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  1. ^ usually front row queue starts in the station, not all the way out like I305, so you can still save some time - why would you spend megabucks for Fast Lane if it doesn't save you time on the marquee ride of the park? And IIRC other racing coasters have a single queue splitting at the station - otherwise it's stupid. They stopped running the other train because hardly no one was showing up for the other train.
  2. I know how you feel but you shouldn't for the amount of money you are forking out...
  3. +1 for Knoebels - it's not big on coasters but worth a visit. HP is overrated.
  4. ^^Absolutely - I thought I'd be fine but I felt I burnt out after the first week. But then you will be in a bit better position doing it with your gf. Either that or I'm not a real coaster fanatic - having ridden around 100 coasters over the past three weeks so far, I'd say I can count the coasters I'd come back and ride over and over with two hands easy.
  5. I personally prefer backrow right on Nitro. I've done back to back front row vs backrow.
  6. I've just done KI-CP-CW-SFNE-LC-SFGAdv-DP-Knoebels-HP-KD over the past three weeks. Depending on how many are in your party, you might want to go Flash Pass/Fast Lane etc (i.e. the more in your party the more expensive it gets with Fast Lane and the cheaper it is with rooms. I definitely recommend Fast Lane etc except for HP (because it's not worth the money). With Fast Lane, all the parks I've been were done in half a day (I didn't do many flats). I'd would have loved another day at CP, which I planned for but the storm wiped out the first day. And try not to go in early June - especial
  7. went today as my first visit - Intimidator is a real something! Quite enjoyed it. It's crazy though, front row had 30-45 minutes wait all day and the rest pretty much walk-on. And no Fast Lane to the front row was definitely disappointing. Volcano was also pretty good - Dominator was ok and backrow on Rebel Yell was a surprising backbreaker - didn't expect that. Hurler wasn't going and someone hurled riding Grizzly so I gave it a miss. By the way Rebel Yell operation was a right mess - they were running two trains but for some reason one train was walk-on or half empty and the other one ha
  8. My opinion is that DP is an ok park for what it is. Not great but ok - I'd go if I live locally or If I have Gold/Plat season pass. Looked like more people were there for water ride side (This might have because of the weather). The nearby HP and Knoebels aren't all that big on coasters anyway. (My HP experience was the worst to date) Even SFGAdv isn't all that great if you take away Kingda Ka and El Toro.
  9. I find the school trip kids worse than just groups of two or four teens cos they move in a swarm, the more there are, the louder and the more unruly they become... Maybe I should try evening shift, although it doesnt really work with the trip itinerary...
  10. I've been getting killed by these school trip kids the whole month, all different parks.. If I were to plan again, I wouldn't do this in June. I don't think they are around on weekends though.
  11. If one rides it all the time and knows what to do then it's cool, everyone is a winner. Can't remember if there are rules sign posted at Twister but I tell you damn kids these days always ruin it for everyone. 20 seconds is impressive but MF crew at CP runs a great operation, best so far I've experienced.
  12. Just been today - major disappointment compared to the others I've been over the past 3 weeks. Operations were rubbish, rides were average, Fast Track was an absolute joke. It ranks dead last, way behind CW in my book.
  13. ^ absolutely - it's basic physics (or something) - with some amount of breeze, you get higher apparent wind speed. it doesn't really matter which direction wind is blowing as long as you can get into spin as quickly as possible, you can save a lot of time alternating the wing movement before start spinning.
  14. ^ there is an element of this. Plus operations were very slow compared to other parks. Maybe there isn't the same amount of pressure to keep the line moving as quickly as possible because of the line is only 10 minutes wait.
  15. Just been today - as I have been warned by many it's pretty weak. Operations were pretty slow compared to other parks also. I'm only mildly disappointed as I didn't expect too much. I'll have to pick Hydra as the highlight of the day. If I was into water rides, White Water Landing might take the cake... PS Stinger wasn't running so didn't get to sample that one.
  16. ^ Obviously from my point of view (and yours) this makes sense but that would mean adding a third line (or combining it with flash pass line) - I doubt this wouldn't be worthwhile for the park as it adds more complexity and there is the comparatively higher demand for the VR.
  17. ^ you can sit up front if you aren't doing VR - obviously front row is not going to be occupied by VR riders and most if not all tend to go for VR from what I noticed. Which row is the best (without VR obviously)? In any case, if I were to go back there, it won't be for Superman.
  18. I think the superman is considered to be the marquee coaster there but IMHO it's nothing special compared to other premier coasters elsewhere. I'd rather spend my time on wicked cyclone and goliath.
  19. ^ Yeah I guess - I went hands and feet free at first until I was rolling around in the cage. Then I just pushed my legs against the plastic shell until I had my balls busted Then I gave up and held on to the grips and set the feet on the step.
  20. There are many rides where I don't hang on as I tend to just enjoy that out of control feeling. But, that out of control feeling would be too much on Time Warp! I feel it just needs more soft cushioning than hard plastics... In that way I think it would be good for hands free ride
  21. ^^ Or maybe I should describe it as low frequency creaking sound, as if it's under stress. I only tried about 8 times - took me three go's to get the full on spinning right. Outside seat should help as the apparent air speed is higher and breezy days should help even more. I lock the wings at full opposite once it starts spinning - I was too busy having fun to count the spins. Often times I would still spin slowly while it's coming down and a couple of time I was upside down for about a second before it righted itself before it came to full stop. I fold my legs and brace which helps me k
  22. ^ I guess that goes for any ride, but then I don't suppose you hold onto grab handles on all the rides I must say Time Warp is the only ride I would hold on, unless I can put a cushion down the groin ha ha
  23. Holy crap I was so discombobulated, at the part where your spin is dampened to get you level coming down, I wasn't actually still spinning but I still thought I was. My sense of levelness was messed up for about a minute after that Whats your personal record? could you hear it actually groaning when you hit maximum angular velocity?
  24. I will have to admit that I had experienced the smoothest ride I had ever experienced of all the times I've been on Time Warp. I think that they may have either replaced the padding on the cars or replaced the wheels on the cars. Whatever they did to Time Warp, it made it give a smoother ride without head banging, knee knocking, or anything else it has done in the past. Has anyone else been on Time Warp this year and noticed this? A question for the regulars at Time Warp: Do you guys actually use the step and the grab handles?
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