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  1. A question: Obviously I'm still a n00b when it comes to roller coasters and I somehow assumed that the front row is the best seat (the view, for the obvious reason, I thought) - but some are ridden best at back row or some odd locations (El Toro - one back from back row etc). How does that work? Do you guys try out different rows?
  2. SFGAdv Skull Mountain (back row) The Dark Knight El Toro (one from back row) Nitro (backrow, far right) Batman (front row or back row) Green Lantern (front row) Kingda Ka (front row) The Joker Bizarro (front row or back row, at night) Superman (do it early) El Diablo Jumanzaro
  3. Carrying on.... SFNE Superman Mind Eraser The Dark Knight Goliath Wicked Cyclone Thunderbolt Pandemonium Flashback
  4. CW Leviathan Vortex Behemoth Time Warp Dragon Fire Wild Beast Wonder Mountain's Guardian Backlot Stunt Coaster (are these all the same? I noticed KI, KD and may be more have the same name rides?) Flight Deck The Bat Skyhawk Thunder Run Mighty Canadian Minebuster The Fly Orbiter Psyclone Sledgehammer Drop Tower I've been told to go on the rides in the following order: leviathan, vortex, thunder run, the bat, the fly, wonder mountains guardian, behemoth, backlot, mighty canadian minebuster, dragon fire, time warp, flight deck, wild beast, ghost coaster skyhawk the firs
  5. CP Maverick Millennium Force Gatekeeper Rougarou Valravn Magnum Raptor Top Thrill Dragster Iron Dragon Mean Streak Wicked Twister Corkscrew Gemini Blue Streak Witches Wheel Cedar Creek Mine Ride Skyhawk I'm give the following advice: - buy platinum pass & go early entry - go in marina gate and do MF, Maverick, TTD & Valravn early - do Raptor & Gatekeeper until later More advice on when to ride and which row / seat to ride would be appreciated. Cheers Sam
  6. Who the hell told you that?! For me it's the second best coaster in the park (after The Beast). Here - it might have been in jest. http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=1677233#p1677233
  7. Does any of the parks in my list warrant two full weekdays with flashpass / fast lane?
  8. - I've been to Knott's before but it's been a while (7 years). What are the good rides there? I think I tried most as it wasn't very busy at the time, and It was ok then but not great enough to go back (but then it probably has some new ones since my last visit) - Would you give up the second day at anywhere else? (e.g. SFGAdv) I allocated some two days because of long drive and/or weekend. - I've pretty much written off a couple of days (CW-SFNE & BGW-CVG) as just travel days... cheers
  9. i have my itinerary planned tentatively like so: SFMM (30May-31May) LAX-CVG (01June) KI (01June-02June) CP (03June-04June) CW (05June-06June) SFNE (08June) SFGAdv (09June-10June) DP (11June) Knoebels (12June) HP (13June) KD (14June-15June)) BGW (16June) CVG-LAX (17June) What do you think?
  10. KI The beast (night) Banshee (night) not much feedback on the ones below apart from Diamondback Diamondback (apparently this is rubbish?) Vortex The Bat Firehawk Backlot Stunt Coaster Invertigo The racer Adventure express
  11. HI guys, Would you say it is doable to ride all of the above at least once in a single weekday, late May-early June? Cheers, Sam
  12. CW looks pretty cool and I'm keen to visit as a part of this trip. I've been to Niagara Falls and definitely go there again.
  13. Thanks guys. Ok so one way rental is off. I'm not gonna have all my accommodation and plane tickets sorted (apart from LAX - AKL) as I'll be flying standby and want to be as flexible as possible. So that might be a problem at the border unless I arrange the hotel night before in that specific case. I've found rocking up to a hotel without reservation worked ok but then it wasn't for theme park roadie.
  14. Hmmm so going to Canada from US is not a problem but coming back is? In that case, maybe I'll fly to east coast and drive back to midwest and to toronto (not sure how cross border one way rental is going to work though - or some other means of transport) and fly to YVR. Cheers, Sam
  15. hey everyone - i'm back with the rest of the itinerary. i've already covered the first half of the roadie on the theme park specific threads (with interesting feedbacks) but i'll revisit them anyway. I'll be landing at LAX late May (most likely) / early June, I can pick one of two flights, landing around 12pm or 3pm. Will do SFMM first, looks like it's worth spending a couple of days there (not counting the arrival day). Looks like it opens to full day hours on 29th May? In that case, probably best to do two days, Monday and Tuesday - does it sound reasonable? I'm not sure if I'm
  16. The problem is, as several other members have posted before me, this will slow down ops for EVERYONE. Even if you choose not to wear the headset it will still take your train, and consequently the whole line, much more time to dispatch if half the riders are trying to fit a stupid goggles onto their face. People have a hard enough time with a damn seat belt on roller coasters; what I don't understand is how people like you don't see this capacity nightmare coming. +1.
  17. so... is it a consensus that it'll be one season wonder (if it lasts that long?). i might have to reschedule my trip to next year then...
  18. Nope, that's not what he means. oh right - i'd better check the list again, CW website is down at the moment though. by the way, i didn't really look through non-coaster rides...
  19. you mean wonder mountain guardian? it's in the list, so i'll definitely try that
  20. ok if thats how its done here, i'll go along with that, no problem. i dont know why you think i'm trolling to be honest though - don't worry about it. i get where you guys are coming from, so let's wrap this up here. cheers
  21. fair point - but that said, if you read my preferred rides list, they are all different for different parks (obviously). do you want me to change the intro so they all read differently - ok i'll do my best...
  22. last time i've been anywhere was in 2007 to CP, so i dont get out often - to get to LA it costs me a couple of grand - i'm from NZ. which is why i'm a bit over the top with this planning side of things.
  23. ^ hey thanks for your advice. most helpful. i'm definitely spending 2 days there.
  24. no pleasing, is there? i posted my "spam" in 5 different threads - so i'm "spamming" it out in all those threads.
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