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  1. I was wondering what is currently like. When I wear years before El loco it was an OK park with decent Canyon Blaster, a log flume that smells like urine, a chaos ride that only fills 1/3 seats, and as The Legend from ITL would say, "A happy feet attraction with 100-120 capacity per hour." I just think this park attracts some shady people and tourists. Not many people make it down to Circus Circus if they can afford better, you know? The sketchy independent merchant carts around the park are really weird. The park also has way too many arcade games that just surround the edge of a park. Now I love arcade, but that can't just be by themselves in the middle of the park! It's good to see El Loco striving, but I still take this as a different worse park.
  2. From the looks of the project, and the initial contact that I have had with the company, it looks like this will be more museum like and have a 4D cinema at the exit. Does anyone know if 500,00 sq ft would be bigger than water park of America? I would hope for a ProSlide tornado!
  3. Valleyfair's games department is going to have a pretty easy time finding Blair Walsh jerseys for choice prizes.
  4. I would say the most important thing about the action theater replacement is the IP. Six Flags owns several IPs from Warner Bros and more could be made. I think Pacific Rim is a bit of an outdated IP, and the movie wasn't very good. I think you would just be getting scenes from the movie. I think Scooby Doo, Teen Titans Go, or Godzilla would be the best option, and yes, I know that Godzilla is basically a bad version of Kong down Highway 1.
  5. I don't know how a park like Valleyfair could add a Mack rides coaster when it has something so similar like Steel Venom. A typical coaster would be better.
  6. The screaming swing is a really good ride at Valleyfair because it it is free & holds 40. At MA, I would think it would be free.
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