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  1. If people are flying to O'hare I may be willing to meet up for a trip to the park. Same goes for people near O'hare and the NW side. I had a good experience taking the PACE bus to the park. I got on the first bus of the day so there were only a few people on it. I think I got on the last bus to leave the park and it was about three quarters full. The fare was cheap and it didn't take much longer than driving. Also the bus was really clean and that's probably because it's a suburban bus. I would say this is the best option for out of towners. Do whatever you feel comfortable with and fits in your budget.
  2. Pace is the suburban public transportation bus and you can take it to the park. This will be your cheapest way there. The trip is about 45 minutes from Rosemont, IL to the park. You can take this bus from the park back to Rosemont, IL. I took this bus once and it worked out well. Go to this page for more information on the route. http://www.pacebus.com/sub/espd/six_flags_express.asp. Azza29 - Get on the CTA Blue Line at O'hare and take it to the first stop, which is Rosemont. You will find the Pace bus in the bus terminal when you exit the Rosemont station. Brassinthegrass - Find the nearest downtown CTA Blue Line station and take it to the Rosemont stop. This is about an hour ride. You will find the Pace bus in the bus terminal when you exit the Rosemont station. Go to this page for information on the CTA portion of your trip. http://www.transitchicago.com/ If you have any questions then feel free to ask me.
  3. According to rcdb, Shivering Timbers was the only coaster with trick track so I understand your excitement. Trick track is a pointless element so you didn't miss anything. If you want an idea of what it's like then hit a pothole or drive fast over a speed bump. The hill that replaced the trick track is an improvement and has me excited.
  4. Shivering Timbers just got more awesome. The trick track was the only bad element on the ride and the little hill is a nice replacement. It's not something that will increase attendance, but it's another example of Cedar Fair enhancing a ride experience. It has me excited and I will definitely get more rides in this season.
  5. I agree that the coaster looks like a GCI, but I wouldn't completely rule out RMC. Look at the 3D renderings of Storm Chaser and imagine them as a 2D drawing like the one being discussed. I think it would look like a GCI. I would rather see an RMC built at KI because it would be much different than the other woodies. KI lacks strong airtime and an RMC would fill that gap. I would be so happy if KI got the first RMC in the chain next year. I would be cool with a GCI as long as it has more airtime than laterals.
  6. Cool I'll send you a private message. If anyone else is interested then send me a private message.
  7. I'm going to the park by myself on Saturday and was wondering if anyone wants to meet up?
  8. SFGAm used to require a doctor's note in the late 90's to early 2000's. Most of the people that complained were from out of state. They always claimed that they didn't know about the policy because they were from out of state. From what I saw they were always denied even if their handicap was obvious. That policy did keep the pass from being abused so I'm happy it's coming back.
  9. How busy is Gold Rush during the winter? I know people are expecting a ride next year because it's the 60th anniversary, but I highly doubt it. The park had another busy year so there really isn't a need to boost attendance with a ride. Recent Cedar Fair history shows that anniversaries don't warrant big investments. If anything is coming to the park next year I would expect it to be a small scale anniversary celebration.
  10. I prefer the new restraints for the same reasons others have said. I like the bigger field of vision, the sense of freedom, the absence of head banging and the ability to put my hands up. Inverted coasters are my favorite B&M model by far and I have always felt that the old restraints took away from the experience. Banshee is a good ride and the new restraints enhance the experience. The only time I have felt the vest tighten is on wing coasters, but it's not much. I don't think the new restraints on Valravn are necessary, but I'm sure it won't hurt. I'll find out next year.
  11. Very few parks have Sports themed coasters. I think Blue Streak is the only one. I was half joking, but I didn't indicate that.
  12. I have only been on 3 B&M hypers, but I would say Diamondback has pretty good airtime. Nitro has mediocre airtime and Raging Bull barely has any. Cedar Point's Blue Streak has more airtime than those coasters combined. Are you kidding me right now?!?! There isn't even a parallel universe in existence where Nitro's airtime could be described as "mediocre"! I'm one of the bigger fans of Blue Streak there is, and it in no way has as much airtime as Nitro alone! You Intamin fanboys are something else! Nope, not kidding. Nitro is fun, but it's over hyped. I would gladly trade it for Raging Bull any day. Oh, if being an Intamin fanboy is wrong then I don't want to be right.
  13. I have only been on 3 B&M hypers, but I would say Diamondback has pretty good airtime. Nitro has mediocre airtime and Raging Bull barely has any. Cedar Point's Blue Streak has more airtime than those coasters combined.
  14. Sheikra is the only dive machine I have been on and it wasn't anything special. The drops had good airtime, but the rest was forceless. The holding brake didn't do anything for me either. I won't be very excited if Cedar Point gets a dive machine, but I bet it will be the best one built. It would be the Gatekeeper of dive machines. No matter how I feel about it, at least it will make the lines shorter for the big 3. We really don't know what's coming next year, but if it's a coaster then it may be something we really aren't thinking of. Everyone wants RMC to get their hands on Mean Streak, but Cedar Point also has the option to build a custom RMC. I wouldn't be too surprised if Cedar Point gets a custom RMC or even a wooden coaster from another company. Now that would be something to get excited about. I can't wait for the 2016 announcement.
  15. It looks like the last two coasters will be added mid July and Cedar Point usually announces new additions in August or September. I think the sign added after the last two coasters will be a teaser with an announcement date.
  16. It sounded fake after reading the first sentence then it was 100% confirmed in my mind when Movietown was mentioned.
  17. In 2013 it was reported that RMC was checking out American Eagle at SFGAm. I box rumors started going around, but Goliath was built instead. I was suspicious then and I am now. With that said, I could see Monstre getting the i box treatment in the future. A Twisted Colossus type of transformation would be cool.
  18. I forced myself to watch the entire interview and I have to applaud Nick Varney for the way he handled it. The digusting Kay Burley did everything she could to get a negative reaction and failed. Now I have to take another shower.
  19. I heard about this earlier today and luckily the condition of the riders didn't take a turn for the worse. I wonder if this will make manufacturers come up with new safety features or add more redundant features.
  20. The Boss is pretty rough, but it's a fun coaster. I'm sure RMC could make some cool changes, but that isn't necessary. Topper track and new trains is all that is needed. Screamin' Eagle is just fine the way it is and it wouldn't be a good candidate for RMC. Out and backs would limit what RMC could do and I think they realize that.
  21. Coaster porn at it's best. My only complaint is that I couldn't observe science in 4K .
  22. ^ You are correct and they had 6 when Disaster Transport was there. I believe they are also the Arrow capital with 5 coasters. That's pretty crazy. If that happened then I would have to move somewhere between Cedar Point and Hersheypark.
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