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  1. Very manageable for the most part. You'll have no problem at all. By the way, keep an eye on the maintenance schedule when planning your trip. As far as coasters go you should be in good shape, but if you like water rides they'll both be closing at the same time this year from November 23 - Dec 23 which is a bit odd. Thanks for the help, Bill! And I guess it's a good thing that I'm not into water rides!
  2. How long are the lines for the coasters typically in late November / Ealry December? Trying to plan my first trip to the park and hit all the coasters in 1 full day along with Falcon's Fury
  3. What makes you think a Vekoma hyper would be any less costly? Likely because historically most Vekoma coasters have been significantly cheaper in price than their counterparts by other manufacturers. An example could be, and we're talking strictly price rather than quality, the B&M invert vs the Vekoma SLC. Cheaper price on the SLC made them a more popular and feasible route for many parks than a B&M invert. I'm not exactly sure if that's the case with their hyper coasters but my guess would be that it is.
  4. If the color of that track is any indication.... I'd say RougaRavn..... or if they theme it to Scooby Doo, maybe Valrarou?
  5. With the ledgers already being installed, it makes me wonder how long it'll be until we start seeing track show up somewhere on the peninsula....
  6. Out of all of the parks I've been to, I'd definitely have to say Kentucky Kingdom has a very strong one-two punch with Lightning Run and Storm Chaser. But of course as someone who loves ejector air, that's a no brainer for me!
  7. On days that have non-haunt hours (Saturday and Sunday), there is early entry, but on Fridays there is no early entry due to it being Haunt from open to close along with shorter hours to begin with.
  8. I use Twitter as a main source of news and updates in this industry as well as life in general. I guess you could say that I frequent Twitter every hour! And BTW, I do enjoy the daily updates and tweets, Robb! Keeps things fresh on the Twitter feed!
  9. 2018 is slowly shaping up to be a huge year for coasters around the world!
  10. I've seriously considered going to Kings island's Haunt event simply because of their hours. Those 1AM closings would give you so much time for Beast night rides that it's almost impossible to resist.
  11. It would be a huge plus for the park to have Mystic Timber's first season extended like that into Winterfest! And I'm sure with it under construction during the same time as WinterFest planning, it would be easier to pull off. And besides, who doesn't want to ride a brand new GCI in the winter?!?
  12. I'll be at KK on Wednesday. What order would you say is best for getting on all 5 coasters, plus Deluge and Deep Water Dive? Would definitely recommend hitting LR first, followed by TR and then the waterpark attractions. However, pending that two trains are running, Storm Chaser should probably be the last thing you ride due to a complete lack of crowds. T3 and Roller Skater's lines don't seem to change much though, and this is coming from someone who visits the park quite frequently, so you could basically ride those two whenever you want.
  13. Planning on visitng the park on the second Saturday in June, most likely. Those of you that visit often, what would be expected crowd sizes for a day like that? FastLane needed?
  14. I would've said floater for many years, but after riding Lightning Run at KK for the first time back in 2014, ejector has stolen my heart!
  15. Thanks! Glad to know I wasn't the only one who noticed. By the rate they're working at, it probably wont be long until we find out!
  16. Maybe I'm looking at the picture of the transfer table funny but I'm not really understanding how it works with the transfer being in front of station instead of behind like usual....?
  17. I'm not guessing we'll see a Rivertown coaster either, but I'm definitely guessing that there's a good chance we could see a Gerstlauer Sky Roller like Canada's Wonderland is getting this year.
  18. Disappointing, but maybe it's true that they decided the ride will have lost too much speed by that point. I wouldn't want them to build an element if they didn't think it would deliver. the new element is very impressive I will say. Do you happen to know what the element is or have pictures to share? Would love to see!
  19. From all that I've noticed, their trains stay very low to the track, and lower than that of some other manufacturers it seems. If I were to guess I would say that the supports will remain the same and will give some CRAZY head-choppers!!
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