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  1. Nobody thinks it's neglected. We're just ticked off we're getting the coaster shaft in favor of the same parks.
  2. With KI getting a GCI and not a giga this year, there's hope for KD getting a good attraction this year and not getting screwed in the a** again.
  3. If this is a GCI, I can see another Cedar Fair park getting a coaster this year (since it's not a ginormous project like a B&M giga would). Anyways I think this is a perfect fit for KI.
  4. Except the park has already said what they're doing will be in house. What? I haven't heard anything about that.
  5. I would love to see an RMC hyper in the style of Skyrush (layout-wise).
  6. I actually think Hurler at KD will get the treatment if any CF woodie. It's already been closed a while. *prepares for a lecture on how immoral the above statement was
  7. There's major work being done in Candy Apple Grove according to In the Loop. The slaughterhouse has been completely knocked down and walls have been put up. TrioTech anyone?
  8. I'm just gonna say this: if Hershey managed to install a giga coaster at some point, they would be the best park on the east coast (besides the Orlando parks).
  9. My dream would be for Kings Dominion to hold a bonfire every weekend using Hurler as the wood.
  10. If i'm not mistaken Cedar Fair said in a USA Today article that they would test the waters with GCI and RMC... I may be hopeful but don't count out RMC just yet Praying to god they RMC Hurler then. If KI really is getting a giga, I honestly think they should experiment and have Mack Rides build it (if they're willing). It would be great cross between I305 and Leviathan.
  11. Even if they did get a giant RMC woodie you would still find a way to be not satisfied. If it doesn't have a launch like Lightning Rod, you'd point it out. If it has 20 airtime moments instead of 21, you'd point it out. The Kings Dominion thread is capable of that. And what makes you think that? I liked Delerium and even BG's family woodie when they came out.
  12. Um, no. Hurler is possibly the worst ride in the country. It really should be turned into firewood rather than trying to put a lipstick on a pig.
  13. I'm not even saying they have to get a giant RMC woodie or anything like that. Even a family launcher would be a great addition.
  14. I don't mean in quality, but in where corporate views the park among their other assets.
  15. No by Cedar Fair's logic they will give Kings Island a record breaking gigacoaster and then give nothing to the other parks.
  16. I think Kings Dominion is officially the new Six Flags America.
  17. Yes, like remember when he was saying a couple of months ago that he was 100% CERTAIN that Cedar Point was to change Valravn's name before it was announced? Very reliable source... Actually no he wasn't. He said he didn't think but then changed his opinion a week later.
  18. No he hasn't He was right about CP's dive coaster, Dollywood's woodie, Carowinds' giga, etc. long before any major rumors. And quite honestly he has more credibility than you or I do.
  19. I highly doubt Kings Island is getting a giga in 2017. With the space they're supposedly using, it would be a non-existent fit. I can maybe see a compact woodie but IMO giga is not going to happen this year. I say 2019. You can watch Coaster Studios video to see why. Now BEFORE you say anything about how he's a shill or some loser, keep in mind he's been right about nearly everything rumored.
  20. Why is Kings Island supposedly getting a giga? They are literally the last park besides Cedar Point that needs a coaster.
  21. Okay, it looks AWESOME!!!! Great use of its size and the terrain!
  22. Seems too obvious for an April fools joke. I swear if the April fools joke is actually that it's not an April fools joke...
  23. Please. Do you really think such a muted color would go to a CF park? *Cough Valravn
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