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  1. Hey guys I'm sorry I haven't been on in a while but I got some info from work. So I was talking to some employees and a security guard at admissions for possible valley fair rumor information. Here's what I got, They said the markers are for a renovated gate and parking area, There are also rumors floating around that there will be a new lane for drop offs. As for the water park expansion, subway will probably be torn down and most employees think the expansion will be from hydroblaster to excalibur. Thats all I got for you guys but Ill keep my eye out for markers at work. And do we have a date that you can spill the beans garyman? The suspense is killing me already
  2. I was thinking for NU. I think a intamin zacspin would be a really good fit.
  3. I have an odd feeling it will be named after something minnesota related. There was a semi confirmed b&m invert coming to valley fair in the early 2000's. they even had a name "Falcon: Birds of Prey". I was thinking the name could be bird related or something along the lines like "timber wolf". i think the name ridge runner would be a good name
  4. I highly disagree with that statement for multiple reasons. 1. Just because arrow is bankrupt doesn't mean the coasters can't get parks, besides if parts weren't available when arrow went under, there would be no arrow coasters left. 2. Just because there is an article doesn't mean its true, that would be very stupid on cedar fair's part because they would be taking out multitudes of coaster which would put them out of ALOT of money. 3. The dinos lot has a lease until 2019 by the way. 4. How does Mr.Frazier like intamin!? He hasn't even built an intamin coaster at vf, he just started 2 years ago. after steel venom was built
  5. This is kinda off the topic about a new coaster but its also good news. Since I've started working at vf I noticed it has got ALOT more attendance. Last year if you went on a weekday in the summer it would be walk on lines all day. I don't know what triggered it but now almost every day there is 30-45 minute lines
  6. I highly doubt we will be getting a coaster for 2015. I think 2016 will be the money year for a new coaster and maybe an expansion along with it. If it will bring an expansion as well i believe they will expand in the back of the park. Just a brief update about the supposed permanent haunt building. I was on high roller today and i saw the very flat sheet of concrete that Mr.Frazier tweeted about. I also noticed there were cement objects that appeared to be footers or a foundation of sorts closely surrounding the flat sheet of concrete. I though for a brief second it could be an early station but my doubt kicked in and thought of a permanent haunt building
  7. I'd write valleyfair a letter or try to find him around the park, If you work there like I do you see him pretty much everyday!
  8. Im guessing it is a foundation for the rumored permanent haunt building, Im working there now so if i see anything unusual I'll let you guys know!
  9. I was there from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm so they must have re opened it after I left
  10. Just got back from the park today. I noticed the train was back up and running again! Valleyfair seemed to be selling all of the unsold merchandise from past seasons, so seeing the opportunity I got 2 steel venom hats that were 80 cents each! I also bought a steel venom t shirt (2012 season?) for $5.00, If you like valley fair's merchandise get out to the park soon, they have some great deals. Steel venom is still closed unfortunately
  11. That could happen, but for now I think their main focus is the water park expansion. Since we are probably getting a water park expansion, what kinds of slides are we going to most likely see? A snake pit? A "looper"?
  12. I was just kinda shooting in the dark really, maybe a zamperla air race would be a good fit for the park, I know we have brain surge but I wouldn't mind seeing a zamperla air race at Nickelodeon
  13. I'm pretty sure the rides are still closed, I can't really say if they've been receding its kinda hard to get a good view of the flooding from power tower (granted you get on the right side to see it) The flood waters should be starting to go down, I know renegade and excalibur will have to start testing again, and thunder canyon might be refilled
  14. I don't find it odd. Many rides share the same name as their model name such as LEGOLAND's Splash Battle and the numerous Zamperla Disk-Os. At least El Loco is a good name, while Inverted is a rather pathetic name. You do raise a good point, anyways I think rock bottom plunge goes give you a quick second of ejector air on that first drop, but thats pretty much it. For airtime what rides could provide airtime (Besides a drop tower) and could fit in NU? ^
  15. ^ That empty spot in wild thing's helix was the old location of the sky scraper ride, which was moved to cedar point. I think there will be another flat ride or family coaster there eventually, thoughts?
  16. I'd love for NU to get another inverting coaster, preferably a S&S El loco. I'd love to have a coaster that has a dive loop in Nu. Does anyone find It odd they named El loco at adventure dome el loco? Its like naming a Inverted coaster "Inverted"
  17. I just visited the park today, the parking lot is completely flooded and they had to make a makeshift gate by steel venom since cars couldn't get to the main gate. If Valleyfair really wants to do a soak city expansion, they need to throw a couple slides in the parking lot. Boom. Instant soak city expansion
  18. Went to the park today, I decided to swing by dinosaurs alive since I didn't have much to do, I did run into Mr.Frazier in Dinos Alive and we briefly talked about the flooding, He seemed pretty busy and he went to check on the flooded dinos. It's a shame renegade was closed. I was disappointed but kinda expecting it to be that way. Other wise the lines were minimal and I had a great visit! Cant wait to go again in a few days
  19. I would be willing to buy any ride part off ebay (With in reason). Thanks for the advice robb! I'll make sure not to contact parks. There so far haven't been any TPR events near me so I cannot get a ride part from one of the events. Ill try in the future to go to an event.. I might be going to banshee bash
  20. I'm okay with not getting a Banshee-sized invert, because it doesn't have to be tall to be fun (look at the Batman: The Ride clones). If they do want to move the maintenance building back, then that opens up a lot of space that could be used for a new coaster, as shown in the picture below. Of course it's only speculation, but I could see it happening. I guess you could fit in a B&M invert in the yellow area in RCjunkie's photo, but it seems that it would be tough to squeeze a walkway inbetween Thunder Canyon and Excalibur (assuming it isn't removed), but if Excalibur is removed, then I'd find that land more likely to be used. Im pretty sure he wasn't thinking of moving it that far
  21. I do have confirmation from Mr. Frazier that we won't be getting a banshee sized invert ( I know we kinda already know that). He did talk to me about moving the buildings by renegade back a little. Expanding for a new coaster possibly?
  22. Good for valleyfair, good/bad for people who like haunt( i like both haunt and rides) It might bring us another new maze, and that permanent haunt building Mr.Frazier told me about. The down side is it will have a lot bigger lines. Fright lane passes anyone?
  23. Granted, but it snows 1 foot every day you go I wish valleyfair wouldn't have a height limit
  24. Granted but they would be replaced with free hugs guys. I wish Riptide at valleyfair didn't hurt
  25. I do watch the blacklist and I think that would be an awesome idea, but it would be hard to help people understand the story with in the maze. I kinda would want to see a post war/apocalyptic scare zone or maze. Maybe with police/survivors vs. zombies.
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