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  1. This is excellent news. If I keep hearing my buddy talk about sfmm chop six, I'm going to strangle him. Free or not. No way chop six is as good as panda express. The only reason anyone wants Chop Six is because it's on the dining pass, but with complaints of super long waits for food with the Dining Pass during HITP and Fright Fest I'll happily wait 5 minutes and pony up the cash for better food at Panda Express while I scroll through post after post about how awful the food lines are on Facebook. get rid of the damn dining times, that will help with waits
  2. I just checked the website fri, sept 8 and 15 are closed so they were not added.
  3. This is excellent news. If I keep hearing my buddy talk about sfmm chop six, I'm going to strangle him. Free or not. No way chop six is as good as panda express.
  4. Park really needs to get on the ball and add some 11pm and midnight closings in the summer. That is all
  5. There's no verification system whatsoever on Millennium Force you can dispatch a train in full auto mode with the lapbars up. However if someone actually did that you could kiss your job at CP goodbye. If the seat belt can fasten the guest is good to ride. You all know we have the notoriously short seatbelts. Fun fact: all seat belts on Millennium are the same length, which makes it fair for everybody but the ability of each ride host to buckle a guest of a larger size varys from person to person and that's how we have the rumors that the seatbelts are all different lengths. Millennium had another 1.7 million riders this season. The highest on Millennium was 1.9 million in 2001 I noticed you said you can unlock each car individually, I'm so jealous of that, if we need to unlock it's all the seats or none. can the seatbelts on MF be made longer? Why are they so short?
  6. See, so for this season to add to the awesomeness from last year, they're adding Joker, Harley Quinn, Skyway and a celebrity appearance from Millennium Force's #1 ride op. How could you miss out on an event like that? Where's your holiday spirit? You can ride a god damn 80 MPH hypercoaster when it's below freezing in New Jersey in January along with a killer invert, a fun flyer, an awesome 4D coaster and if you hate yourself... a sh*tty standup. What more could you possibly ask for? Plus those waffles and . You lost me once you mentioned a awesome 4D coaster.
  7. probably crowded with school trips at this time of year. expect long lines till at least 5
  8. Ride Warrior Club has gone on sale. Check out tony clark twitter or website for the link to order
  9. Sounds like a bad deal. No sports bottle. Should have just bought at the labor day sale of $84.99
  10. Looks like the 2016 dining plan has been posted. No more upcharges. A few new items for entrée. A ton of new snacks. http://static.sixflags.com/website/files/sfgad_dining-pass-brochure.pdf
  11. Why is panda express still on the map? I thought sf was giving them the boot and changing them all to Chop Six?
  12. I feel bad for the kid in the 1st video, hes wearing a ny jets #12 Namath jersey. the jets were a loser then, and are a loser today. lol
  13. Ill be happy with a bunch more Coke freestyle machines added to the park. Being that the food lines have got so bad lately , they park could free up tons of food employees and add a ton more freestyle machines. Even SFNE has more freestyle machines then us. we don't need anymore coasters we have by far the best lineup in the country.
  14. No worries Larry, I think what he meant by there being 2 Coke Freestyles, is that there are two machines in the same building. Only one location next to the main fountain. thank you biker for clarrifying
  15. Ive stayed at the motel 6 in huron that wasn't bad. it was just refurbished when I went in 2014. and also statyed in huron at the cedar point comfort suit in huron, which I think has now changed to a quality. both were about 10min away. I also statyed at the econo lodge just outside the park, was the closest, but definitely the most outdated out of all the places ive stayed .
  16. I hope SFGadv installs more coke freestyle this season. Having only 2 in the park is pretty sad. The lines to get drinks inside that little stand is brutal. and it never has ice. Sfne has like at least 5 of them.
  17. That's what I figured. SF doesn't do webcams. I didn't realize it is so hard to set up a webcam to show the progress of the construction. pretty lame if you ask me.
  18. Ive been searching the six flags great adventure website, where is the link to the live web cam for construction?
  19. the park really has to improve food service. the few times I have attended HITP, food service lines have been on average about 45min. its brutal. slow and untrained workers.
  20. thank god the ferris wheel was kept dark. the lights on it are horrendous looking
  21. they have been running radio ads on thunder106.3. been hearing them daily. same station they ran ff ads constantly
  22. totally agree. its looked like crap for along time. tons of bulbs out. they really need to get with the times and go with a state of the art led lighting package, that they can do designs on for different times of the year or events.
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