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  1. It looks amazing! I've never seen so much detail put in a Six Flags ride!
  2. Has media day happened yet? I haven't seen anything new about the ride.
  3. OMG I could be one of the first people to ride it!!! June 5th does seem a little late, especially if they are doing media day tomorrow.
  4. Are there going to be any "soft openings" before the ride officially opens?
  5. The 29th is also when a large amount of schools end for summer, so a lot of kids could end up at the park that day.
  6. YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! If that's correct I will be riding it on opening day!
  7. ^^True, but this time I really wanted to come in surprised, not expecting what will come next.
  8. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I was so close to making it without spoiling anything for me!!!!!!
  9. I went to the park today and was, well, uh, shocked when I saw the facade. It looks incredible!
  10. Does that mean there will be an official opening for the public on the 29th or will the date be pushed back? (The 29th is when I go to SFSTL)
  11. I belive Dave Roemer at some point expressed disinterest regarding Larson Loop flat rides and said he didn't want to see one be put in, don't quote me on that though. Im sure we all would rather have like something other than that. Plus im sure the park has heard our 'signature steel coaster plz' requests for a while and probably have that somewhere on their list of additions to consider. People always say it's tedious as crap to put 'new steel coaster' and 'six flags st louis' in the same sentence but my gut says it'll happen in the next 5 years or so if not 2016. We'll just keep hoping! I always thought a Green Lantern themed B&M Hyper would be a dream. People have mentioned also an S&S 4D coaster and honestly that wouldn't bother me too much. Take out Ninja, you've got a perfect plot of land there. If I had a nickel for every time I've seen this kind of post on this thread...
  12. It's interesting to see it's skyline in the 80's, and how much different it is today. All they had that dominated the skyline back then was the Eagle and the Jet Scream, where today there are a dozen rides that dominate the skyline.
  13. Not sure if this has been posted before, but with all the retro stuff being posted, I found this old video on the park's old Schwarzkoph coaster, the Jet Scream.
  14. Yet another victim is exposed to the Title Fairy's wrath.
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