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  1. Speaking as someone who is helping plan that event from the side of SLCH and not as a SFSL employee, we are very hopeful that the park will have the ride open, but we're just waiting to see how things go in the next few weeks. Fun Fact: Dave Roemer is the sole person in charge of planning that event from the park's side. He is the only one who meets with the SLCH Foundation team about it and makes sure it is all good to go. It's a project that he is very fond of and sees to it personally that it is successful. When you're there, make sure to stop by and see if he's working in First Cone serving up some of the biggest waffle cones you've ever seen. Just don't ask him for a smaller one as you will be overruled. Should be another great event this year! Sounds great! Can't wait for no lines and free food!
  2. Is there a good possibility that JLBM could be open by May 29th, the night I am going to Children's Hospital night?
  3. I didn't take many pics but here are some "renovations" I noticed: -Go Fresh Cafe and a new chicken restaurant are now sharing the space where Character Cafe was -Smokehouse's patio has been extended with lots of new outdoor seating -Palace has been repainted/freshened up -The gift shop near Shazam is now called "Superheros and Villains" and has lots of Justice League merch Go check out HWFan's post a few pages back. He has pictures of all the things I mentioned. They really needed to extend the smokehouse area. There was never a place for me to sit while I was there.
  4. Not sure what the footprint of the 4D is compared to Ninja, but if it's smaller, that could be a great move. The park has already said that east will be their next expansion area. When they take out Ninja (it's a when, not an if), they should use the spot currently occupied by the queue and station for a path over the tracks to the east. That way there are two access points to the expansion, not just the one by Tidal Wave. This will leave a smaller footprint for Ninja's replacement (and Ninja's already pretty compact as it is), so a 4D S&S could really be a win for the park. That would be cool, but sadly, they would probably name it Goliath.
  5. I took a tour of the bungalows and the new DVC rooms a few days ago, and while I thought it was great, I thought that the bungalows were overpriced at over $3,000 (And over 100 points if you are a DVC member), for what you were getting.
  6. Apparantly Goliath will be getting a new theme of the new game Monster Hunter Ultimate 4 by Capcom for the summer.
  7. I found this article on IGN: http://m.ign.com/articles/2015/03/23/capcom-announces-partnership-to-bring-monster-hunter-to-six-flags
  8. ^It definitely feels like the offseason just ended. Going to Six Flags first in April/early May on a field trip, then late May for a charity event. Hard to believe that is just a month away...
  9. Is this information you got from an employee, or is this just a prediction?
  10. It is clearly the screens for the ride. I don't think tracks can be made out of cardboard!
  11. I found this article: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/business/article10640234.html
  12. Dear Title Fairy, I would like my title to say something about my city. Anything would be nice. With Love, SFSTLMO
  13. I'm going to bump this thread. Since he hasn't responded in a while someone please take a turn.
  14. I don't see this thing lasting more than five years before it returns to the mess it is today. EDIT: Forgot to ask, are there any specific details on the coaster? I bet that it will be small and simple, but I would like to know details about it.
  15. This place looks amazing! Too bad I'll probably never go to Japan...
  16. I like how the comments are all sad, and they miss Scooby. When in reality, that was a fairly old and dated dark ride, albeit fun.
  17. Did anyone else see the Instagram post of Sfstl where they quickly go through the Justice League building? I'll try to post a link, but I might not be able to.
  18. Wasn't half of the track shortened to make room for American Thunder?
  19. I could see the Sorcerer's Hat being moved to the All-Star Movies resort. I think it could fit in with the rest of the resort quite well.
  20. I rode Boss once this year. I could have rode it several times, but after being beaten down by it I promised never to get on it again. Not until something is done, if possible, to make the ride less of a beating (I'm not even asking for smoothe at this point.) Is this ride so rough because of it's design or because of a lack of TLC by SFSTL? Sorry it took so long for me to respond. According to RMC's website, they appeared to have done some retracking on it. I don't know how much, but I still dread going on it because it beats you down more than Ninja, especially that last helix. So I think it is a lost cause as a wooden coaster if RMC can't save it.
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