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  1. Here is a video that shows them cutting a piece of the loop with a blowtorch. They moved the coaster for two reasons. 1 they had to get it off Astroworld property and second it added value to the park when they sold it https://youtu.be/juHbnS1_Or8
  2. I say buy the one at LaRonde and then piece the together to make one really big coaster. It would be like a huge jigsaw puzzle... Why does this keep coming back up? We all know that this will not happen due to the way it was taken down via torch cuts as opposed to regular unbolting the track pieces like they should have. Now could they buy the one from LaRonde and useven what they have as spare parts, sure, but Why? Stand up coasters are all but going away these days. Oh and BTW, pics or it didn't happen...
  3. I could easily see Premier adding more watersides next year as that portion of the park is extremely busy almost all the time. My only thing is that I hope they do not neglect the dry side of the park as well. I could live with general improvements on the rides if they are at least semi-noticeable. I would like to see lights fixed or added in the case of the giant wheel. Second trains on the coasters that do not have them, and possibly some paint in needed areas.
  4. Well, maybe we will hear something for the February meeting. I also could see no major additions this year with the new ownership. I do think they should have a second train for ROS as well as a full compliment of replacement parts for those trains. To be honest, I would accept a second train for ME, ROS and Motocoaster as good additions for 2017. At least it would be a step in the direction of two train operations on all major coasters.
  5. I would think this agreement would allow the park to still plan for 2017 and beyond though
  6. So I was taking a look at the Genesee County planning board meeting schedule and it looks like they have their meetings on the second Thursday of each month. With this in mind most likely January 12th or februnary 9th may be our magic dates for DL to go in for approvals. Keep looking around! Also, great retro pictures of Devils hole!
  7. I am pretty sure that anything they add is property of the park in general and not Premier. The good news on this is that Premier can decide what to add and also funds it. With this setup, there is no parent giving an allowance like CNL did. If Premier wants to add a coaster, they can, but they also foot the majority if not all of the bill. With this, I would definitely expect something good in 2018!
  8. Yes the one at DL was the original. It was also the first hypercoaster that Intamin designed. This is why you see the difference between what we have and what SFNE has. Look at what other designers first hypers look like and compare to ROS. Now I do hate that one long straight track before the third hill, and am not a fan of the second helix, but it is a very good coaster
  9. Superman: Ride of Steel would like to have a word with you Really, with those two giant helices and that super banked turn after the first drop?
  10. Yes, if you look at that picture, all of those pieces are very straight. No roller coaster would have that many full straight pieces. It is a great thought, but anything that shows up on a satelite image has been at the park for a few years now.
  11. Plus, don't forget that DL is not close to much, so how many people really want to live in a housing development out there? Canada's Wonderland was out and then Toronto eventually encroached on it, hence the need to build houses near the park. Buffalo will probably never expand that much in our lifetimes to make Darien the suburbs. On the land topic, I could see a REIT investing in other things to make the most out of that property they now own. The best option would either be an exansion of the current lodge or a new hotel with an indoor waterpark for year round use or a golf course. I don't see people heading out there for shopping with Walden Galleria within a short drive for a good portion of WNY.
  12. If you really look at it, DL has never "teased" about any new attractions. The closest thing was the two season pass newsletters with the lake monster and frisbee ride options. Other than that, I cannot think of any other teases for new attractions. To be honest, it seems like the big parks like CP and some SF parks are the only ones doing this
  13. I am not sure about March, but definitely after the 1st of the year now most likely. Also, the IAAP show just ended, and a good number of parks make their buyin decsion at that show. They can see new rides and buy on the spot. Sometimes these are new rides, or just something they want to sell a bunch of. My guess is they bought something there, now need to get it approved from the gensee county board. Keep an eye out for DL to be on their agenda
  14. I think everyone would be e tremely surprised if DL were to close. The land is not worth much to sell it off and it brings in major cash with the hotel and campgrounds on site. I think parks owned by a REIT can have good investments. It's all up to what they want to invest in. CNL was not in it for the long haul. We all knew that. It was even clearly stated in their charter that after so many years they would liquidate assets for their investors. If the REIT wants to make money, they understand they will have to invest. Also, when it is time to liquidate, investments now will pay off then. The more they invest and clean things up and drive attendance up, they ultimately will make more money. CNL did invest at the beginning, just not at the end. I expect similar from EPR as well. With that said, if they could find a small coaster that could be assembled in a month or so, it could be done. I am thinking something like a eurofighter or wild mouse, but more than likely a coaster for 2018.
  15. Doug, I think all of us agree with you that Premier is not the problem, but CNL was the problem. The great thing about keeping Premier is that they can go to the new owners with their list of what needs fixing as well as what they would like to add and try to get a better budget. New owners may be willing to invest on the front end if it will pay off later. They are already shelling out 900 million, whats a few extra million to fix things up?
  16. In looking at the report, it looks like Premier will lease the parks from EPR. Personally, I don't have a problem with Premier operating the park. I think they will do fine as long as they are given the proper funds to operate the park the way they want. That is where I think all operations under CNL failed. If EPR opens the checkbook, all will be fine. If they try to milk every penny for their bottom line, we are back to where we were. Only time will fully tell which one comes to fruition. With this sale announcement, we may see next years announcement soon.
  17. Any and all changes will depend on what happens with Premier. If the new owners remove Premier, possibly very little changes. If they keep Premier, they may go off Premier's suggestions. Also, remember when SF originally sold to CNL, they added Motocoaster rather quickly. Something similar could be done this year, but I would rather wait until next year for something bigger and better. Also, with the heavy waterpark background, the easy addition this year would be to the waterpark side Either way, it's a new era for DL and we will have to just wait and see.
  18. On the topic of the survey, yes I am a season pass holder, and have actually never spent a night at the hotel or campground. I just assumed the survey was sent to all season pass holders. As always, I think everyone is excited that CNL finally sold the park. Schlitterbahn is the standard for waterparks, so maybe they will do the same with their amusement parks. My concern is that this is another property holding company. It would be interesting to see if they actually operate the Schlitterbahn parks or hire a management company to operate the parks for them. At the same time, the article does say that they do not expect to make a profit immediately. That tells me they plan to invest innitially. I would be fine with Premier managing the park if ERP will give them enough money to add good rides and coasters to the park. Also, I am pretty sure this company made this purchase for the large number of waterparks. Could it be possible they turn around and sell the four amusement parks to a different group either like HFE or Premier to operate outright and recoup some of their spend? Only time will tell what happens. It most likely can't be worse can it?
  19. The majority of parks Premier manages are CNL properties, but not all. Also, on a separate note, I recieved an email from the park today as a guest survey. If you recieve this, I highly reccomend you fill it out. I was sure to point out at least twice that they needed to add a new coaster and new thrilling flat rides
  20. I do agree that a starflyer would make a great addition to the park. And yes, Premier has a history of same or similar additions to all of their parks. Sometimes though they do test in one park and the do the mass additions the next year. This is what they did with Rolling Thunder. They added one to Elitch as Brain Drain and the next year added them to almost all the parks they manage. This may be the case with the Starflyer addition at Elitch. The other thing is what Frontier City added last year which I think was a frisbee style ride.
  21. I just dont see the park moving the picnic pavillions anytime in the near future seeing as they did move them to put in ROS. That is a lot of concrete work along with a lot of construction to move those. At some point, yes they may have to move them, but there are so many open spaces to fill first. Even with that, they may still not ever move the picnic pavillions any time soon as the park could easily spread up towards Rte 77 as well as over towards the lodge first without having to touch those picnic pavillions
  22. Yes, I agree that the placement of a new ride is very interesting. That spot between Twister and Motocoaster is extremely interesting as are some spots over by ME and by ROS as well. Also, who knows any other spots that open similar to what they did to open space for Rowdy's Ridge.
  23. Well if a park is adding a new coaster, large pieces of track and footers are not easy to disguise. Plus, it takes a long time to build a new coaster, so they announce early. Plus it also would give a spike in season pass sales. With DL adding a small flat ride most likely, the time to build that is minimal, so no need to announce early. Plus nobody will buy a season pass if they did not already have one due to a new flat ride
  24. I agree, I have always thought a frisbee style ride would be an excellent addition to the park. If they do re-route the queue for Viper to the old Ranger spot, there are two very good size plots of land inside viper. One is where the old mini golf sits, and the other would be between the cor kscrews and brake run where the current Viper queue runs. If not those spaces, there are lots of areas in the park with space, especially by ROS, next to twister and over by Mind Eraser
  25. Yes, some of this is very far fethed, but some things are not. I can totally see the moving of Viper's entrance as the current queue area is way too long. My question would be are they planning on putting some type of flat ride inside of Viper's layout? There is room inside there for something, especially something like a drop tower. The park will never remove two of their three water rides to replace them with parking. If they were to remove either of those, I would expect it to be for something large, like a coaster. Either, way, I just do not see the park removing either grizzly run or thunder rapids anytime soon. I could see predator get a full makeover by a company like GCI similar to what Knott's did with Ghostrider. That would definitely cost money, but not the cost of a full new coaster. If I were to guess, this year brings a new flat and the second ROS train. Next year could be a revamped Predator along with a new waterslide. All of this is under the assumption that the park continues to be owned by CNL and managed by Premier. Any changes to either of these could drastically change everything, except the removal of grizzly run and thunder rapids for parking
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