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  1. I wouldn't blame him with those wait times, especially if he didn't use a fastpass for it.
  2. If they're wanting to get rid of it so bad we'll trade them our boomerang for it.
  3. The plan moves ahead, keeping the Ferris Wheel but removing the roller coaster: www.stltoday.com/business/local/light-shows-and-expanded-hotel-part-of-new-union-station/article_3ce6a347-b249-597e-b769-fa44ce4f26d7.html
  4. At this point I'd settle for fly over the garbage dump... "Nuclear Waste Landfill: The Ride"
  5. I have no idea what this means, but in late August this year there was a "mutual agreement", according to the document.
  6. I don't know exactly how much theming there is on Boomarang, but I definitely agree with the park making the best out of the situation. I enjoy the color scheme, and they did a great job integrating the coaster into that section of the park By theming I did mean color scheme, which I think is the best part of the ride.
  7. Dear Title Fairy, Please change my title to "I'm not superstitious, but I am a little-stitious." Thank oh wonderful Title Fairy
  8. I think HWFan said something about the Boomerang that I think should be said more often. For what SFSL had, they did a fantastic job with the theming, placement of ride, and making the ride at least fairly enjoyable. I think that the park staff has not been credited with that achievement, and it's about time they should!
  9. First to least used: Twitter Reddit Instagram Lockerdome Google +
  10. Agreed, a coaster like SFOG's Goliath would be perfect for SFSTL. As the only Six Flags without a RMC or a hyper, I really think a hyper would be a great fit for the park and round out their coaster collection. Since the 2016 investment in SFSTL is minimal, hopefully the park will finally be getting their hyper in 2017. Not a chance.
  11. Hello Title Fairy! Just a reminder of what I want my title to be since its been buried in pages since I requested one. I want a title related to my home park, Six Flags St. Louis
  12. While the Fireball is a solid edition, not marketing it as a coaster makes me think in 2017....
  13. First off, PLEASE don't leave this forum. Without your inside knowledge and cool pictures of the park, this forum becomes mindless chatter. \ Second, I agree with you Prozach does post a lot of negative things about the park despite the fact he hasn't been there in years. An Lastly, it says on TNT's profile that the last time he visited was June 26, so he checked out a long time ago.
  14. I really, REALLY hope they don't market the Larson Loop as a coaster and call it the "10th Coaster in the Park!!!"! EDIT: I'm not saying I wouldn't want a Larson Loop, I just don't want them to market it as a coaster because, well, it isn't one.
  15. Unless that title has been used before, still no. I think it'd be too expensive to convert it to RMC, and they wouldn't tear down/replace an investment that is just 15-20 years old (unless if it's the Edward Jones Dome!).
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