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  1. Hey guys. Was curious if any of you went to HITP last season and know anything about the coasters opening. Did they try to open some of the coasters no matter what (like Great Adventure) or were most closed during the event? Looking to try to go this weekend.
  2. So I may have an opportunity to go to the park on the first Friday of May but only for about 5 to 6 hours. Just curious if any of you who are more familiar with this park have a general estimate on if it's possible to hit all the coasters in that time span during that time of year without FL? This will be my first visit to the park, which has been a long time coming considering the amount of years I've been a CF passholder, and I'm very excited. Any other tips for a first-timer to WOF would also be appreciated!
  3. This is pretty bizarre. Hopefully it’s just a track integrity issue and not a reshaping of the hill.
  4. Is it just me, or does it appear (at the bottom right corner) that the lift hill height is being raised in the photo above?
  5. Thanks for all of the help, you guys! Will definitely use the advice given.
  6. Thinking of heading out to the park for the first time either this Friday or the following Friday. Anyone have experience at this park and know what I should expect on a Friday? Really wanting to get a lot of rides on Shivering Timbers, but will that be possible without FL? Really have no idea what to expect here.
  7. Ugh. Everytime we plan a trip to the park the wind is crazy. Hoping that 18 mph winds aren’t enough to keep Steel Vengeance down tomorrow. Any of you guys seen what winds take it down? (Already anticipating Dragster not opening)
  8. Kings Island’s Monster sat in that same manner for an extended period during one of the last few seasons. It’s purely for maintenance purposes unless this situation is different. (Which it doesn’t appear to be)
  9. Will definitely keep myself posted of the forecast. Fingers staying crossed Thanks, Bill.
  10. Hey guys. Have a silly question, but figured some of you may have an idea. Wind speed looks to be around 15 - 17 mph on Sunday (When I’m planning on visiting). Is that enough to close the bigger coasters? Wanted to ride SV.
  11. Gotta love those rooster themed cars . By-far the best looking part of the ride, but it's also nice to see another company going into the "4D" market.
  12. Definitely think you're right about the whole 3 train theme idea. To expand on that, I've had the wild idea for a while that those characters will be included in a "Shed" element. With the transfer table being in front of the station, unlike Mystic Timbers, they have the opportunity to really enclose it and tell a story before the ride, instead of after. My guess is that they would use the 3 characters inside as well as use them in the 'Battle for CP' app.
  13. It would be pretty spectacular to see the seats flip (4D) on the twisted looper model, and I'm guessing that this will possibly be an option for customers.
  14. Thanks for the trip and hotel advice guys! Definitely going to take all of those things and options into consideration.
  15. Have a couple questions that I was hoping some of you that frequent the park more than myself could answer. How do crowds tend to be on the park's opening day? Is FlashPass needed to ride all of the coasters? Any good close-by affordable hotel recommendations?
  16. You can only bring non-passholders into early ride time on the Bring -A-Friend days.
  17. I've never had any clue as to what the circular shape on the sides of the ledgers are for but I do know that those same kind have been used on all of the RMC coasters going back to the start with New Texas Giant.
  18. Great trip report! On a side note, I've been wondering this for quite some time now.... Would changing the launch to a regular chain lift hill solve the problems that LR is having? Would it slow the ride's overall speed enough to be noticeable? Thoughts?
  19. ^ That is roughly in the area of where the brakes / entrance to the shed will be.
  20. An announcement at IAPAA has been a fairly strong rumor as of recent. Seems plausible, and would definitely be a unique way to announce a new coaster in comparison to their last few. Along with the fact that we've seen various Coaster announcements at the event in the past.
  21. It's always been kinda funny to see how small that Steel Dragon makes everything in the park look in comparison.
  22. Skyflyer will likely remain in the park for quite some time. It was not only repainted for Banshee's opening season, but also had repairs and some minor parts replaced for longevity purposes.
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