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  1. maybe the park should first start with selling gold passes for way over $100.
  2. shouldn't this carnival ride already be installed by now? its already Jan 2nd, next we will get some huge snowstorm, and come opening day, the park will blame the winter for not having the ride open. this park really needs to get moving.
  3. Superman has a insane line, because the ride crew has sucked for yrs and use min staffing. they take on average 4-5 min to check a train, which is terrible. SFGadv management really has to get back to improving the whole park. from staffing rides to food stands. service has really gone down hill from yrs ago.
  4. good luck, the reason SF doesn't fix many things is because of $$$$$. The new ownership is more concerned with pocketing the money for shareholders. Plus, selling SP's at 61.99, does not help. all the other parks in the area are over $100. That is also why they run every coaster at min staffing minus GL and Ka. Go to a cedar fair park or hersehy, just look how much more staffing they have on coasters.
  5. The park has a lot to fix before they should even consider a new coaster. The park IS NOT lacking in large coasters. the park hasnt added a worthwhile coaster since 2006. They need something. Hershey Park is a much better park for coasters. Only worthwhile coasters to ride are Nitro, El Toro, and BTR
  6. Nitro's station is a flat out disaster on busy days. Last year during Fright Fest we waited 3 hours and the line was only as few hundred people beyond the entrance sign (near Batman's drop). We had a Flash Pass but we had reserved El Toro so we figured we'd go ride Nitro since it's a people eater but that station is horrible and the line didn't move at all. The Flash Pass line was all the way down the stairs, the amount of exit passes on that ride is insane so the exit path had a huge line too which was blocking people from walking down the stairs when they got off the ride and the stand by line wasn't moving. On busy days they need to do a better job managing that line because it's insanely crowded with people trying to force their way by the Flash Pass people. This is never a real issue except during Fright Fest though but with the boatloads of money they make on Fright Fest Saturdays I agree that they can pay someone a few bucks an hour to make that line flow a little better. god forbid the park hires a few more employees for betting staffing.
  7. totally disagree. with my 31 visits this season, bizarro and superman were bad like they always are. ka was ruined by the addition of the drop tower. I never seen so much triple stacking on Nitro in one season like this past season. and el toro, with the horrible restraints was terrible. this was one of the worst ride operations yrs ive seen. I also went to a bunch of other parks, and mainly, they were all better, except for SFNE, they sucked. oh well. just hoping for a better 2015.
  8. They take their sweet time. And it is harder to hit cycle times on that ride due to the floors cause they actually slow down dispatches more than you would think. I think I mentioned this earlier in the thread but in order to not double stack, you have to dispatch when the train on the course is leaving the MCBR. Any later than that and then the train double stacks. Dispatching that early is completely doable with only two people on the train. Me and a few others were pretty good at it, but most of the Bizarro crew did not care enough. lol well if they don't care, then supervisors need to yank them off coasters. get people who can do their jobs.
  9. Kingda Ka's capacity has been cut in half since the addition of zumanjaro. and many of the other rides operations are pretty terrible, since for the most part, all the coasters are run with min staffing. usually except for Green lantern and Ka. get the platinum flash pass. its totally worth it. the worst ride in bizarro. they stack 3 trains all the time, the 2014 bizarro crew stunk, and nitros wasn't so good either. hopefully 2015 is a lot better.
  10. how about tear down old country that is just rotting away. how about demolish the disgusting greatlake grandstand. such a eye sore. the park needs to be cleaned up. its very dirty. and the park hasn't added a good coaster in just about 10yrs. its time for something big. also, they need to improve ride staffing. all their coasters always run min staffing. I feel so sorry for them. always stacking trains. the park ride operations has really fallen at SFGadv. Medusa and Nitro this past season had the worst ride crews I have ever seen. just terrible.
  11. its not opening till memorial day weekend. dodnt expect any updates till about april.
  12. my local SF park has clean bathrooms. But they always run their coasters and rides at min staffing. always lots of coaster trains stacking in the station and break area. oh well
  13. No they don't... why would you bother with mindless mumbo jumbo like doing your due diligence? They should just build it and assume it will all work out. Then if it doesn't they can just send one train on each ride before alternating with another ride that will then send one train so only one of their star attractions with already limited capacities can run at a particular time... crippling capacity and making the guests absolutely miserable. LOL
  14. from what I hear, SFGadv has sent dozens of proposals to the state of NJ since the ride opened in July, and so far, the state has knocked everyone down. I guess we will know more come opening day.
  15. Well why haven't they fixed it. its been broke almost the whole season. They are being cheap. They are not fixing it.
  16. its time for SF to raise the cost of a season pass. $61.99 for a Gold season pass is way to cheap. time to get with the other chains out their and raise them. CF charges $180 for platinum, Hershey charges $140 for the SP. this will also help SF make more $$$$$ and get rid of some of the trash that visits the park. and maybe they wont have to close rides 20min early. Also, maybe if SF would pay a living wage, they would have more ride ops. more people would want to get a job at the park.
  17. I believe you are correct at the location. That's what they were talking about at this years Coastin By the Ocean. Once they mentioned no new coaster, I totally tuned out at the Coaster event, was so disappointed.
  18. I was hoping they would be adding a new coaster. not a fan of the new addition. rode it a few times at other parks. not something I would ride again anytime soon.
  19. Fright Fest haunts are EXTRA $$$$$$. Lines should be huge. its Saturday. Buy Flash Pass
  20. Why does Dorney run Demon Drop's lift to the top so slow? I remember when SFgadv had their 1st generation freefall, and how fast they ran the lift to the top of the tower. Whats the reason?
  21. I didn't hear any mentions of the path from El Toro to Kinda Ka being reopened at ROTB, but I remember hearing like 2 yrs ago it was closed for the games in the boardwalk area to get more foot traffic.
  22. On sat, John who was giving the tour I was on at ROTB, said the lift hill motor was being refurbished, and they were hoping to have had it fixed that weekend. They didn't get it back as of sat. So hopefully it gets fixed this weekend. Also said Mine Train is waiting on some new track.
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