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  1. Don't forget, when you buy the tix online, you get hammered with a $8.99 order processing fee. I believe if you are a AAA member, and order through the AAA website which redirects you to the SF site, the fee is reduced.
  2. SFGadv has talked about building hotels since they opened back in 1974. I dont think it will ever happen. It seems to always pop up in discussion every so many years.
  3. I believe the only coaster at SFGadv that has a bin on the exit platform is Runaway Mine Train. On all the other coasters, bags and items need to be put in a locker. They do have the drink cup holders on all the coasters platforms, too. Hope this helps.
  4. At my home park of SFGadv, the longest I will wait in a line is 45 min. But I rarely ever even have to wait that, as I try to go to the park on least crowded days, and days where the weather will keep crowds away. And anytime I visit a park I have never been to, I always try to go during the offseason, or when crowds will be the least.
  5. Well you know you are at SF when a family has jumped the fence and are swimming in the Fountain at the front gate at SFGadv.
  6. It just shows how bad SF customer service is across the board. And how lacking they are in training. They get the child the the wristband after the problem. And when they bring the child back, the operators/attendants still refused to allow the child to ride.
  7. The one thing I find strange with SFGadv skyride lately is; my last like 10 visits the past month, they have only been using 1 side of the skyride, and the que in the middle of the day was full on most of the visits. At the beginning of the season when the park was empty, they were running both side of the skyride, go figure. Just you normal SF operations. CLUELESS
  8. per the moreys website All registrants (including Season Pass Members) must be card-carrying members of amusement park related clubs. If you do not belong to a club, then you must register as a guest of a club member at the same time he or she registers.
  9. Maybe the park should put a employee at the top of the stairs to help with that issue.
  10. I hope it gets seated trains. It won't be floorless because of Bizarro. Standing on that ride just hurts. It isn't even enjoyable. I actually wish that GASM was still there lol SF cant get train C on Nitro to run smoothly, and you think they are going to spend money and put seated trains on Green Lantern. No way SF does that.
  11. Nope, the ride is horrible no matter where or how you try it. Its just a painful coaster.
  12. What did you think was so dingy of the park? I wouldn't expect Train C to be fixed anytime soon. Its been terrible all season. They most likely dont have the $$$$ in the budget, or it would have been fixed already.
  13. Nothing wrong with more ads in the park. The more ads SFGadv sells, the more $$$$$ SFGadv makes, more coasters they will add to the park.
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