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  1. I thought he was talking about boomerang, but who knows (except HWfan of course).
  2. What is our new attraction? At this point the only thing I could fathomably see is a show or a water park addition, but even those I'm not completely comfortable with guessing.
  3. Does anyone know the date of when six flags officially announces its new rides?
  4. As much as everybody wants a new steel hyper, I'm hoping for an RMC similar to Goliath, but hopefully a bit longer. If RMC Boss ain't happening, I'd like SOMETHING from them, and a brand-new woodie would be awesome. To be honest, I'd rather have something more unique for the region like a hyper. Literally every park in our region (except for WoF) has gotten or will be getting an RMC. A hyper (which will never happen of course) would be more unique and more marketable for our region.
  5. ^^^Eh, we're overdue for a HH addition. Then again, we're overdue for a lot of things, and JLBM cost a lot of money. This is one of the cheaper things they can build and still market it to the public well.
  6. Will they do anything special for the Screamin' Eagle, since it's 40th anniversary is next year?
  7. Went to the park a couple days ago. It was fun, but was raining the entire time. My friend also lost his phone so we spent the last hour looking for it. I finally rode JLBM, and it was great! I wouldn't say it is up there with Disney or Universal, but for Six Flags it is fantastic!
  8. While I am excited about your future investments at Elitch Gardens, I cannot get over the fact that the man I hate most is running that theme park. (Stan Kroenke, the guy who's trying to take football away from STL.
  9. Into a giant McDonalds, realizing that it was a much better use of the land. The Zombies of the McDonalds at the Former Site of Darien Lake then decided to...
  10. Ah, St. Louis. A city filled with corruption, fragmentation, pollution, declining population, abandonment, idiots, racism, tornadoes, floods, no building taller than 600 ft., and an overall lack of competence. But, hey, at least we have the Arch! In all seriousness, it is a great, albeit frustrating, lazy, and stupid city. EDIT: Seeing that this picture has already been posted, here is a few more: A bit blurry, but its a good shot of the city. Our light rail system, with the Arch in the background. Our empty, starved downtown. (Seriously, every significant business has left downtown)
  11. I don't feel that the Eagle should get the conversion. Looking at the video, it just seems so unnatural and hinders RMC's creativity because it is an out and back.
  12. Probably. The last thing HH got was the Bonzai Pipelines in 2012, so we are a little overdue for a water park addition.
  13. Children's Hospital night was a success! We dodged some weather until the very end, and the park was looking good. I will say the Boss killed me, ESPECIALLY that last turn. All fun, no lines, and a little bit of food poisoning at the end was a solid night for me!
  14. I would normally say that the Eagle is too historic to get Iron Horsed, but with Colossus getting it, I wouldn't be shocked by anything.
  15. This conversation again? We already know it would cost too much to convert the Boss to RMC, so it is pointless to talk about it! Plus, how many ties have we had this conversation?
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