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  1. Maverick is red corkscrew is blue I'm horrible at poems Alpengiest
  2. I have a question for you guys, I've been thinking about this for a while actually, I noticed that excalibur drinks were taken out. Do you think this means excalibur will be taken out in the near future? I know this is a shot in the dark guess so the off season might be making me go insane. What I'm saying is, since the themed drink stop is gone, will the coaster meet the same fate in the near future? 19 days left until opening day, hang in there guys
  3. You might be a coaster nerd if you want a belt made out of an intamin seat belt
  4. 1) Idiots who think they know all about coasters but really don't 2) 12 year olds who are on dates 3) When a restaurant only has one person attending it (Cotton candy on dollar days at valley fair) 4) People who go up to you and mess around with you (annoying 12 year olds mostly) 5) mean ride operators, people who hate their job etc. 6) When people try to spit on you on those intamin looping starship rides 7) Screaming girls that break your ears 8) Over priced meals 9) Summer camp groups ugh those people are the worst. they take up lines in mass quantities 10) People who bump shoulders with you when you walk
  5. yeah, I think it would be very useful, and I hope the Tv's aren't annoying, the ones at six flags repeat themselves over and over again. I think a web cam right on top of the clock tower that over looks the large stretch of sidewalk by the wave would be nice, because thats where the heaviest traffic is in the park, and you could see if it is crowded or not
  6. I'm not sure if you guys care about this but i contacted dave frazier via twitter and i asked him "have you guys considered posting ride wait times hourly on the mobile app?" he replied "Yes we are also introducing in house TV which may have the wait times capability " I'm not sure if you guys care but in house tv sounds pretty dang cool, and wait times would be very helpful so i could decide if i wanted to go to the park that day
  7. I just checked the web cam, it seems the re painted scrambler is almost set up completely
  8. You seriously would want an SLC or a Boomerang over a flying coaster? I'd rather ride a relatively low-force B&M flyer than get my head banged up on a Vekoma. I don't think that Valleyfair will get anything from Vekoma because with the exception of Boomerang at Worlds of Fun, all Cedar Fair Vekomas we're acquired in park buyouts, and I believe that Cedar Fair is aware that Vekoma coasters are not the best. Although, I don't think a B&M flyer is likely either for reasons I listed earlier. No, i said nothing like that, don't get me wrong I love b&m, I'm not a huge fan of vekoma, i would not prefer a vekoma SLC over a flying coaster, I'm just saying in my opinion I think it is more likely due to the cost of them, or there is a possibility of vf getting a cheap b&m like the size of patriot
  9. I think that a flying coaster at Valleyfair might be fun, but only if it has a pretzel loop because the positive G's in pretzel loops are absolutely insane. Otherwise, it would just be a boring, low-force ride that Valleyfair doesn't need. Although, I don't think a flying coaster is going to happen because Cedar Fair has yet to build a B&M flyer, and it's been a while since the last B&M flyer was built. I'm not a huge fan of flying coasters, I do agree the g forces in the pretzel loop are insane but thats really the only thing that it has going for it, I could see a vekoma SLC or a boomerang coaster coming in the near future, maybe a cheap b&m invert
  10. I can't really say, I've never been to ValleyFair. But, nothing really looks forceful there. One good coaster will put them on the map. well wild thing holds the record for longest low gravity point on a roller coaster
  11. They were testing, i snapped a couple pictures of the web cam but they're only on my twitter
  12. They used to run both sides, I didn't believe that ride operator because it just seemed irrelevant. I also have another question why don't all three towers run on power tower, I usually see one blue tower and one red running when I'm at the park, i guess its kinda like running multiple trains
  13. I asked the ride operator that exact same question, he said it had to do with the parks electricity bill or something
  14. yeah even hydro blaster's line was full and the train was packed, ever since i go on week days except for friday, i also go on rainy days, rainy days+weekdays=walk on rides!!!!
  15. I'm not really sure what you're talking about. Even if you went on the busiest day of the year, you will still be able to ride all 7 coasters plus lots of rerides, as Valleyfair has less attendance than many other amusement parks. If you think that Valleyfair has long lines, you probably have never been to Six Flags Great America. I went there last year on a Monday in July, and everything had at least an hour long wait, including the kiddie rides. I'm going back this year, and I will buy at least a Gold Flash Pass. Yeah, I'd much rather have Valleyfair as my home park than Michigan's Adventure or California's Great America. In fact, all the people that complain about having VF as a home park are starting to bother me. Would they rather live in Minnesota and have Valleyfair, or live in a coaster deprived state like Nebraska or Montana and have nothing? I wouldn't say I've been complaining in these last few pages. I've just been speculating. I have been to six flags great america. I have gone multiple times on saturdays at valleyfair and the lines are considerably long for a small park such as valley fair, i went on a saturday and i only got on about 4 rides. I know what lines are long and what lines are short. Renegade's line was out of the queue once and going into the area where the pictures were
  16. one advice, don't go on a saturday in july, the lines are horrible and it is very crowded, try going mon-thurs thats usually when i go and i have walk on rides. 2. No, if you are going on a saturday. 3. chickie and pete's might be a good option. 4. make sure to hit the back of the park. But if saturday's your only option, go anyways, having some coasters is better then having no coasters at all!
  17. ugh, like valley fair needs another performance stage, those people just make me feel uncomfortable
  18. im not a huge fan of the tilt a whirl's colors, i drove past valley fair to day and northern lights looks fantastic! it was a lot bigger then i expect it and I can't wait to ride it in the summer
  19. yeah i don't think it will be anything major, but i did drive past valley fair today and they got the camel hump on northern lights built!
  20. i was riding alone and a person sat down next to me and when we went down the drop they grabbed me
  21. i hope it will have less ridership, that means less lines and more times i get to ride it
  22. I just noticed that they relocated the web cam for the fourth time, i see workers working on something, but I'm not sure yet. I like this angle better though. Can't wait for the tracks to get here!
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