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  1. Tatsu's pretzel the first time was completely disorienting, not as intense now that I know it's coming. Xcelerator's launch gets me everytime
  2. I want to ride this so bad, it's like El Toro's hotter younger sibling
  3. CP's new ride would have to be considered a coaster, even tho we know it really isnt
  4. I'm torn between B&M and Arrow, but leaning more towards Arrow. First corkscrew, first suspended, first hyper, first 4D, hard for me to argue against that.
  5. Havent ridden yet, but the keyhole element looks intriguing
  6. I couldn't believe how bad it was the last time I rode it!! It was an amazing ride the first 5 years or so
  7. Is it Vekoma, with an insane amount of units installed world wide including the most successful clone (boomerang) ever? Could it be Arrow? The true pioneer of steel coasters? Intamin? The lone manufacturer capable of producing any ride in the catalogue?? Anton Schwarzkopf?? Leader of cult classic looping coasters? B&M?? The leader of finely tuned and reliable machines? Is the inverted the biggest game changer ever? GCI? Taking wooden "twisters" to new heights? Mack? Huss? Gerstlauer? Zamperla? Zierer? PTC? CCI? RMC? TOGO?
  8. Mine would be a gigantic indoor park shaped like a cube "Adventure Cube", big enough to fit: An Intamin Giga 480 ft with a 7,800 ft track length with the best elements from I305, Bizarro, and Skyrush combined. A 250 ft Intamin woodie a cross breed between the original Ghostrider and El Toro The first hyper Intamin Zac Spin with a fully staff outpatient clinic at the exit A dueling S&S 4D freefly with a splashdown lake where your legs get dipped in water No flat rides No concession stands No bathrooms No exit
  9. According to CF's Fun Forward, MiA is making some decent money for the size of the park: http://newsplusnotes.blogspot.com/2012/01/cedar-fair-is-looking-fun-forward.html great america
  10. Atmosphere, variety, food, and historics-Knott's Experience, cleanliness, friendly staff-Disney/CA Best non-coaster rides, shows-USH Upping your coaster count-SFMM
  11. They sure are aesthetically pleasing, however I said the same thing about X/X2 12 years ago
  12. Which position does he hold? And if parks are getting RMC's, then heres who should get em: -Dorney Park -Kings Dominion -Cedar Point -Kings Island They should get them in that order. Will that happen? Probably not. As much clout as CP has, I'm sure they're on the top of that list. The things RMC could do with Mean Steak
  13. I've always been fascinated by them, but didn't really get into them until I started playing the first RCT
  14. Fred Grubb says RMC is booked for the next couple years, makes you wonder which parks are getting these new projects
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