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  1. Personal opinion, I suppose. But I would love to have what you're suggesting! It makes sense. It gives them a wooden coaster but without the noise and a use of the terrain!
  2. Why would RMC be out of the question? They are the quietist wooden coasters you can get. I think an RMC woodie in the style of Boulder Dash is highly possible! It doesn't need to be huge to be thrilling!
  3. There are some hills in the area. If it drops down the ravine where Le Scoot and Alpie are it could be a considerable drop. Imagine the coaster interacting with those two rides. There isn't really much to work with back there actually that isn't already taken up by Alpengeist or the Log Flume. Alpengeist pretty much goes all the way back to the Festhaus loading area, and there's the service road between Alepngeist and DarKastle which is needed not only as a service road, but for emergency vehicles. Other than that, you're mostly looking at flat ground. Between the train and the log flume there isn't much room, and it's mostly flat. There are small hills, but nothing that would allow for a big trench drop down like you have in the old BBW site pre-Verbolten (since they leveled a lot of that out for the Verbolten show room) or LNM. On the other side of the train is also flat, and is actually a very small area between the train and the service road. Any ride crossing the tracks there is very unlikely, and a wooden coaster would shock me even more because of the size of their support structure vs. the clearance needed for the train (leaving very little space left over til the service road). As to interaction, while not impossible, there isn't much space left around Alpengeist in that area that new construction wouldn't violate a reach envelope for either ride. What little space there is between Alpie and the flume is used by yet another service road for the water main return servicing for the flume. The flume is a pretty tricky animal because there's lots of pavement and piping going on back there. Not impossible, but rather impractical. I'm not opposed to ride interaction, I just don't see it as super likely (I still say they missed an opportunity to wrap Tempesto around AC... only half joking hah) If they wanted to be really funky and creative, it could go over pathways in France and into that little grassy area behind the Royal Palace Theater, but that would involve going over some large eating areas, paved areas, Trappers, the employee park entrance, the train, caribou station, and multiple shops. That's unlikely. As I see it, there's really only three major options worth entertaining on the current information: 1) This is a family coasters. 2) This is not a coaster 3) This is smoke and mirrors and if there is a major ride coming, it's going somewhere else. I'm going with 3. It makes no sense to hype a family coaster this early.
  4. I'm betting it's an RMC woodie that's like Boulder Dash, where the terrain makes the coaster.
  5. I'll remember this when you arent satisfied with their next addition. As long as it isn't a junior or ultra-family coaster I'll accept it.
  6. If Kings Island gets a giga in 2017 I'm boycotting Cedar Fair.
  7. Somehow I doubt this is for the main attraction in 2017. If they are teasing something this early, chances are it's more significant.
  8. There's a 0% chance any Cedar Fair park gets an RMC in 2017.
  9. Zero percent chance that happens. Pompeii or Europe in the Air are the two candidates for removal. Loch Ness Monster is in VERY good shape right now because of how Busch Gardens handles it.
  10. Wow, it's been a looooooooong time since I've been on the forums... Even if BGW is definitely teasing a coaster or coaster-like ride for '17 [source=they mention a drop in the video below], it's still jumping the gun to definitively say that they're getting an RMC of any variety, let alone a wooden one (although a great wooden coaster would definitely round out BGW's collection). Personally, I'll enjoy riding Delirium this year and will keep my fingers crossed for 2017 at Kings Dominion. #KD2017 [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] But seriously, imagine if both KD and BG DID get a coaster this year.
  11. This statement alone makes me want them to not get one so I can come back a laugh lol lol. Regardless BG is getting something BIG. All signs lead to a woodie. So, with that being said, what would be a great fit for KD's 2018 coaster?
  12. while i do think RMC will be involved...i think Marvel would have something to say about that name They can't. They don't have the copyright to the name "Thor" because it's originally Germanic mythology.
  13. Good news: Busch Gardens Williamsburg is getting a major 2017 coaster, so you don't have to hear whining from KD fanboys!
  14. Welp, looks like there's no need to whine about 2017, because Busch Gardens is getting an RMC woodie. #KD2018
  15. Why did people except a coaster in Shockwave's spot? Do they not realize how tiny the land is there? It makes way more sense to wait until a much larger plot of land is cleared for a better coaster. You would probably fit an Intamin Zacspin at best. Anyways, psyched for Delirium!
  16. I am really missing Shockwave, but we all know where it is now... Dorney Park's parking lot?
  17. Anyone getting withdrawal? I'm missing that launch on Volcano sorely.
  18. Well, another season comes and goes. See y'all in April for our yearly coaster speculation tradition. #PleaseKD2017
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