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  1. Oziris was the best by far - Zeus was ok and so was Goudurix. I rode Oz and Zeus a few time before decided to call it quits. operation was pretty loose yet efficient - cell phone selfies and glasses etc no problems - Europa park I visited a bit later was far more strict - unnecessarily so, I mean Blue Fire is ok but nothing to write home about and Wodan is good but not a great woodie. As for La Trace du Hourra, is it on track or free running like Flying Turns at Knoebels? Thanks all for your help. Cheers.
  2. ok just came back - spent only 3 hours and managed silver star, blue fire and wodan. silver star has a couple of nice air but doesnt really have the variety or change or directions or high G. blue fire was pretty good, went for the 1st row but the operator took away my glasses and ski goggles (lol I wear them so I can see and also I dont lose my glasses in case the ride is really high G - yes I get the funny looks every time, but this was the first time I got told to lose them. CP Maverick ops thought I had a camera hidden in them, but they came around in the end but I digress) so I really cou
  3. ok thanks. are the VR coasters any good? I've tried a few at Six Flags in 2016 - it's not much of an attraction to me as I'm practically blind without glasses so the focus is usually out and blurry. Do you think the following will tick the roller coaster boxes: blue fire euro mir euro sat silver star alpenexpress wodan recommendations to the best seat? thanks so much!
  4. Hi guys, so Ive been staying in Biesheim for a few days (tomorrow is the last full day) and somehow I noticed that Europa Park is within 30 minutes. I will have half day free (probably afternoon) and I'm thinking of visiting. Can I ask for a quick and dirty guide to the park please - due to limited time, I'd go for the best roller coasters, preferably with skip the line pass if not too expensive. And any tips and comments regarding operations, rules with bags/loose articles like spectacles and whether I'll manage without much German (at least I was a bit prepared for Parc Asterix but this o
  5. Wait - so Pass Rapidus let you skip the line at each of those 8 rides, as opposed to one of the 8 rides? I really should pay more attention Anyway - do rides have separate lines for first rows like usual? As you had unlimited rapidus with the premium ticket, how many rides did you manage to squeeze in all up? Cheers
  6. Thanks guys - any comments you can make on their operations - are they pretty tight and strict on rules - like wearing glasses on coasters or stamping down on queue jumpers or other losers etc? Cheers
  7. Ok guys - I'm way behind with the planning so I'll just have to ask for help from you guys. I will be there in a week and a half and preparation (for parc asterix but the rest of france) is very under done. 1. Is Pass Rapidus EUR25 for each ride that is eligible? Do they have unlimited Pass Rapidus - or is Premium Ticket the combo deal of entry + unlimited rapidus? It's quite pricey at EUR149, (I'm sure worth it) Is there any other option? 2. Is there any order I should take on the rides (I'm after mainly roller coaster type maximum thrill rides)? You know, to avoid queues as much as possibl
  8. Hi guys, Hoping to get some pointers for planning my trip there. I'll spend a full day in early July and do some other sightseeing around (but not in) Paris for a couple of days also - Rouen, Amiens, Laon, Reims etc. So I'd like to base myself somewhere in the middle of those areas - any ideas to the best place to stay? Also, how tight are the rules and such at the park - I mean, some I've been wouldn't let me wear glasses and what not and others were pretty reasonable. And anything else unusual or different compared to typical CF and SF parks that I need to be aware of? Last but not the
  9. Thanks - I will definitely go for the rapidus pass. Its equivalents at CF & SF parks were invaluable during my mid-west theme park tour - that was also during school holidays (actually it might have been school field trip season or something - the whole month of June!!!). I will come back with more questions once I've read up on the thread.
  10. Hi guys, I'm planning a trip here in July - I'm mainly a roller coaster guy but I don't mind good flat rides. I've yet to do a proper research yet but just wondering if 1 day is enough to do most adult rides. I'm thinking very early July as I understand it's school holidays from second week onwards. I've done a dozen theme parks in mid-west of the US so I'm not a complete newbie but then by no means hardcore theme park fan either. Cheers Sam
  11. So, it's been done - a quick report and also thanks to a bunch of people who helped me and sorry to those who I managed to irritate with a bunch of question and so on... 2nd June, arrived at LAX, a rest day after 12 hour flight in economy. 3rd flew from LAX->CVG, picked up the rental car and drove to KI, by then it was around 830pm, so I just had the season pass processed and went to BW Mason for a sleep. I had a dinner at the Wendy's next to the motel and apparently a guy there works at Banshee, he told me it's the best (obviously)... 4th Kings Island It turned out to be a ni
  12. Twisted Colossus at SFMM on 28th June, four times. This would be my "last" ride for a while, just as well it was a good one.
  13. this must be a typo - that may be #1 in the park (not my #1 btw) but in the world? no
  14. I don't know if all FoF are pretty much the same inside but it's not my kind of coaster - I like to see what's happening. Is it rough? It is a bit - but to me it seems rough because you don't really see what's gonna happen. As for whether you should ride it or not - you should defo try it at least once, so you know if you like it or not. It's not gonna hurt you like some other rides can (I'm thinking Time Warp, hands-free... )
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