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  1. Sundays are normally the best days to go but with it being Labor Day weekend, there is a chance for some lines. As far as ride planning I would head straight for Dare Devil Dive since its the youngest coaster in the park. After that head right over to Goliath (its in the same area so that works out). After Goliath, head to the rear of the park and hit up Superman because that line is always a pain, even on the lighter attendance days. After leaving Superman, head to GASM (if you like woodies). If you want the credit, I would then hit up Ninja but make sure you ride in the magic seat (rear car, first row). After that, hit up Scorcher and the Cyclone (again, if you like woodies). Then head on down to Gotham and hit up Batman and Mindbender. As far a Mindbenders crew goes, believe it or not, the reason they are so fast is because they have to be (when there are two trains running). If the returning train gets stopped in the reduction brakes (right before the station), they have to call maintenance. For some reason the reduction brakes do not work as they should, and wont release the train even though the station is clear. It was the same way back in 2005 when I was a rides employee. I remember when I worked at the Mindbender for the first time... The lead told me to 'Haul A**' when it came to checking the lap bars. I didn't understand what he meant, until about mid-day when a guest wanted to de-board right before dispatch. It was then that I saw the reduction brake nightmare. LOL Wow, thank you so much!
  2. Hey guys. We're going to the park for the first time on Labor Day Sunday. I imagine that's a pretty bad day to go. Can anyone give me some ideas on wait times? Any particular order I should plan to hit the rides if I want to arrive at opening (10:30)? Thanks!
  3. Tower of Terror II comes in a $4.2 million per foot. Wait, what? With that math, Tower of Terror cost $5,187,000,000.00 (that's billion)?
  4. That launch was contracted out. This will be B&M's first true launch.
  5. Wasn't there some rusted track out there a week or two ago waiting to be painted?
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