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  1. Homey G Thanks for the offer. Have not decided yet were to go next year. We will consider doing the southern parks certainly, also looking at doing some parks in the Boston & Washington area. Nick “Not decided yet” Collins
  2. Believe me its bad, unless they have made it better since I was last there in September last year. Only Rob can confirm that. But at lest its not as bad as VILLAIN at Geauge Lake. Ouch it was the most painful wooden coaster I have ever been on. What it is with you guys in the USA & Wooden coaster there were not very many rerideable wooden coasters in the parks we visited. Michigan's Adventure, Cedar Point, Paramount's Kings Island, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Holiday World, Indiana Beach, Six Flags Great Adventure. I am a fan of CCI woodies and was very disappointed with villain. How ever I did like Shivering Timbers, Legend, Raven, Twisted Twins, Cornball Express, Hoosier Hurricane very much and had lots of rides on them. Indiana Beach was a big surprise I love that park. Nick “Hoping to go back to the usa next year” Collins PS, Just to say Hi to the ride op that recognised us at Cedar Point on the Magnum XL-200.
  3. Robb I am glad you have found Bench "Garden seat": The Ride. I was stunned when I saw the garden seat come out of the dark and around the corner. It was like WTF !!!. I hope you holiday is as good as mine was in the US last week. Now back in the UK. Nick “I love Bobbajaanland it a great park” Collins
  4. Robb Good to see you having a great time in Europe. I was at Holiday World yesterday & will be at Indiana Beach today Nick "Having a great time myself I love the US" Collins
  5. I like the "FUN!!!" clip. Because its just fun. Nick “I thought we were nuts” Collins
  6. Just got back from Liseberg, they have, Chair-o-plane, S&S drop & shot towers, Big wheel, Top spin, A ride like vortex at Thorpe park called spinrock, A carpet type of ride called rainbow, a mega G force ride called Tornado, Waltzer, Tea-cups, Bumper cars, Carousel, Flume ride, Rapids, Escalator ride (two of them !), House of mirrors, Horror walk though (Gasten Ghost Hotel, its very good), spin and spew ride called jukebox. I haven't made my mind up about Balder yet, It’s made out of wood but acts like a steel coaster its smooth as a steel coaster and has lots of airtime (I mean lots of airtime), & the coaster makes farting sounds as it goes over the airtime bumps (I believe Colossos at heide-Park makes the same sounds). Don’t get me wrong it’s a very good coaster for airtime, but it’s not got that wooden coaster feeling. When queuing for it the wooden structure does not move one inch when the car is storming around the track (and it does go around the track at some speed). There are no wood creaking sounds at all. Its all concreted to the ground by one massive slab of concrete. The cars are made out of steel, I am not a great fan of steel cars on a wooden coaster track. Maybe it just me being picky. Also when you see Kanonen working go for it, as it had lots of problems when it was running last Saturday for the couple of hours it was working. Only had one go on it. Rita’s launch is better than Kanonen’s but Kanonen is a better ride over all as it has some very tight twists & turns you almost stop at the top of the top hat!. Lisebergbanan was a surprise very fast & good drops on it. Nick “hope you enjoy Liseberg as much as we did” Collins
  7. Odd I have just down loaded all on them and it only took about 35 minutes !. I like the Phantasialand clip, I most get over to that park this year. Nick “Don’t know why I down loaded my clip I already have it !” Collins
  8. Yes you can Midland Main Line from London St Pancras by Train to Derby & Bus to Alton Towers is the best & cheapest day visit you can do. If you are coming from London. Link to the site Or Virgin trains from London Euston by Train to Stoke on Trent & Bus to Alton Towers. Nick "Done it many times" Collins
  9. But at lest the bin said thank you for sticking your hand in it !. Nick
  10. ^ Come on you see a sign like that and you just can’t resist & do some thing very silly. Did you see the other sign in one of the other clips with “For your safety hold hands in the car” . I was trying to work out if that was your own hands or each others !!!! Looking forward to seeing more signs like that in the USA in June. Nick “Thank god it wasn’t the picture of me with the totally wet face after doing Tonnerre de Zeus in the rain” Collins
  11. Yes, I know what you mean. I have got a good formula to make Dragons Fury spin like mad on the first drop. If there is four of you then you put the light weights in the front two seats and the heavy people in the back with the most heaviest in the seat on the left side nearest to the loading station when getting on. As I have worked out that the release arm is just at the top of the lift hill just before the right turn and the drop. this seems to work every time. Unlike spinball whizzer, as the release arm is just as you leave the station, and if you are lucky and might spin going up the lift hill. Maurer Sohne spin coasters are just too much fun, cannot wait to try Winjas in Phantasialand & Tarantula in Parque de Atracciones Madrid. Nick "Did Dragons Fury last Saturday, But we were four light weights and not much spinning to be had, Damn" Collins
  12. Some great clips there. Top marks for the first clip & the shots on the Maurer Sohne spin coaster as I have tried to get good shots and failed most be that we all heavy and make the car spin to much !. I have included one shot of me going over the horse shoe curve on Dragons Fury on my clip. Nick “Can’t wait to see more of the 100 clips that you got ” Collins
  13. I am a trainplanner for Network Rail. I find paths for specials trains (Steam and old Diesel locomotive hauled trains), from Penzance to Norwich including Kent. Nick
  14. What is CP like mid-week in June ?. Nick “As I should be there Mid-week this June” Collins
  15. It looks like it was shot from the control booth on the station. Still don’t know what to make of it yet. Nick “I think it is a missed opportunity for a better coaster like storm runner” Collins
  16. Rob, Here some very odd named food to watch out for when travelling around Europe this June. Some others:- Spunk Bars (some kind of chocolate bar, I think) . Snacky Crackys (Peanuts covered in some crunchy coating). Bubble Jugs (Chewing gum) Nick “Noblice were actually quite tasty, for the record they were biscuits” Collins
  17. Why not I did. Love the stuff, the best place for a very good pint of Guinness is in Dublin, I go there regularly. I have not found a place that sell the same quality Guinness as Ireland yet. I have been known to drink 9 pints of the stuff in one night. Nick “Don’t recommended though, I don’t remember much that night – New years eve 2002 ” Collins
  18. Got stuck on the lift hill on the corkscrew at Alton Towers for 20 mins. Nick “For 20mins in the rain, Which was nice” Collins
  19. Yes correct, it is a dump. But for some unknown reason people go there for a holiday !. Good luck on trying to get the Super SLC as I tried & failed last year to get it. I know someone that had to go there 5 times to get it !. Nick “Skegness - Is SO bracing" Colilns
  20. There are three parks to visit that is in between Chippenham & London you might wish to look at. Thorpe Park is only about 1hour 40mins by car from Chippenham. And can go via the railways as well, Train to Reading change for a London Waterloo train to Staines were there is a bus link to the park from the station entrance. & Chessington isonly about 1hour 40mins as well by car from Chippenham. And can go via the railways as well, Train to London Paddington underground to London Waterloo for a train to Chessington South were it is about 10min walk to the park from the station. & Oakwoodis only about 1hour 40mins as well by car from Chippenham. You can not go via the railways very easily. Nearest station is Whitland and then a taxi ride to the park. But the service is not that good down that part of the world. This might be worth a look Brean Leisure Park. . Nick "Hope this helps" Collins
  21. Even better. Thanks for that Nick "There goes a couple of hours" Collins
  22. Do not know if you have seen this before : - http://www.edome.net/rollercoaster/ Be a brakeman on a coaster car. K = to keep the brakes off S = to apply the brakes Car is not attached to the track (you go to fast you come off). Nick “Good luck – watch out for the sections of missing track on some the courses” Collins
  23. I agree 1000% on the boring bit, It is so short you get a couple of goes on it ! Nick “Trying not to put Robb off from going there” Collins
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