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  1. Haven't heard anything. But id be stunned if its not re-opened by fright fest.
  2. DW is worth every $$$$ ive been 2x. And rode over 40 slides each visit. You arent doing that at HH. And hh slides are terrible compared to DW. DW has the way better wave pool. Has a water coaster. Better lazy river. Has 4 capsule slides. Plus has a toilet flush body slide. Way better funnel tube slides. Plus some reg tube slides and a few more body slides. HH management should visit to see what a real water park has for slides. Plus DW doesnt shut the wavepool fown for 15 min , every hr. If you love lines, go to hh. If you want to ride awesome slides, spend the $$$$$ and go to DW. As for MC, MC is billed as a thrill slide water park. no lazy river needed. MC is all about the Colorado river, zero g, cliff jumping , and the single and double tubes, plus rougue river body slide.
  3. Still not worth going. DreamWorks, kalahari, qnd mountain creek are all way better.
  4. Great pics. Looks like the park will have el Toro open very soon. Been hearing maintenance has been non stop all over the track and ride.
  5. Well for me, its been working since SFNJ added these draconian locker policy. And i dont need to wait in a 30 deep locker line.
  6. Dont worry about lockers. Purchase a runners belt. I store my cc, keys, and phone in it. Never a issue. And don't have to wait in the 30 person line just for lockers. SFNJ dont use metal detectors at the ride entrances
  7. Buy a runners belt. Its great for hiding loose articles. The enployees are looking at bulging pockets.
  8. They should have added some effects, like a tumnel, some smoke and fire. They really missed out on that
  9. I went from 10 to noon today. Got 16 rides in on JDC. Park was dead while i was there
  10. A few friends of mine have said, they will let you sit where you want if you ask.
  11. No reason to attack people for not liking a coaster that you like. People can have different opinions
  12. Majority of guests who go to the parks could care less about Nitro getting a paint job, or Ka having a overgrown forrest.. Or a faded sign. Give JD a few yrs, that ride will look like worn down too. They go to ride, that is all.
  13. Great night at Coaster Power Hrs again, minus no Ka night rides again at this event. This was my 3rd time going And 3rd time not getting any night rides on Ka. It broke down about 845 or 9. 30 min later they called it. Closed for the night. Other then that it was great night Loved SFNJ ditching the masks rule a day early. Was stunned they didnt even enforce it in indoor locations like main street pub or funnel cake place next door. we found it only being enforced at skull mtn.
  14. Wow. Minus The Kingda Ka not opening. Coaster Power Hrs last night was awesome. Did so many rides. Lost count after 43 rides. THE DJ was awesome. And the fist pumping music on skull was a great addition, it just needs to be turned way up. Couldnt hear it while riding. Only issue all night was seeing a dead racoon near the lakefront.
  15. Why didbt they just continue to work on it in 2020, and open it up last july?
  16. the website for coaster power hrs says will have entertainment and food. where can i find more details? is sf bringing in like some good DJs or something like that? maybe like pauly d from jersey shore?
  17. DE vip members should be free. we should mot have to pay the $5. either way, ill go to check it out
  18. SFNJ is such a great park. I like how they are on top of new state of the art attractions and Worlds Firsts rides. CYBORG addition keeps us right on par with CP as the best park in the USA
  19. the park is gonna be dead. everyone is heading over to KD for the opening of a RMC, Twisted Timbers. Whats the point to go to SFgadv for nothing new.
  20. I miss going to the park. Its going to kill me to wait till March to get my Ka fix. 2018 is gonna be a awesome year at sfgadv, the best ever
  21. Maybe because everyone bitches the dining plan is pretty shitty food and they took alot of stuff off this past season, by adding these more people will love the plan
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