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  1. i was talking to a ride operator at power tower in valley fair and he said power tower was supposed to be 300 ft instead of 275 feet because of a near by airport, i also heard kings island was haunted or something along those lines
  2. i heard being exposed to high g forces on a coaster for long periods of time can do damage to your brain
  3. Who thinks valleyfair should expand the dead end at the back of the park, maybe tear down exaclibur and replace it with a new coaster? I'm just throwing out ideas
  4. I know, I think the reason I'm ripping on route 76 is that we didn't get a major coaster this year. It is so true that they use Goliath way too much. What kind of coaster do you think it will be at valleyfair? I'm actually secretly excited for the antique autos, I loved those and now they are bringing them back! Sorry if I said anything uneducated, I'm new here so bear with me!
  5. I heard it was being moved to the water park, I guess not. Anyways what is your guy's favorite ride at VF?
  6. I guess, I might love it, or I might hate it I can't really say because it doesn't even exist yet
  7. You got a point there, I said that its a waste of time and money because valleyfair already has a family area "camp snoopy". I know its over used but I'm getting tired of valleyfair building more of what they have, even though I don't agree with your opinion I'll still respect it
  8. the whole route 76 thing in my personal opinion is a big waste of time, if valleyfair wants to make some money they need to spend some to get a big coaster that will put them on the map. kings island built banshee in a matter of weeks, all valleyfair has done is flipped over two trashcans and make a concrete base, i dont know, they could just be working on another side of the park not visible on the webcam
  9. hi! im new to this forum, and im really excited to get to know you awesome rollercoaster enthusiasts! my local park is valleyfair ( 23+ visits last summer). my favorite ride is x flight at six flags great america (i know its not much im starting this awesome hobby). anyways i have a questing, how do i know if you have replied to this message, does the site email me? thank you in advance. another random thing is i own a 5 foot ball python, and a russian tortoise ( reptiles is another one of my hobbies) and if i make any mistakes please correct me and i will try my best not be stupid (because i really like this forum so far) im hoping to travel with you guys when im older and let me tell you i cant wait! im so glad to be a part of the theme park review family
  10. panic falls at valleyfair, i sat down and you go down this huge drop and hit this wall of water that hit me so hard it twisted my ankle
  11. what bugs me is when people run up escalators, like seriously, you are on FREAKING MOVING STAIRS, the stairs are moving there is no rush. if anybody does this and it offends them sorry in advance
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