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  1. a fascinating project you are doing there! it's a tad over the top for me personally but i guess it's a worthwhile resource for anyone who is planning a trip. i've only been to CP so can't comment on other parks but my experience / preferences of the rides at CP are rather different than what your table suggests - all the figures give a good starting point but in the end, it is all subjective. keep up the good work!
  2. Well, I'm going through the wikipedia first to get the idea of what each coaster is like and how extreme it is (i find it a bit daunting to go through thousands of pages of the theme park threads on TPR at the moment). I'm picking the 5's (out of 5) first then going to look through the description and then check out some videos to determine what to ride first etc. Has anyone looked at these ratings and are they fairly accurate in the assessment? Cheers Sam
  3. Just a heads up, hotels near Knoebels are limited but they have a campground if you're into that. If you're like me and you'd rather die than go camping then I suggest (get ready for this) the Super 8 in Danville. I know, I know but trust me on this. This Hotel should never be a Super 8. If I were them I'd lose the Super 8 name as fast as humanly possible. It looks more like a Courtyard Marriot than a Super 8. Why they would ever want to carry the Super 8 name I have no idea. Don't get me wrong, I'm not above a Super 8 but this is the only one I'd actually recommend to someone. Is Super
  4. In which case I'd ignore all the recommendations you've had for Knoebels. That said, it is close to Hersheypark and Dorney Park (where I'll be going) so I could stop by and check it out - it also depends who i'm taking with me as well...
  5. Hi guys when is the school holiday period in Northeast (and Toronto (for Canada's Wonderland) & Ohio (for Cedar Point))? I'm thinking of going early June for 2-3 weeks. Obviously it's a no-brainer to avoid school holidays but as I'm not local I dont know how things work over there. Cheers, Sam
  6. i think it's natural you can be nervous of big rides you haven't been on - but fear? will you be having fun?
  7. Right - I'm asking more for the vacancy point of view. Don't fancy sleeping in a car... When I went to CP in 2007, I didn't have a problem with vacancy then (it was October so maybe that has something to do with it) and 3 weeks road trip I did from Atlanta to LA along the southern states in 2004, I just rocked up to a hotel on the night - but then that wasn't theme parks roadie...
  8. ^ Hey that's a great help - yes, I started putting together itinerary... Thanks! As for accommodation, did you book in advance?
  9. I'd imagine if you're phones in a zipped/buttoned/sealed pocket, they'd let you... However, be careful where you store it. P [attachment=0]image.jpeg[/attachment] That's some serious damage!
  10. Maybe I'll have to tape them up as an insurance =D
  11. thanks all. what about items on person - what are the requirements in general to have phones, wallets, hats on person etc etc? is it allowed to have them on board or leave them prior to boarding, generally speaking? do pardon my ignorance as it has been almost ten years since my last ride...
  12. Ok - I decided to do mostly north east area where you guys recommended. When would be the best time to go, i.e. least busiest time? Also, would I have to book accommodation in advance or can I just wing it as I go? Cheers
  13. ^ yup makes sense - are there certain make/model of straps that seasoned coaster riders prefer?
  14. Hey thanks - Don't worry, I hate people who make a scene! Once I get the list of theme parks I'm planning to visit, I'll come back and get more specific feedback on them re: this. I'd better get straps just in case then, although I think MX goggles would be just as good if not better. Cheers, Sam
  15. Right - I'm super short sighted so I have to wear glasses to see what's going on - Sure, I can leave the glasses off but that definitely diminishes the sensations which make riding coasters such a rush. What do my fellow bespectacled coaster enthusiasts do? At first I either left the glasses off before boarding or had them in cargo pants pocket. Then I started to wear MX goggles over the top of the glasses (got the funny looks without fail ).This worked well, on Millennium Force, Maverick, Top Thrill Dragster and Mean Streak at Cedar Point and a whole bunch of other coasters elsewhere. Excep
  16. Thanks - I'll check it out. Looks like I'll go along with this consensus... 2004 then 2007, so it's been a while. As good as those visits were, they were in October Halloween time, where (if I recall correctly, weekend hours only) it was MAD busy and crowded - spent 4 hours for Top Thrill Dragster and Maverick each and 3 hours for Millennium Force, so I'm hoping to visit quiet time this time around. As you can probably understand coming from down under, airfare is a significant proportion of total expense so I'd like to hit as many as I can, even if it means extending my stay
  17. thanks guys - keep them coming! i'm going for the rollercoasters - hard! i'll save the more sedate ones when i get older (which is fast approaching, i must say )
  18. Everywhere! I'll arrive at LAX more likely and do the Six Flags there and fly to Ohio for Cedar Point and carry on to Canada's Wonderland in Toronto. Busch Gardens is a bit out of the way but I'll have to manage somehow. I'd say I'll spend at least 2 weeks, possibly 3 weeks.
  19. Hi, A new guy here - I'm planning to do a theme parks road trip in the N.A. this year and hoping I can get some recommendations pls. I'm in NZ so I can't do this all too often - I'm looking to do theme parks with extreme rollercoasters. As far as my previous visits to N.A. theme parks, I've been to Cedar Point a couple of times (both in October, Halloween time - which had its pros and cons), and the usual places in CA, The Universal Studios, The DisneyLand, California Adventure Park, Knott's Berry Farm etc etc. I've heard good things about Six Flags Magic Mountain, Busch Gardens and Cana
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