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  1. well looking at the sf website under hours, its doesn't specifically say sph only.
  2. I'd be curious to know Nitros numbers this year for comparison. Also how many of that million on Bizarro were during Fright Fest (I know you prob don't know this Ryan just sorta wondering out loud). bizarro must be fudging #'s, because when you sit out on the break run for a good 5 to 10 min because the crew is so slow, no way they hit 1 mil. especially its usually always empty except for a holiday or fright fest. Those #'s need to be audited.
  3. I don't think it works on everyone's phone yet. The official roll out for wait times is supposed to be next year. the wait times on the app have been so far off. they really need to fix it
  4. I know in NJ, in order to park in a handicap parking space, you have to have your dr fill out and sign a form you pick up at the MVC in order to get a handicap license plate or the hanging placard you put on your rear view mirror. . So im pretty sure SF asking for a note is perfectly legal.
  5. I read some reports about yesterday(sunday) that the line to get the ada pass was between 45 min to a hr. it stretched to the fountain. crazy.
  6. I guess I had a totally different experience then you did. I rode it 14 times fri. . mainly in the front and back. and found the ride to be super smooth. i cant believe how smooth those trains are compared to the sfgadv forward facing trains.
  7. Ever heard of asking? Goliath will allow you to wait, and some attendants will allow you to wait on WindexCyanide also. Same with Batman. I did ask, the loader said NO, on all 3 rides.
  8. what is up with sfne even on slow days still having a grouper on WC, Goliath, and Thunderbolt. I mean, really, the line is about a 10 min wait and they wont let you wait for a a specific row. unbelievable.
  9. I went about 5 to 6 yrs ago, the park was a zoo. 2 hr lines everywhere. lines out the ques. line cutting everywhere, no security in sight.
  10. why would the cable snap this early in the season? don't they start every season with a new cable?
  11. Most cars don't pay for parking, Most people who go have gold SP's And parking is $25, $35 for preferred
  12. The devil out front was suppose to shoot fire out. But the state of NJ squashed that.
  13. Just curious, did anyone go to the park sunday night? What was the Ortega cinco de mayo ert? Haven't heard anyone on any sfagdv boards write any reports about ert.
  14. I dont know where you got your info on possessed, but I went opening day, Fri, and it was running. I rode it a little after 10am. I did go back today, sat. and it was closed.
  15. Anybody know what is up with el toro? I keep hearing its been getting stuck every 2 sec on the lift hill. Also, are they using 2 trains yet?
  16. I was at the park for a few hrs today. It was freezing. I hit up el toro when I first got to the park. El toro crew was brutal. They weren't even opening the air gates till the exit platform was clear. Very bad if that's how they are going to do it all season. I got a few rides on Ka, and couldn't take the cold anymore.
  17. In theory, it's great. But by the time this event rolls around, and the park for any reason can't get any of the B&Ms operating, I don't see myself driving an hour down to Jackson just to ride Skull Mountain. I totally agree with you
  18. Sounds like they're re-opening the haunted section of the park. Sounds good to me. are they building a new haunted castle?
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