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  1. Dania Beach Hurricane at Boomers north of Miami in Ft Lauderdale, Fl (this was a great coaster) Flying Super Saturator at Carowinds Thunder Road at Carowinds Shockwave at Kings Dominion
  2. Considering that half a dozen have been relocated, is it really 100? To me they have yet to reach that milestone. They are close I'll just leave this here But RCDB doesn't count Dragon Challenge as two coasters, which I think is wrong (maybe I'm in the minority?). They are two completely different coasters with completely different elements. Even the height of the drops are different.
  3. Actually the ride is only 112 feet. The "mountain" structure is 199.5' tall. Expedition Everest on RCDB Ah, thanks. Well then, it's nowhere near my top 5 then.
  4. Fury 325 Intimidator 305 Intimidator 232 Ride of Steel (Six Flags America) Expedition Everest (while the drop is only 80 feet, the ride is 199.5 feet tall)
  5. ^ Knotts has the opportunity to stay open year round so those numbers are a little misleading.
  6. Is there any chance the 'digital experience' is the park-wide WiFi they announced will be implemented in their parks next year? And then that would make the Amusement Dark rides due in 2017-2019.
  7. You think i305 has better floater air than i232? This isn't about which is the better ride (i305, imo).
  8. You still aren't getting it. They did not put in a ride with good floater air as their last coaster, or any other coaster for that matter. You are still trying to compare floater air with ejector air and that's just not possible. The only similarities between the two are the word, "air."
  9. Floater air is a completely different experience than ejector air. They are not the same at all.
  10. It's funny cause if WOF just took the mat racer CF offered them then none of the parks would have that awesome complex. You can thank WOF management for those shiny new slides. I've never heard this story. Details?
  11. The plans for the 2016 announcement have been leaked on Carowinds Connection.
  12. I think the track piece to the right of the lift piece is giving off that illusion. Check it out again and see if you agree. EDIT: Nevermind, I was not looking at the spine, but instead I was looking at the rails. My bad.
  13. It was hyped as being 3:33 long because Dale Earnhardt's number was 3. No other reason.
  14. This sums up why this entire "save thunder road" thing is stupid. The ride was basically always a walk on, if people voted with their feet the same way they vote with their hashtags then the ride would still be there. Personally I liked the ride but it's the textbook definition of an average, forgettable, middle-of-the-road coaster. I compare this to the #TeamCoCo 'protest.' Had you just watched The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, then maybe he would still be here.
  15. Has anyone confirmed this? I know Carowinds is, but I posted a question yesterday asking if KD is. No one has replied.
  16. Carowinds has their Intimidator merchandise for 65% off. I know KD had theirs for 40% off when I was there. Can anyone confirm that it's 65% off now? This all but confirms the Dale Earnhardt theme, at the very least, is gone.
  17. I hate to say it but I think you read it wrong. I've checked Web Archive and every one I check dating back to 2013 says 2 and under... http://web.archive.org/web/20130315112055/http://www.carowinds.com/season-pass-faq-s
  18. How many days were you trying to go? How many people? What days? I'll see what I can find in terms of discounts.
  19. ^^^ Nice. It's my favorite coaster, over I305. My best friend Matt likes 305. It all depends on what you're after in a coaster, I suppose. Maybe it helps that he greys out, while I don't.
  20. Huh? Makeover? If you can't handle the spice that's too bad. But don't ruin it for the rest of us I mean one, so you don't black out, and two, the racing theme needs to go. If you black out, there is something wrong with you, not the ride. 2, the racing theme fits it perfectly. Nascars go super fast and so does the ride. I dont get what you're trying to say. Hmm??? Ummmm, lots of people black out. I mean it's a fantastic ride, and my 2nd favorite behind Fury 325, but I just wish it was more re-rideable. Also, the racing theme does not fit Safari Villiage. I mean at least Flight of a Fear's theming is inside. Cool Cool, One less person in line is awesome with me He said it's his 2nd favorite coaster and you interpreted that to mean that he doesn't want to ride it anymore? Also, you keep ignoring my question. How many times have you ridden Fury? I've asked you this three times now. Seeing how much you compare I305 to Fury, I would hope that you have ridden both of them.
  21. yes ill ride 305 and he will ride fury, nuff said. move along hehe You never did answer my post (here). I'll try again... How many times have you ridden Fury?
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