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  1. I thought it might be interesting to hear everyone's first credit. Mine was River King Mine Train at Sfstl.
  2. Yeah, the Tsunami Soaker is tucked away a bit in an area that I feel is pretty dead.
  3. I believe it opened in June I thought I rode it in May, but I might have just blended visits together.
  4. I think that we should update this poll to show the new GCIs like Prowler, American Thunder, and Gold Striker, among others.
  5. For me, it was a walk on. I'm assuming it has great capacity, because a new attraction would usually draw a crowd. I personally liked the ride, but if you don't like getting wet, I wouldn't recommend it. I got absolutely soaked both times, but it was still fun.
  6. Forgot to ask, do you have any pictures of the building in its current state?
  7. At this rate, is there any chance of having it open on opening day?
  8. Do they have any of that land from the north or west of it or is it just the east side of the park?
  9. I honestly have no clue, could you possibly give us a clearer hint?
  10. BITE YOUR TONGUE!!!.... how dare you say that LOL. I'm already horrified and disgusted that SF did that to Colossus. Screamin' eagle is a classis, so they better not ever alter or change it in any way. If they would do that to the Screamin' Eagle, I will be so depressed and possibly even have heart failure. Screaming Eagle doesn't really need it. The air time is quite good and I don't remember it being rough at all. Is it a modern day air-time machine? No. Nor does it need to be. Boss getting the attention would serve the park better, imo. Am I the only one that doesn't enjoy the Screamin' Eagle? It is extremely rickety and hurts my legs, and every time I ride it feels like I am going to fly off the tracks. It's frustrating people everyone loves it and says it is an airtime machine, but I don't ever get that feeling(and I usually go fairly early in the season after maintenance works on it). It should never EVER get the RMC treatment. It is just not an "RMC" layout that works with what they have been doing with their coasters.
  11. I think this sort of looks gimmicky. I mean, the only thing that looks great to me is the switchback and the over bank turn. Maybe when it comes out and I can actually see it from a non NL1 viewpoint, I might have a different opinion.
  12. The Joker animatronic looked absolutely stunning, something you would see from Disney or Universal. Cyborg, however, did not look nearly as good, but still did look OK.
  13. Those trains look even better than Goliath, and I thought it would have been hard to top that.
  14. What do you mean? Some people don't want to go all the way out to Eureka to have some fun. As long as they don't make it similar to SFSL, I think it would be a good addition.
  15. It really seems like St. Louis is trying to get more people to come to the city. They just added Ballpark Village, and now they are "attempting" to build an amusement park in the city!
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