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  1. In the Loop is the best roller coaster podcast though, and by far. I agree. CoasterRadio is the only one that comes close at all, and they don't talk about the news of the week and just do recurring segments which becomes really annoying when something big happened. Everything else is just awful -- and most of it is just Disney lover podcasts that complain when WDW changes a single thing ever so slightly.
  2. I actually heard a couple of things regarding the frisbee... First, Mondial, like B&M, allow for companies to pay some extra money so that other parks in the region cannot have that kind of ride. Well, Adventureland in Iowa installed a starflyer next year and Cedar Fair needs approval from them. Second, Lance at Screamscape knows almost everything there is to know and has the most credible sources anywhere. I was talking to him this offseason and he actually said that it came from just a regular VF rides attendant. Screamscape doesn't normally take anyone's rumors, but at a small park like Valleyfair where almost no news comes out other than directly from Dave or from Matt Oumiet and a company release, he's going to take anything he can get. Also, side note: Screamscqpe partners with In The Loop which I think is the best roller coaster YouTube/podcast. They have amazing stuff. Check it out if you haven't. Off the walls funny.
  3. I would argue that it should be going the other way towards the front gate like other cedar fair parks have recently done.
  4. With what's happening in Canada: I would agree that major investment is coming next year. I think whatever coaster we get will be a large B&M or RMC. It is a big project and wouldn't be anything cheap and small. There is potential in Valleyfair they just had 5 previous seasons of really strong investments and took an "off-year" in 2016
  5. I interned with Cedar Fair while I was at Northwestern and we pulled out a chain wide survey among season pass holders---it's a tricky situation because the season pass holders hate the ride but it is in the top half for day tickets.
  6. Great place for a new station for a new roller coaster. Boring ride that has non working effects and other stuff so I would be happy to see it removed. If they move The Wave as well I would be happy. The Wave has the lowest guest satisfaction rating among any ride or attraction at Cedar Fair parks among season pass holders which make up roughly 45% of Valleyfair so I could see that easily go or be moved.
  7. I actually think those look cool! Maybe not the simulator one at CGA tho. Anyways, those are just going to the Paramount parks who still have those large action theaters.
  8. I would say this is almost a lock for Worlds of Fun for the 2017 season. I think Kings Dominon or Cedar Point would get 2017s second dark ride, and with the way Carowinds is expanding, it wouldn't surprise me.
  9. Yeah, but realistically Valleyfair will likely get a new roller coaster, a water park expansion, and a new thrill ride, so this would have to come in 2020ish at the earliest. It's a good ride but wouldn't be something Wonder Mountain Guardian style up at CW because of no landmark attraction mountain thing at Valleyfair. My guess would be that Valleyfair doesn't receive one. The LA times does a lot of articles on Cedar Fair and they always end up being false -- (The B&M Stand ups at Carowinds and CGA would become floorless -- no that's not happening) Matt Oumiet will probably release some more information on Wednesday at the Q4 conference call about Triotech rides, and dig deeper about the rides bought overseas.
  10. I'm sure they would install the maintenance nightmare to the park with the worst maintanence staff who doesn't want to put in new rides!
  11. Did they ask you your preference? Did they ask you your secondary preference or what you wouldn't accept?
  12. Oh and somebody asked about Coasting For Kids. Sorry, but that is not happening this year. There might be another charity related event though so keep posted.
  13. If you are admissions you should be fine. Otherwise, maybe not.
  14. Yea I was joking about that one. I think that Valleufair knows that their singing shows are pretty shitty and people either don't watch them or give a negative review when it comes to GuestSatisfaction. Maybe light show? Other than that, maybe just where Valleyfair Live happens this year. Also, I could see a throwback show that they used to have... didn't they have a dolphin/sea life show?
  15. Note that nothing about a Valleyfair Live concert series has been mentioned. Maybe the Galaxy Theater could be used for that. Maybe something that other parks have done in the chain like ice skating, light show, etc. In all honesty, I have no clue and they could just be making a singing dancing show like they used to have
  16. Oh I was talking to the other guy. I really think that some of these and a cheap coaster would be great-- a new coaster would be better. For me this screams Michigans Adventure, a park with virtually no thrilling flat rides and one that needs a new coaster for cheap.
  17. They are looking for more rides on a trip to Asia later this month. Read the whole article.
  18. http://www.latimes.com/travel/themeparks/la-trb-cedar-fair-flat-rides-20160206-story.html I would read this. It has a lot of information about the overseas ride project. Personally, I see a couple of flats to Michigans Adventure -- and some sort of coaster Schwarskopf Looper or Mack Bobsled to a Valleyfair, MAdventure, Dorney Park. Thoughts? Would a Schwarksopf Looper be viewed as negative or bad or accepted? Of course, something else could show up. They didn't pick up a coaster from Europe and are now going to Japan.
  19. They either put it on hold until you turn 14 or it is discarded because you are not 14. And yes, you will likely be able to pick the department of your choice (unless games possibly) if you have a strong interview and do good on your application. Anyways, when you apply there is a box that you can check that says: I will accept any position given to me. Think about this before you click. Do you want to work cashier in a hot food service stand? Do you want to clean bathrooms? If not, maybe try to find another job for 14 year old (I would suggest soccer refereeing, the pay is very high) and still come to Valleyfair. You will likely still get the job even f you don't check the box. Hope This Helps!
  20. A coasters malt is probably the same price. Yea I sent a tweet to VF and Dave Frazier yesterday asking where it was going to go and then they broke the news.
  21. Sorry to boast, but I have to say I broke the news before Valleyfair announced. Surprising that they didn't announce first!
  22. As I frequently check the dining section in the Valleyfair website to see what restaurants will be included with the plan this upcoming year, I noticed that Valleyfair is bringing back Subway to the park by RipTide, and it will be included with the dining plan. Where will this be going? I think they are going to build a large building by the new flyers and show. They really are transforming this area of the park. I loved Subway back in its old location but it wasn't with the plan. Now I am very excited. Also, Panda Express is added to the dining plan.
  23. No. More time is needed between water park expansion. If they wanted to do do water park next year, it would have been done already. Unless Excalibur is having maintanence issues, it will probably stay for 2 more whole years. I, personally, see a B&M Invert small coaster.
  24. After my trips to Chicago and Washington DC I might apply for games but I already have a good job where I make all of my own hours. I think that a gate used only for water parks wouldn't make sense for a roller coaster. Also flooding could happen. Front gate - and yes, I believe this year is the year, not next.
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