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  1. Dueling would be awesome, but I doubt it will happen. Still the terrain will provide a great experience. It's not smack dab in the middle of nowhere like Gwazi was.
  2. Here's a radical connect: the station is 60 feet in the air and the ride starts by directly going into its 80 foot drop.
  3. I don't think the height requirement is THAT big of a deal. Busch Gardens already has tons to do for families and smaller children. 46" is still a solid slot to fill. I think the intensity is a bigger factor and this ride is another great obstacle coaster for young children and those trying to work their way up while still being highly thrilling, like Verbolten. And honestly I think RMC has spoiled us so much that we've forgotten that GCI has 3 wooden coasters in the top 10.
  4. I've ridden White Lightning before. It's a MUCH more thrilling ride than it looks. With Invadr's (likely the name) terrain, tight turns, and theming, the ride will be a top notch wooden coaster even with it's smaller size.
  5. Either Hurler is getting RMC'd or it's being torn down. It already got re-tracked.
  6. Never have and never will understand the complaints about Alpengeist. Out of the eight years I've ridden it, I've yet to experience a rough ride on it and it still remains my favorite coaster at the park. In the middle-back rows, it hurts A LOT on the Cobra Roll and MCBR.
  7. The park is still one of the most visited in the country. They got high attendance even with only 4 roller coasters.
  8. This is going to end up a fantastic coaster thanks to the woodie terrain and Busch Gardens' theming. Don't let the stats fool you.
  9. Wow. Kings Dominion has really upped the ante with their food, like Carowinds did.
  10. It depends on what Busch Gardens gets for their 2017 woodie.
  11. I've seen furry conventions less cringeworthy than that post. But no hard feelings.
  12. I'm the last person to ever call someone out for making an offensive comment but wow. Also none of these comments were all that bad, many are opinion based. Not everyone has to like the same things you like. Your opinion is no more important than anyone else's. It's to far but kids today have no filter at all, they think posting something behind a computer is cool. Also his location, can you say desperate for attention? How come in America half of us say that language has become too PC, while others believe we have no filter. Sometimes people make mistakes and post stupid comments, and he admitted that he went too far. Having to take up an entire page to complain about what someone said and how it offends you is much more obnoxious than a holocaust joke (which was deleted). Thanks.
  13. Shoot the Rapids at Cedar Point is coming down. Get your last rides on Pompeii.
  14. If this is going to be a spinning coaster I am going to be severely dissapointed.
  15. Hurler is not big enough to make a good RMC ride. If we were to get an RMC I would want a woodie built from the ground up. I would want either a wingrider or a hyper.
  16. Not a family coaster, but a smaller wooden coaster than other RMCs. Maybe like 55-60 MPH.
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