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  1. ^ YES!! We rode it 6 times today so far, it's pretty incredible. The brake on the second to last airtime hill (H) reaaallly kills the momentum and ruins the rest of the ride, but I'd go as far to say the ride is perfect up until that point. It's like a cross between Maverick and Millennium Force and then all of a sudden all the trim brakes in the world combined hit you on an what should have been an airtime hill haha Any seat is fine, I actually had more fun in middle rows than the very front! So happy right now
  2. I was in El Toro_Ryan's group, and for most of us it's our first time at KD and I305 beimg closed was a big disappointment. We're praying it will be open tomorrow. First impression: Volcano is awesome!! We had a rollback (which is personally something I've always wanted to experience), the crew evaced us very quickly and the total process including testing was about 25 minutes, definitely worth it. Also I gotta say Grizzly was a huge pleasant surprise. Rode in the front and back, fromt is smooth with some great pops of ejector airtime, back is just plain wild. It snuck into my top wooden coasters! Overall I feel like the park is stuck in a weird limbo since it's transition to a Cedar Fair park. The distiction between the 70's era stuff, the Paramount theming, and Cedar Fair's more streamlined approach makes for some fairly awkward sections, but it's still a pretty nice place! Shockwave tho...
  3. Going to King's Dominion for the first time tomorrow, so I came here to catch up and see what was going on. I was almost about to cry when I started reading these posts about I305 being down and hopefully running again next weekend. Ugh, reading this last page of comments was such a relief. I CAN'T WAAAAAIIIITTTT AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I know I'm being obnoxious, but I can't even sleep that's how excited I am!!!!!
  4. My sentiments exactly!! Cobra's Curse is definitely the most exciting coaster announcement for 2016 to me, and it will take something truly amazing and one-of-a-kind to top it. I could see how Orlando locals might be more excited about Mako, but this ride has so many brand new elements and such a unique design (that I can't say for Mako). I'm not the biggest fan of spinning coasters, but it looks like this will change the traditional spin into a wholly different experience. And if the theming lives up to the concept art, we have a Disney E-ticket on our hands!
  5. The recent Nintendo investor call yielded a comment from Nintendo on how the now-public partnership with Universal Parks & Resorts came about... It looks like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was an audition of sorts to convince the IP-protective executives that their brands would be in good hands with Universal in the form of fully fleshed-out lands and experiences. I was thinking this exact thing. Knowing how much of a perfectionist Miyamoto (and really everyone at Nintendo) is, and how protective of their IP's they are, the sheer attention to detail and respect to JK Rowling's vision is exactly what Iwata needed to see before considering putting his company's creations into another corporation's hands. I'm thrilled that the creators of each game series will be actively participating in the development of these new attractions, this is going to be incredible. It may just be my nerdy Otaku nature, but this news is still more exciting to me than Kong, Volcano Bay, and all the recent coaster announcements combined
  6. Nooooooo!! How could they get rid of it? My friends and I all loved that stupid song, it was one of the highlights of our last visit!
  7. I love GCI, and I don't think traditional wooden coasters are going anywhere. While RMC has certainly shaken the industry up and will have a major influence on other companies for years to come, the coaster wars ave always raged on without pushing smaller companies under the rug. Also keep in mind where every RMC conversion have taken place: Six Flags. They aren't like Cedar Fair, Disney, or independently owned parks. They focus almost entirely on thrill rides to appeal to teens and adults under 40 (their market), and have proven time and time again that they have no regard for classics (Colossus, Rolling Thunder, Texas Giant, Lightning Loops, all of their Intamin 1st gen Freefalls, Great American Scream Machine, Looping Starships, etc.). All parks still need family rides for people of all ages to enjoy, so not every new coaster can be a wild RMC or an Intamin giga. GCI excels at making smooth and enjoyable rides like Lightning Racer, and is perfectly capable of providing lasting attractions. People tend to focus on their few complete disasters from the past (like Gwazi), but if you look past those few exceptions, they have been consistently great. Also I may be crazy, but I loved Wildcat when I rode it last summer!
  8. Hey! I'm one of those weird stand-up coaster fans! We're not weird... right guys?! In all seriousness, while I really liked Mantis, I'm looking forward to riding Rougarou. With that same awesome layout I have a feeling it will be way better than most of B&M's other floorless coasters and this way more people can enjoy the ride! It's unlikely, but I think it would be a shame if they changed the trains. Those trains are gorgeous, and a part of coaster history, keeping the 80's alive in that park much like Gemini's station and trains are a throwback to the 70's. With the exception of the abrupt ending, I never found Magnum's trains or restraints to be painful at all. A refurb wouldn't be bad, but I'd hate to see those trains go!
  9. Kinda random, but there's a survey up on Six Flags asking about potential events like a Gaming Convention, Comic Con, Spring Fright Fest, and even Tomato Fight (like the ones in Spain). I personally think a Comic Con type event where they'd bring in actors from The Flash or the upcoming Justice League movies would be so awesome!! I really hope they attempt something like that considering New York Comic Con sold out in seconds this year haha Here's the survey: http://feedback.sixflags.com/AdvisoryPanel/finish.aspx?sc=R12525755806
  10. I am beyond excited to ride this, hopefully I'll get a chance to head out there sometime in the next two or three weeks, I've been hyped up thinking this will be my new favorite coaster since its announcement! So glad to hear nothing but rave reviews and hearing it compared (favorably) to El Toro and Steel Medusa!! Also, if you like making suggestions about theme parks (which of course you do, you're on TPR), check out this survey: http://feedback.sixflags.com/AdvisoryPanel/finish.aspx?sc=R12525755806 Can you imagine a Comic Con at New England? I totally wanna go on Bizarro (which will hopefully be renamed Ride Of Steel) with Henry Cavill!! Haha
  11. While I'm beyond excited and happy about Justice League: Battle For Metropolis, I find that most coasters with super hero theming come off as lazy or just tacky. So while I love my comic book characters, I completely agree! The theming on Wicked Cyclone takes such a common ride name (Cyclone) literally and it looks to be paying off! Definitely a unique theme and some of the best in the chain! All this on top of being an amazing coaster on its own!
  12. Wow! If this doesn't make it's way to other parks in the chain that would be a huge missed opportunity! Apart from the 3D animation, which is still way better than the initial clips previewed, and some of the sets/transitions, this is the highest quality theming Six Flags has ever attained! The animatronics and practical effects look awesome, and it makes me so happy to finally see a proper use of the DC characters at a park instead of just slapping Batman or Superman's name on every new coaster. While Joker looks and sounds great, I'm most excited about Cyborg. For a lesser known character (to the general public that is) to have such a detailed and impressive animatronic built shows the company cares about this IP. It's about time Six Flags got a great dark ride!
  13. It's not really fair to compare most parks to Cedar Point in terms of sheer coaster count/type/records, besides Great Adventure's ridiculous B&M count (which if rumors are to believed may only increase next year ) But I trust Hershey's judgement and they don't have a singe dud in their line up, so whatever they do next should be amazing! At first I was a little disappointed seeing the exterior of Laff Trak's building, but it fits into the area very well and the landscaping is turning out to be pretty nice! I also wasn't a fan of the decorations within the ride area itself, but the queue is looking to make up for that. All in all, it came out to be a nice addition and looks especially great for families!
  14. Looks like a solid addition! I can't wait to see what direction the other Cedar Fair parks take with their respective dark rides. I can never really complain about new family attractions like this, even if it is mostly screen based. The theme seems quirky enough to guarantee some charm, and that Snoopy costume alone just won me over!
  15. El KIAblo is looking great! While the ride may not be what coaster enthusiasts were hoping for, it fits into Plaza del Carnival perfectly and has wonderful landscaping! It's fitting that it should go in Rolling Thunder's old spot, as it will likely end up being an attraction primarily for younger children preparing for the bigger rides.
  16. While I would love this, I'm not sure if Metroid is recognized in pop culture well enough to warrant a full attraction. Samus is probably more famous from Smash Bros. these days, but Mario is so iconic that he's bigger than gaming itself, easily on the same level (not historically of course) as Mickey Mouse or the marvel heroes. And again, I don't think Nintendo land will be a simple reskinning of Marvel Super Hero land, but if it is there will be at least 1 or 2 major brand new attractions. There's no way Miyamoto would settle for less than Potter-scale effort on his most beloved characters. Either way I can't wait!!!!!!
  17. This is definitely going to be an entire section of the park considering that Nintendo has such a wide range of famous universes (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, etc.) and that this is the park's first foray into video game related theming, and video games are almost on the same level as movies in today's market. Surprised it took this long for something like this to happen but this has been my biggest dream for a park for years and I'm so glad it's Universal of all chains. Knowing Nintendo's insane attention to detail, perfectionism, and polish, there's no way this will be a simple re-theming. Both President Iwata and Shigeru Miyamoto (the creator of all the Nintendo characters/stories) would never accept something half-ass. I highly doubt we'll be getting any attractions themed to Samus/Metroid or Star Fox but I can certainly dream. I'm wondering if we will see a castle, and if it will be Peach's or Hyrule. I have a feeling the focus is going to be mostly on Mario and Pokemon, but Zelda definitely deserves a dark ride or something! I would burst into hysterical tears if this came true. I'm feel like I'm gonna throw up from the excitement of the announcement alone!!! And a go-karts attraction on a rainbow painted track where you can throw bananas at each other would be life changing. Either way this is the best theme park news in a long time!!!
  18. So glad to hear people are loving Tempesto! My only complaint on seeing early pictures of construction was how the color scheme clashed with Apollo's Chariot, but now with the full queue set up and the area around the ride decorated with lights, it's all looking beautiful!
  19. This ride is going to be *wicked. But for real this looks like the best coaster (imo) on the East Coast! Can't wait!
  20. Just visited yesterday, Bizarro is running way better this year than 2014!! (in terms of the actual ride smoothness/speed, not operations) Also, I watched Goliath testing and it should be opening this weekend if all goes well! Hooray?! Just keep in mind that like a regular coaster, Water Coasters are very prone to breakdowns! I'm a big fan of waterslides so I enjoyed it, but it wasn't my favorite attraction in Hurricane Harbor and it has possibly the longest wait at the entire park! (Still a worthwhile experience)
  21. Demon Drop alone makes Dorney one of my favorite parks. And even though Thunderhawk is overly trimmed, those moments of ejector airtime in the front row are more fun (to me) than the airtime on most newer coasters. Also it's a classic. Hydra is my favorite floorless due to the jojo role and unique layout. Talon is a great ride but somewhere in the middle of my list of inverts. And I love Steel Force. It may not be as forceful as Magnum or modern-day hypers, but something about it feels so majestic. Idk I'm a weirdo who doesn't care about forces, they never determine how much I love a ride. And a lot of times I prefer a ride where I feel like I'm gliding thru the sky as opposed to be thrown out of my seat. That's just my opinion. I will admit that Stinger is kinda lame and wish I had a chance to ride Laser instead. As for ranking the Cedar Fair parks, Cedar Point is by far my favorite, but Dorney isn't too far behind!
  22. Is anyone else worried about the leg restraints potentially ruining the airtime of this ride? I've never been on another RMC and nobody has complained about them yet so I have confidence that it won't be too bad. But the restraints on Bizarro completely kill the airtime on that ride for me and people still seem to think it has some of the best airtime of any coaster. So I just wanna know if this fear is irrational or not. Otherwise the cars look quite beautiful!
  23. Just thinking about Chiller makes me sad. It was one of my favorite coasters of all time, right behind El Toro and Nitro as my third favorite at the park. And one of the few Six Flags coasters with great theming. And it was based on the worst Batman movie ever made, which is so ridiculously bad that it has become a cult classic! However it was an utter maintenance nightmare and was broken down more often than it operated. When it worked it was brilliant, but it wasn't enough to justify the cost of upkeep and it's poor reputation as a failure. GASM was a classic Arrow and a guaranteed walk on which was great for a few coaster enthusiasts (those who could stand the pain), horrible for everyone else, especially Six Flags itself. Rolling Thunder was just the same, another classic too rough to be enjoyed by anyone other than the most positive and passionate enthusiast. Sure what they replaced each ride with (Dark Knight, Green Lantern, and El Diablo) may not have been the best choices, but they were the most affordable options to help round out the park. And as much as it pains me to say, knocking these rides down was a good decision for the park and guests alike. Great Adventure's coaster line up is solid enough as is. They need to clean up the place, renovate abandoned areas, do some landscaping/repave pathways, be a bit more consistent with theming (or ditch theming entirely), and build a dark ride before they move onto another coaster in my opinion. I know a lot of people think infrastructure doesn't matter, but it deeply affects guests' enjoyment and opinion of the park on a psychological level.
  24. "On The Island" - Brian Wilson (feat. She And Him)
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