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  1. I rode front row first time round, which I thought was pretty smooth - second time was the last row but it was onlybmiarginally rougher. I thought it wasn't really worth mentioning roughness compared to most woodies. Lake Compounce Wildcat was the roughest so far for me ... I picked the rows I wanted but then I had platinum flash pass. It's super pricey but it was worth it cos i was there for the day only and not likely to come back for many years if at all.
  2. Yes, finally another Goliath worshiper! I'm not sure what to expect for Goliath when I visit this month. Most people in this thread seem to hate it. I thought it was pretty bumpy back when it was at SFMM but overall fairly tolerable. Apparently these new trains completely ruined the ride? Is it at least somewhat reliable? It's been more reliable this year than the last two years. It still has its fair share of break downs, obviously but it's been running about 90% of the time. I just don't ride it, I absolutely hate the ride. The old trains were 1000x better. when you say it was
  3. I don't know what to make of the VR- It was my first time here today and went on front row without VR first then VR next. VR was cool but for me probably one off only. I really loved Goliath and Wicked Cyclone - probably highlight of the day.
  4. I spent most of my time there riding Skyhawk than anything else though - I think breezy day makes for more fun, I had problem spinning early Friday afternoon when it was dead calm.
  5. yes it was pretty intense - I noticed hands /feet free ride may lead to infertility... it needs more padding down there methinks
  6. My experience- which was yesterday was different regarding wearing glasses there. They kept on telling me I couldn't wear my glasses on almost all the rides, even with my goggles on. They relented in the end, except for time warp This is after I cleared it up at the guest services whether I could wear the glasses and they told me it's fine as long as I accept it's not the park's responsibilty. I think the only ride that might toss out glasses would be time warp and possibly Skyhawk. It is unfortunate that the loose article policy is not consistent across all the Cedar Fairs parks.
  7. yup - I totally agree with you on Skyhawk. It's still great fun and with Fast Lane there is hardly any wait. Unlike KI & CP where I visited earlier in the week, almost no one is using Fast Lane. Why is that? I've ridden all coasters minus four that don't have Fast Lane option - The Bat, The Fly, Dragon Fire & The Guardian. I'm weighing up my options as to whether I bother with those. I'm tempted to do the Guardian as it seems unique but not sure about the rest. In the meantime I've been spinning around on Skyhawk. Cheers Sam
  8. My brother wears his glasses on most flat rides except for Psyclone, SledgeHammer, Drop Tower, Skyhawk, Riptide, Shockwave, and Slingshot. But, all the other flat rides my brother wear his glasses on and has never been asked to remove them. As for which roller coasters my brother has worn his glasses on are Thunder Run, The Fly, Ghoster Coaster, Silver Streak, and even Vortex a few times. All the other coasters you cannot wear glasses unless they are strapped to your head. Hopefully this helps answer your question! that's great thanks. I couldn't find anything about straps - the FAQs ment
  9. Hi all, Is the loose article policy strict here than elsewhere? I see a whole bunch of tame rides requiring all loose items off for ride - in my case, this will be glasses. I'm coming from KI & CP, they let you on most if not all coasters with glasses/sunglasses. I've been told I couldn't get on with glasses at Knotts ages ago - not sure if it was under Cedar Fairs then. Are parks policies more or less consistent among the Cedar Fair parks? Cheers Sam
  10. ok I'll have to correct myself - MF is #1 hands down. Maverick second. I'll give Valravn possible third. All the rest were rather disappointing - I must be getting old... Probably didn't help that I started off with MF then Maverick, which turned out to be the #1 & 2 respectively. TTD wasnt running (at least while I was there) but it didn't bother me too much. Thanks all for your help.
  11. haha dude you crack me up!!! I'll be coming back to CVG to fly back to LAX in 3 weeks, I think I can possibly squeeze it then. Thanks
  12. haha nah back in hotel already, unfortunately. and I don't function too well after sunset - been to CP halloween a couple of times, theme parks after dark just not my thing - shame isn't it.
  13. Mmm I guess it's too late tonight. Would you say the beast at night is pretty much a dark ride? Is Advebture Express any good - I forgot to get on it today but can squeeze a ride on thway to Cedar Point tomorrow.
  14. hey guys what makes riding the beast and banshee at night better than daytime ride? just done KI today - I think my no. 1 has to be banshee. Next would be diamondback and firehawk. The beast though pretty rough was a good ride. And surprisingly i did quite like invertigo. and if you were there today i was the weirdo with snowboarding goggles on quite glad the rain stopped late morning / early afternoon - i thought i was going to be wet all day...
  15. early season pass vs 2 day pass, it's $110 vs $80+$15 parking, so there is not much in it. I'm going be there for a day and a half, so it's gonna be minimum two days. i see one of the benefits of season pass is discounted merch & food, but it doesn't say how much - is it worth it for a day and a half visitor? cheers, sam
  16. sorry - this might have been come up before - fun card. i searched for it on here, it says it's around the same price as a day pass and used to be for VA residents only but that restriction is no longer the case. Did I get that right - 'cos it doesn;t make sense to me not to go for fun card... by the way i'm going to be there on 24th Jun, but maybe for another half day. cheers, sam
  17. a n00b question - i'm trying to organize a ticket for my visit on 13-Jun. I see regular admission at 42.99, then there are 4 day advance ticket and 7 day advance ticket, cheaper by 4 and 7 dollars each. Are those advance tickets valid from 4 or 7 day of the purchase or valid on the 4th or 7th day from the day of purchase? Cheers, Sam
  18. i'm planning three weeks trip as well but this sounds pretty ambitious especially amount of driving you guys will be doing - not saying you can't but looks like there are way too many half day driving, you guys can keep this up for two weeks? good luck to you regardless.
  19. BGW Verbolten Alpegeist Apollo's Chariot Griffon Loch Ness Monster Tempesto
  20. KD Flight of Fear Intimidator 305 Volcano Dominator Anaconda Backlot Stunt Grizzly Hurler Rebel Yell
  21. HP Fahrenheit Great Bear Strom Runner Comet Lightning Racer Skyrush Wildcat Sidewinder Sooperdooperlooper
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