, on opening day. Love the look along the back of Hurricane Bay
  9. Kentucky Flyer is testing, thanks to Mark Brunner for the pics. Come on April 26th. Silver train about to take the first drop. Might be small, but it's going to pack some airtime. They say it Flies through the course, can't wait.
  10. Last of the construction pics, thanks to Mark Brunner. Silver Train is on the Track Entrance stairs to station Exit stairs from the station Photo booth is coming along Ready for April 26th Construction is done, now time for testing
  11. Small update today, thanks to Mark Brunner, on Kentucky Flyer. Looking forward to this coaster, looks like it will be a blast. Photo booth's concrete has been laid. Road rails are about done. It's coming together now. Station gates are in place. Magnetic brakes are in place
  12. ^ You'll enter next to Sky Catcher, on the edge of Hurricane bay. But I see what you're saying.
  13. New pictures from today, thanks to Mark Brunner. Loving how this coaster looks, along the back of Hurricane Beach Club. Can't wait til Apr. 26, for sneak peak night to ride. Love the new view, when you enter Hurricane Beach Club Looking good Fencing going up on turn around Station is coming together Road rails are about half down, on the course Kentucky Flyer will be a great addition to Kentucky Kingdom Are you ready to Fly? Looks Fantastic
  14. They are having a sneak peak night, Fri. April 26th for Season Pass holders to be the first to ride Kentucky Flyer. Reserved my spot, can't wait.
  15. The main structure is done, thanks to my buddy Mark Brunner for the Pictures Turn around is finished Kentucky Flyer, is getting ready to land. Looking good to me. May not be 200+ feet, but to me looks just as fun.
  16. Have some more pics of Kentucky Flyer construction, thanks to Mark Brunner. I'm excited about this coaster, at my home park, adds on to their punch! These pics where from Friday, the turnaround most likely got finished today. Transfer track, that you will walk under to board the coaster. Track going down all over the course Not much left, of the main structure on the back turn The turn around Overview of the back half All that's left of the main structure to be erected The turn around is about done The station is coming together Love this look now, as you enter Hurricane Beach Club
  17. Didn't get to go to the Winter walk-through, woke up sick Saturday morning, was bummed that I had to miss it. Got some pics from this morning, that Mark Brunner shared.They are moving along pretty quick, considering the weather we been having. I'm really liking the look and placement of this coaster. Overview of what has been worked on. The turn around is all of the main structure that is left to be placed. Overview from atop Deep Water Dive The Station is being worked on Lift hill ready for track to be laid
  18. Kingdom Fries are Fries with Cheese Sauce, Bacon Bits and Ranch Dressing. They are delicious and glad to see them returning.
  19. A few more pics, from Mark Brunner at Kentucky Kingdom. Going on a winter walk-through tomorrow, will post a full report tomorrow afternoon. Heading into the turn around. Starting to work on the turn around Getting ready to build the cross over Cross over is done.
  20. ^ I used to work with Mark Brunner, a friend of mine who stills works there and he says I can share them. Waiting to go on a winter walk through, this Saturday and I'll get some more. This is my home park and I'm excited cause it looks like it's going to be a fun coaster.
  21. That's one of the things, I love, about Kentucky Kingdom. They have Taco Tequila Bar and a Craft Beer pavillon with Bourbon Shots and you can walk anywhere around the park with your drinks.
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