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  1. I only rode one new coaster this year and it was Steel Vengeance. Not too shabby.
  2. I spent Friday and Saturday at the park. I had a good time despite the constant light rain. The only coasters I didn't ride were Gemini and Wicked Twister. I was a bit disappointed with the one or two train ops because I didn't get as many rides in as I normally would. The park wasn't busy enough for me to finally buy Fast Lane and I didn't want to risk it with the weather. I had good rides on every coaster and I got two awesome trimless rides on Magnum. I finally got to ride Steel Vengeance and I was able to get three rides in. I think it's a great ride and it's one of the best coasters out there. I let the hype get to me a little so I was a bit underwhelmed after my first ride. My second ride at night in the rain was a lot more fun. My third ride was slightly better because the rain paused. The mcbr didn't slow down the train at all during any of my rides, which was nice. The first half of the ride is really fun, but the second half is awesome. There is so much ejector airtime and it's heavenly. My favorite section of the ride is from the little wave turn in the structure to the brake run. That section really packs a punch. I can't wait to get more rides on it next season. One last thing. I was surprised by how strongly the no phone policy was enforced. I was not expecting someone to patrol the queue and remove people from the line. I think the policy is a bit much, but good for the park for sticking to their guns. Thanks to those who recommended the Econo Lodge North. The location is great, the room was clean and the staff were great. It's the best bargain hotel I've stayed at and this will be my go to hotel for every trip to the Point. Needless to say I also recommend staying here.
  3. I'm planning on going to Last Call, but I don't know what day. I wouldn't bother, but I haven't ridden the coasters there this year. I will be able to get on everything easily. It's annoying that the park will close early due to low attendance, but claim it's due to the weather. I get it because they don't want the complaints. The park thought Last Call was going to be a hit, but it was a bust. It would make more sense for them to close until Holiday in the Park. That way they will have plenty of time to put up the five decorations they have.
  4. I haven't been on Nighthawk, but I've been stuck on Firehawk's lift hill and brake run. The sun was beating on me both times, but that didn't make me hate the ride. Everyone likes and dislikes rides for different reasons. Nothing wrong with that. The dual loading station is wasted on two trains. The slow dispatch doesn't help either. Agree to disagree.
  5. Did Firehawk have three trains when it was at Geauga Lake? It's dumb to have a dual loading station for just two trains. Firehawk's capacity is the only drawback for me. It's a fun coaster and I'll take it over a B&M flyer any day.
  6. If a coaster needs to be removed for the 2020 B&M then I could see it being Firehawk. Especially if it's a giga coaster. I like Firehawk so I hope it doesn't go. Although I would rather see it go than Vortex. KI better not touch Vortex! Since a lot of you have focused on the word "air" in the teaser then Flying Ace Aerial Chase could be a possibility. I could see it being replaced with a flat ride or two. We'll find out soon enough what's going to happen. On a side note, I wish KI would get an Intamin. Hopefully someday it will happen.....
  7. Looks like Meisho couldn't afford the same coat hangers Arrow used to design their coasters.
  8. Magnum is awesome so you're not crazy. It's one of my favorite coasters. So much airtime
  9. Wait, has that always been the name of their Scrambler? How did I not know this? New favorite ride name. It was originally the Saskatchewan Scrambler, but I agree, the new name is awesome. New name as of 1977 I believe and it's a good one. I have only ridden a few scramblers, but Hometown Fun Machine seems to run differently. It feels like most of the ride is spent gradually building up to top speed. The other scramblers I've ridden got to top speed much sooner. Maybe it's just me . Still a fun fun ride and the location is nice too.
  10. Cedar Point is my favorite park so I have to tell you to go there even though you've been there a few times. Kings Island is my second favorite park so if you haven't been there before then I highly suggest it. SFGAm is the closest major park, but it's nothing special. Half the coasters are clones and the others don't really stand out. Although I do like American Eagle a lot. I'm biased, but you would probably have a decent time there at best. If you're not interested in those parks then I don't know what to suggest without knowing how far you want to drive and what you're looking for in a park.
  11. I like the Meinert Park beach in Montague. It's clean and there's only a few people there every time I go. Grand Haven has nice beaches, but they get pretty busy. Pentwater and Ludington have nice beaches too. I don't think it's necessary to go that much further North though. The beach by Duck Lake State Park in North Muskegon is pretty nice. I have always been told by my friends in the Whitehall area to avoid the beaches in Muskegon so I can't say how they are. Whitehall/Montague has a few ice cream shops to choose from and my favorite is Pekadill's. They have good ice cream and a nice garden in the back. I reccomend a peanut butter and banana milk shake. So good. They also have a sandwich menu with some other items. Kids like Dairy Treat because they have Monster Shakes. The shakes are 30 or more ounces and come with a little monster on your straw. They're cheap, but kind of bland since they're made with soft serve ice cream. Whippi Dip in Muskegon has really good flurries. Good restaurants are hard to come by, but my standards are high since I'm from Chicago. You can get good hamburgers at the Station Grill in Muskegon and Brown Bear in Shelby. I can't speak to the other items on their menus. Hobo's Tavern in Muskegon is pretty good. The few things I've had there have been good and are fairly priced. It's my go to place when I'm in the area. I hope this helps.
  12. I'm cool with this as long as it doesn't negatively affect Vekoma's deal with RMC.
  13. The reviews here said Twisted Timbers is intense and this video captures it perfectly. I wasn't too excited for this coaster prior to it opening, but now I can't wait to ride it someday. I have never been to Kings Dominion and hopefully my first trip finally happens next year.
  14. This announcement took me by surprise. I've never ridden Robin Hood, but I've never heard anyone say it's a bad ride. It wasn't on my radar for a conversion, but the move makes sense. Vekoma has four coasters at the park including Robin Hood and Vekoma is partnered with RMC to sell coasters in Europe. I can't wait until the layout is revealed. I'm happy to have another reason to go to Europe.
  15. There wasn't enough wind to make Bull valley and the trims were on. I rode at 3:00 when the crowds were the biggest. I think the park ran one train on most of the coasters because the attendance warranted it. I wasn't complaining because the lines were still pretty short. I had a good time and I wish I could have stayed until closing. I would have marathoned the coasters that were walk ons.
  16. I went yesterday as well and I was surprised how many people were there. People were not afraid to ride in the cold, which was nice to see. It makes me think they could pull off Holiday in the Park and I hope they give it a shot. I didnt see anyone partaking in any of the event offerings, which I figured was going to happen. It was a bit colder than I thought it was going to be so I was happy the sports bars were open. It was nice to hide in them when the wind picked up.The only things that irritated me was that Bull was running one train and slow ops at V2. Eagle and Whizzer ran two trains so it didn't make sense for Bull to run one train. It made the wait 30 minutes, but that's not so bad. I had to leave at 5 PM, but I was able to ride all the coasters. It was a good day to close out the season. I waited next to you for Viper and I thought the goggles were a good idea. The cold air didn't bother me too much, but I would bring goggles if I ever ride coasters in cold weather again.
  17. I went to the park once a few years ago and had a good time. I'm thinking about going to Holiday in the Park since I've heard good things about it. Is it worth going considering I won't be able to ride all of the coasters? Should I wait to go during the regular season next year?
  18. It's a party con, but like Bert said there isn't any obvious drug use. I haven't seen anyone doing drugs, I haven't seen anyone that I thought was high and I haven't smelled weed. The raves are rather tame and nowhere near the stereotypical ecstasy filled raves. Drinking is the vice of choice and even that doesn't really get out of hand. People get really drunk, but I haven't seen any fights or anyone vomit. People are pretty respectful and follow the rules despite the craziness. I will contribute some pictures if I can find the time.
  19. This was my 5th Dragon Con in a row and in some ways it was the best one. This is a can't miss event for me. It's just a really fun nerd party. There is so much you can do that most people can't do everything they want to do. Some of that has to do with too much partying, but that's part of the experience. Bert, I do have to call you out on breaking a big rule. No pictures in the habitrails. I'll let it slide because it looks like you took those pictures early in the morning . Anyway I highly recommend this con to fans of comics, sci fi, fantasy, video games, etc
  20. Let's go WAY out on a limb here... They could remove Corkscrew, and Power Tower... Put in a 600ft Polercoaster in their spot, add a drop tower to the side of it, and have both the tallest roller coaster in the world, and the tallest drop tower in the world. I vote yes. (But I know that will never happen.) I would approve of this pipe dream.
  21. I think Jason's Intamin tweet is meaningless and I wish it really did mean that an Intamin coaster is in the works. For you speculators, how about a polercoaster?
  22. What were the two senses you used? I have a feeling it was smell and taste, but I would like you to clarify.
  23. I was lucky enough to get a rollback about 5 years ago. The first few hours of that day were too windy for TTD to open then the wind died down enough for testing. As soon as I saw this my friends and I got in line. Every train rolled back the first 15 minutes we were in line. After that then every other train rolled back and that was good enough to open TTD. The crew ran two trains and opened the first two cars. The two trains were the purple and green trains. The green train seemed to be the only train that rolled back during previous visits. Green was the culprit that day so I liked my chances. Suddenly my luck seemed to change. The four dispatches before me were all successful and we had to wait a train for a handicapped group. That extra train caused us to get the purple train instead of the green. That bummed me out a little and then I tried to do a little trickery. There were three people in my group so I sat in the front and the other two sat behind me. The ride ops made one guy move up to avoid a rollback. The heaviest guy was still in back as a long shot. The train was crawling on the top hat and it seemed like we were just going to make it. Suddenly the train stopped for a few seconds and we rolled back. I was beyond excited to finally reach that elusive goal. When the train came to a stop one of the ride ops ran to see if we were okay and asked us if we wanted to get off. We just said hell no lets go again. The second launch was successful and I got more excited. Another cool thing is that the trains were launching between 124-126 mph so I got my fastest ride on TTD. The rollback made my trip even better and it's one of my coaster riding highlights. Now I just need to be lucky enough to stall on the top hat. I think that's only happened four times and I'm so jealous of those riders.
  24. I would like to see RMC take a break from inversions with Mean Streak. I think a twisty, airtime filled layout like New Texas Giant would be more fun. Whatever RMC decided to do will be great and I'm very excited.
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