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  1. Just got this in a email from sfgadv. Awesome New Celebration Stickers are Available Celebration stickers are here! Six Flags Great Adventure has always celebrated our guests, but now we want you to tell us why you are celebrating! Stop by Main Street stores or other select retail locations and tell a cashier if you serve our country, if it's your birthday, a special anniversary or occasion. You'll receive a sticker to let everyone you encounter know why you're having a Six Flags day!
  2. Yea, I think KK's "dual station" design was flawed from the start. If they used a system like TTD's, things would certainly be improved. However, the staffing issues come into play, there - the rolling block system requires more staffing to work effectively. Why do you think the dual station was flawed from the start?
  3. I was told by a SF employee last season, that it has to do with staffing. just to unload in the back would require more employees. And if you have been to the park lately, every coaster in the park is usually run with min staffing.
  4. It was SO bad that most of my visits, KK only launched 1 train in between a Zumanjaro cycle. It was terrible.
  5. You are misinformed. Why are you saying that taxes will be wasted? The project is not going to subsidized in any way. Why are you under the impression it will work only have the time. Solar power is quite reliable today. The projection of the solar panels being able to power the park most of the season sounds reasonable. you do know that that the govt gives tax breaks for this.
  6. well said, so sick of the govt subsidizing tax breaks for million $$$$ companies.
  7. I love this. Hopefully will all the saving on electric, we can see our Season Pass prices even cheaper in the future. Maybe like $50 for a gold SP
  8. years ago, me and a bunch of buddies did the whole tailgating thing in the parking lot. we went as far as bring up out tailgating grill from football. we did burgers, meat tacos, small beer keg , a few other items. security said there were complaints , and we were ordered to shut down. I think guests were jealous for not thinking of doing something like this, and rated us out. we were out near the busses parked, and no cars were around. go figure.
  9. sorry, but the last good coaster SFGadv installed was 2006 with El Toro. TDK is terrible, and GL was used and terrible
  10. I honestly don't get the hate on El Diablo being a carnival ride, after all... Deja Vu = carnival ride Swashbuckler = carnival ride Tango = carnival ride Twister = carnival ride Fender Benders = carnival ride Buccaneer = carnival ride SkyScreamer = taller version of a carnival ride Giant Wheel = taller version of a carnival ride Them marketing it as a roller coaster? Sure, I can see the backlash at that, but El Diablo isn't bad addition to the park's non-coaster lineup. the hate I have on is, for the crowds that SFGAdv get, they should have added a flats package this season, like a few different flat rides. Not just one lousey carnival ride
  11. I was told by SF guest services, the best thing to do money wise is buy the pass in full when they run the labor day sales. that's the cheapest. she did say the membership usually runs a few $$$$'s more.
  12. the backwards batman trains that SF has been sending from park to park, do they have 2 backwards trains? or is one still run forwards, and one is backwards?
  13. SF marketing team has done studies that by opening a ride aprox during memorial day weekend. They get guests to come back to the park for another visite or get them to buy a season pass. its a genius marketing. im surprised all the other parks don't do it.
  14. would make the loading of the ride a huge cluster f*ck. the park would never do that
  15. I belive they are building a water park right next to Metlife Stadium in northern nj. Where xanadu has stood vacant for yrs. have no idea whats its called today.
  16. if you want to film on coasters. invest in a good sunglass camera. sunglasses are not banned. some parks want a sunglass strap, so buy one. a buddy of mine has been doing it this way for yrs. hes done it at all the big parks, Six Flags, Cedar Fair, Disney, Universal. Nobody has stopped him yet.
  17. Unfortunately this probably won't happen until the chain smartens up and starts charging $100+ for a season pass. totally agree, a gold pass should be sold more the $61.99, like way more
  18. Funny you mention that. The park was rumored to get a new coaster for 2015 (possibly a new S&S 4th dimension free spin coaster) until Zumanjaro opened a month and a half late causing it to go way over budget. how did it go over budget by opening a month a half late? the price should be the price to get the ride installed and running. what does opening up late , making it go over budget? I dodnt get that
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