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  1. In Saint Paul, near the museums, try Cosetta. It is close to the Science Museum. Very good pizza, pasta (try the mostacoli), sandwiches, salads, gelato, etc. It's Italian and is consistently rated one of MN's best restaurants.
  2. Water bottle should be fine. Always fine if it is just water. Medical reasons should always allow water, otherwise Valleyfair is just going to blow money giving you all those cheap plastic cups. At a couple of places they have water bottle water fountains, too.
  3. Try Lions Tap, near Valleyfair. It will not disappoint. And if you find chef Carrillo today and ask him for a free sample card he will give you one. Source: Twitter account of VF. Sounds like what tony Clark does
  4. I'll be on hand tonight for the All Wheel Sports inaugural show. I'll be sure to post some pictures and a review. Show times are at 4 and 6 pm.
  5. Does anyone know if they are going to start to do security daily now that the peak season is kicking in? Is it still using the wands?
  6. Yeah, I definitely yelled at the Renegade ride op on the control panel. She was slow and fat and was looking on her phone when the ride was in motion and the other train was just sitting on the end brake. The guy at Excalibur is really good, though. At the begin inning of the season, High Roller was having train issues, so it slowed the crew down.
  7. Went to the park today. Man, the place was just packed. Not having a nice day and having much of the park being understaffed led to long lines and practically EVERY attraction. I did a circuit in an hour, and rode Wheel of Fortune and Flying Eagles, which for some reason, actually had a shorter line than in other times I have been there this year, when it was less busy. Good thing this is the last day of school for many people this year. The weekdays during June are normally some of the best days to go to the park all year. Dining PLAN Background Info: Last year, I got a Chickie and Pete's cheesesteak nearly every time. I was not going to get the dining plan again, but once I saw that Subway and Panda would be added, I renewed it. Last year, the cheesesteak was about 1/3 of a big one. This year, my cheesesteak was 3 inches long. The portion sizes at some of the places have really decreased. Subway and Panda Express have large portions, but I feel that they are cheaping out on us. Your Thoughts?
  8. If it were to be Looping Starship removed, would you: a) like to see it relocated at the park? b) if so, where would an ideal location be? If they are trying for a waterpark expansion next year, I'm not sure how big of a complex can be put in to the volleyball/looping starship space. Maybe not a raft slide, but how about a mat racer? I don't think they would put a water fortress right next to the new splash pad.
  9. Did you happen to try Panda Express or Subway? The options there are pretty good.
  10. Definitely not out of the picture. Rode it yesterday and it was really quite boring. If they kept the tube elevator and the stair structure, it could definitely work out.
  11. The funnel would definitely be saved if it closed -- they have some really thrilling and nice body and tube slides, but we already have body slides so they wouldn't move half the complex. Maybe the kids water fortress? I'm not sure if those are easy to re-assemble or not.
  12. I have a somewhat crazy idea. I know it's pretty unrealistic, but please at least read. The waterpark at Geagua Lake is not gaining any sort of money or profits each year. It is within one hour of Cedar Point. Some people have said that Geagua Lake's waterpark would close and the water slides could potentially be moved. What if we received the large raft slide and the water fortress and Cedar Point got the rest? Kind of a crazy idea, but hey why not.
  13. Splash pad. With no slides. There needs to be a children's area with slides like the one at Water Park of America.
  14. Here are my predictions looking ahead 3 years: - 2017: Dark ride themed to EA property (Plants vs zombies, Need for Speed, Battlefield) - 2018: Coaster (not even speculating what kind, but likely a small B&M) - 2019: Soak City: new entrance and parking lot (bye-bye excalibur), mat racer, some sort of raft slide, tipping bucket play structure where old kids area currently is. Looping starship is not relocated from the park, but removed. Everything else old in the waterpark stays.
  15. It bugs me that they have them at Valleyfair because they only have wands and it takes forever to wand someone compared to having them walk through. If we got them permanently, I could see some walk through detectors being purchased and installed.
  16. Recent Screamscape rumor has the S&S Screamin' Swing from Dorney Park being removed. After seeing both this one and the one from Knotts being removed, I hope this doesn't affect Xtreme Swing -- I think it's the best flat ride at the park. The one at Knotts was a small one -- what about the one at Dorney? Anyway, I hope this doesn't affect us.
  17. While Valleyfair may not get a new coaster, don't write off not adding something else. This park could very much use a thrill ride or water park expansion, one of which is almost for sure happening next year. Our "off-year", this year, is pretty nice compared to other parks' off years. (New Flat Ride, Ampitheater, New Show, Heavy Restoration on High Roller -- that's Dorneys addition alone, Carousel restoration, new branded restaurant in Subway, and special events all season). Don't be so glum -- it will be a fun season.
  18. No ComoTown doesn't have fast lane -- all of the rides are for toddlers. If you are new to theme park and threads, than that is OK, but Valleufair is just so obviously better. A park with 8 coasters is better than a park with a state fair mad mouse and. playground. Everybody laughed at the person who said that Excalibur would be converted into a stand up and thrown to Michigans Adventure; at least that person knew what a stand up coaster was. Don't post such dumb questions on this thread.
  19. The StarTribune recently published an article saying this about Valleyfair's expansion: While the park may change, it can’t expand physically, since it borders the river, the highway and a small airport. It’s one-third the size of some other parks in the Cedar Fair chain, Frazier said. The park probably could expand, although it would be difficult. Also, the park said that Wild Thing is their most popular ride, which I guess is true, but also shocks me at the same time with other good rides in the park like Steel Venom and Renegade.
  20. I know about Diamondback, Banshee, and whatever could potentially come next year, but I don't know why even next year, this park would receive another coaster! It is extremely close to Cedar Point and also not far away from Louisville --> Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World. There are other parks to invest in. When talking about Worlds of Fun and Dorneys coasters, they were pretty small in size --> Talon and Patriot are consistently marked as some of the worst or more basic B&M coasters. Even with the GCIs, Gold Striker is much bigger and better than a Prowler (or even Renegade). It is confusing to see the future for Cedar Fair parks, if big market parks keep getting coasters when they don't need them. When I worked for Cedar Fair before the Paramount acquisition, Cedar Point would improve its numbers a lot every year, even if 3 coasters went in, in a row. With the new parks, today, Kings Island isn't improving its numbers as much as a Carowinds or Cedar Point did, which makes me wonder why they are being invested in if Cedar Fair can get better value for its money elsewhere. I rated a list of parks needing coasters below... 1) Canada's Wonderland - In a very big market, could draw in up to 10% more from an addition of a big coaster. At a park with an AWFUL looping coaster collection. 2) Valleyfair One of longest coaster droughts in company; in a very profitable market and one of Cedar Fair's expansion parks. 3) Kings Dominion Been a while -- nice park though. Likely a 2018 small coaster coming 4) Knotts Been a long time, but the market won't improve and tourists don't visit it which makes it hard to add great things. 5) Worlds of Fun Kansas City market is an OK place and this park needs a coaster, but Schlitterbahn has taken potential customers away... 6) Dorney Park Extremely hard market in Philly: more of a waterpark park than a rides park 7) CGA Expansion? I don't know - Discovery Kingsom is another good park, and Gold Striker was just installed in 2013, but a hyper coaster would be nice... 8) Kings Island Just read what I said previously 9) Other Parks
  21. Cedar Fair never seriously improved Valleyfair, Wof or Dorney before the Paramount Parks addition, so maybe they have decided that they won't seriously improve them. I struggle to see Cedar Fair improving Kings Islamd personally -- an already good park in an incredibly tough market. But Canadas Wonderland, Carowinds, and CGA will all be improved (or already have).
  22. Calm down, it's staying put. They even have it listed as open for the Passholder open house day.
  23. Clint Novak, who knows a lot about Valleyfair and had it as his home park for years sent me the photo below of what they are doing at Kings Island. It looks like if you have a cup, you can just scan it and go through. Pretty convenient. New and different, though. Cool? Yes or No? Comment Below...
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