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  1. When I first rode Magnum I was pretty disappointed. I thought I was going to experience a great ride, but I took a beating instead. I really wanted to like Magnum so I tried out different seats. After a few rides I found the "best" row and I had the great experience many talked about. The "best" row is the 16th, which is the first row in the last car. There may be other good rows or seats, but I swear by this one. In this row Magnum feels a bit clunky, but it's not rough at all. It's just plain fun with lots of airtime. I hope those with bad experiences find the best seat for them because Magnum is a great ride.
  2. ^ I only went to the park at opening once this year. I headed straight for Goliath and the main queue was open as soon as I got there. The switchbacks weren't open so the end of the line was at Camp Cartoon Network. I walked over to the single rider line and was told to wait in line that was forming. Once I got back back to the ride entrance then I could go in the single rider line. This didn't make much sense to me, but I went along. After my wait a family walked in front of me for the single rider line and they were given badges. I was a bit mad that I had to wait in line and they just walked up. I didn't complain because I was going to ride faster than most people in the main queue. So I'm not sure when exactly the single rider line is supposed to open. I guess the ride ops at the Goliath entrance decide when to open the single rider line. The single rider line is the best way to go. The latest I have gone to ride Goliath was a half hour before closing and I was able to go in the single rider line. I got off about 15 minutes before closing and the single rider line was still open. I assume the single rider line closes when the main queue closes for the night.
  3. It's very likely that both Goliath and Deja Vu boarding passes will be used . I think Goliath's popularity will remain the same next year. Instead of waiting 3 hours just go in the single rider line. If your group goes in the single rider line it's still much quicker.
  4. Unpleasant surprise: Wildcat - A lot of people like GCI coasters so I was looking forward to riding my first GCI. I was excited going up the lift hill, but that's where it ended. I felt like Wildcat was trying to break all of my bones and give me brain damage. I think this is the worst coaster I have ridden and I have no desire to ride it again. I probably will during my next visit anyway because I'm an idiot. Pleasant surprise: American Thunder - After riding Wildcat and Lightning Racer I was not impressed with GCI. I was hopeful that American Thunder would be decent, but I felt it was going to be a one and done. I wasn't just pleasantly surprised, I was shocked. American Thunder is relentless from start to finish and it has a great combination of airtime and laterals. I love this coaster and I rode it four times during my visit. Screamin' Eagle - I never hear anyone talk about this ride so I figured it must be underwhelming. I love airtime and Screamin' Eagle is an airtime machine. It's pretty smooth on top of that. Screamin' Eagle was down most of the day so sadly I only got one ride in. That one ride left a good impression and I think it's my favorite coaster at SFStL. Boss - A lot of people say the Boss is really rough and is a candidate for RMC. Boss is really rough, but the layout made up for it. I liked the big drops and laterals. I had a fun night ride as well. With a lot of love Boss could be a great coaster. Ninja(SFStL) - No one likes this coaster and people say it's very rough. I was surprised that Ninja is pretty smooth and I didn't bang my head once. Maybe I had a good ride because I know how to ride rough loopers. However, Ninja is boring and is a good candidate for removal. Banshee - I'm not much of a B&M fan so initially I wasn't too excited for Banshee. The reviews here made me optimistic, but I didn't want to get my hopes up. Banshee far exceeded my expectations and it's fun from start to finish. My favorite part is the drop into the valley. Raptor is my favorite invert, but Banshee comes close. B&M showed us that they can make an intense coaster and I hope they continue down this path. Chances are Banshee is a one time deal. Diamondback - Diamondback never did much for me, but I had my best rides ever during my visit this year. I got ejector airtime during the first drop and there were other moments of strong airtime. I may have caught Diamondback on a good day, but I hope I have rides like this from now on.
  5. I went to the park not knowing what the layout was like. When I visit a new park I like to feel my way around and only look at a map if I need to. I looked at the map quite a bit because there are many paths to take. It's not a park where you can look at a ride and head straight there. At the end of the day I had a decent idea on how to navigate the park. Knowing that there's interlocking loops will make it that much easier. After a second visit I should be fine. I like SFGAm's layout because it's simple. It is one big loop with the Southwest Territory loop. It's easy for people to navigate and it's hard to get lost. Then again I have been going to the park my whole life. Although it would be nice if there was a path cutting across the center of the park. That will never happen because the employee backstage area is in the middle of the park. When I was in the parking lot I thought the park looked half the size of SFGAm. After a few hours I realized that the park is much bigger on the inside like a Tardis . I was pleasantly surprised that I spent the whole day there.
  6. My friends and I stopped by SFStL on a Sunday in early October. We had a great time and we really liked the park. We are planning to visit again next year and I'm looking forward to Justice League: Battle for Metropolis. SFStL has a lot of potential and I hope corporate continues to grow the park. Here are some things we noticed about the park when compared to SFGAm. SFStL is much cleaner, the guests were nicer/better behaved, the park staff were friendly/knowledgeable and the ride ops were more efficient. The layout of the park annoyed me at times, but after another visit I'll be fine. My friends and I liked the collection of rides, especially me. The coaster line up is solid and I really liked Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast, Screamin' Eagle, American Thunder and Boss. Boss gave me a beating, but I really like the layout. I hope it goes some love this off season and hopefully it doesn't get iron horsed in the future. For years I heard that Ninja is a death trap and I was surprised by how smooth it is. It's boring, but by no means is it a terrible coaster.
  7. Entries in white are from my home park. 1995: Viper - Six Flags Great America 1998: Spacely's Sprocket Rockets 1999: Raging Bull - Six Flags Great America 2001: Deja Vu - Six Flags Great America Vertical Velocity - Six Flags Great America 2003: Superman: Ultimate Flight - Six Flags Great America Top Thrill Dragster - Cedar Point 2004: Avalanche - Timber Falls Ragin' Cajun - Six Flags Great America 2005: Hades - Mt. Olympus 2006: El Toro - Six Flags Great Adventure Opa - Mt. Olympus 2007: Maverick 2008: Dark Knight - Six Flags Great America Thunderhawk - Michigan's Adventure 2010: Little Dipper - Six Flags Great America 2011: Green Lantern - Six Flags Great Adventure 2012: Skyrush - Hersheypark Stinger - Dorney Park X-Flight - Six Flags Great America 2013: Gatekeeper - Cedar Point 2014: Banshee - Kings Island Goliath - Six Flags Great America Thunderbolt - Coney Island
  8. There are a lot of coasters that come to mind, but I'll just mention American Eagle.
  9. Every time I hear his name I think of the opening scene from the Boondocks episode "A Date with the Booty Warrior".
  10. I spend my summers near Whitehall and I go up there a few times during the rest of the year. I agree that West Michigan sees a lot of tourists during the summer. I don't have a clue how many tourists go to the park, but it seems like a majority of park guests are local. I think most tourists are content with going to the beach, boating or camping. Hey I could be completely wrong. Green Bay has an NFL team after all.
  11. The local population isn't big enough to support a large investment so a Chance Hyper GT-X or Intamin Mega-Lite would be perfect. Either one would be a huge hit and attendance would be high for years. Also I would love to have one of these relatively close to home. It may be a while before the park gets a new coaster, but I'm hoping 2016 is the year. As much as I would like a new coaster, a used coaster make sense. Boomerang or Vortex would be a cheap investment and a big hit. Both offer enough thrills and would be good stepping stone coasters. The locals would still want to go to Cedar Point for the bigger thrills, but that's not a big deal. This is just a dream and would fit in the crazy idea thread. I'll mention it here anyway. A coaster over the lake in the middle of the park would be cool. My first choice is a suspended coaster because I wish they would make a comeback. It would be amazing if S&S made an Arrow inspired design, but we would probably have to settle for Vekoma. My other coaster choice would be an S&S free fly. There is only one of these unique coasters in existence, but this design has potential. A larger sprawling design with close encounters with the water would be cool. I'll shut up now.
  12. My number one choice would be Mean Streak. The phrase "don't judge a book by it's cover" definitely applies here. It's a shame that this beautiful ride is pretty crappy. I had my best ride ever this year thanks to a lot of track work, but Mean Streak is still boring. I would like to see a Texas Giant type of transformation, but with topper track. We have seen what RMC can do with topper track so I think this is possible. I'm against iron horsing Mean Streak because I think it's important to preserve the character of wooden coasters. Also the iron horse treatment would leave Blue Streak as the only wooden coaster in the line up. My second choice would be the Boss. I rode it for the first time this year and I think it has the potential to be an awesome coaster. I think the Boss has a good layout, but topper track would do wonders. As much as I like the layout I can't help but think what crazy changes RMC could make. My third choice would be Wildcat at Hersheypark. I rode this coaster once two years ago and I hated it. Wildcat beat the hell out of me and the layout didn't do much for me. A little RMC love could turn this into at least a decent ride.
  13. The Beast. It's a fun day ride, but an awesome night ride.
  14. It's been a few years since I played RCT 2 so I decided to play it the other day. When I put the disc in auto run started, but I got this message "Exception Raised: Access Violation, Error Location: Unknown Driver". As soon as I click "OK" or close the message the game stops running. I am still using the same computer with Windows XP. Since I last played I have switched to a square flat screen monitor and have a different motherboard. I have tried running the game in various compatibility modes and as an administrator, but nothing worked. Hopefully one of you guys can help me out. Thanks!
  15. I'm on my phone so I'll keep this short. There are going to be a lot of little additions next year. The only ones that may interest you guys are Woodstock Gliders in Planet Snoopy. Shake, Rattle and Roll is returning with a new light package. One of the biggest Starbucks in the area will be replacing the Thrill Seekers store on International Street. A yogurt shop will be replacing the current Starbucks. That's it from me and I'm sure they will have a press release soon with the other additions.
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