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  1. Great TR. I am off to Croatia this Thursday Nick “Thats assuming I don’t get washed away by the floods in eastern Europe” Collins
  2. Great clip. You can get some great footage with the mirrors on Euro Mir. I love that park. Was the horse relieving it self on the pour member of the public at the entrance to Poseidon (As you walk under the horse to get to the queue for the ride it was spraying water down on people from its private parts area in 2004 !). I really like the footage from the walk about on Silver Star. Will have to try and meet up with you guys when you visit the UK next year. Nick “Is the toilet tour an official tour from Europa Park !!!” Collins
  3. Sainsbury’s food retailer in the UK used to have on a packet of there own peanuts “CAUTION MAY CONTAIN NUTS” Nick “Well I hope so” Collins
  4. It’s amazing what you see when out and about in the UK Nick "Danger Moo-se" Collins The Streets of Manchester last year The Streets of Manchester last year
  5. What can you see from your bedroom window? This is what I can see. Nick "Moooooooooooo" Collins Walking hamburger anyone
  6. Why did Rob not like Portugal I love the place. I have not been there for sometime, and the last time I was in Lisboa it was becoming very westernised in shops & look. Bit of a shame really as it was losing its character a bit. It has change over the years since I first went in 1993. I also had great trouble trying to get the coaster in Feira Popular de Lisboa (Never had it). Nick “Did Rob like Dragons fury ?” Collins
  7. Me and the cheesiest grin at Indiana Beach
  8. And the Hippo at the end. Nick “Snailelectric” Collins
  9. ^ No there not commercials. Just pointing out that there is also a list of 80’s TV programs that is also great to look at. Nick
  10. Thanks for that. I love the 80’s TV show’s list. Brings back memories. Ulysses 31 Knight Rider CHiPs Dungeons and Dragons The Pink Panther The Young Ones Bananaman M.A.S.K. Airwolf Nick
  11. Again I say :- He was challenged as he entered the station and he ran and jumped over the gates and in to the station. If you are challenged by someone with a gun you DON’T RUN. In the currant situation in London at the moment you can not put the blame on our Police. The terrorists there ruthless so you can’t take chances with peoples lives. What if he did have a bomb and he got to the train and the police kept challenging him over & over and he blow himself up and killed people. Then you would be saying why didn’t they shot him and stop him from doing it. At the moment the Police are in a bit of a no win situation dammed if you do & dammed if you don’t. Yes it is very sad that a person has lost his life for doing something silly like running away from the police. It seems very innocent but we have been force to take action like this because of the situation we are in. What would you do is that situation ?. Nick
  12. They are claiming on the news that the people that shot the person may have been plan clothes SAS !. And that they had been following the person. He was challenged as he entered the station and he ran and jumped over the gates and in to the station. If you are challenged by some one with a gun you don’t run. He was also wearing a big winter coat and it was a hot day !. Nick “The Police & People of London are very nervous at the moment” Collins
  13. I think you will find its 62.5 Metres or 205 feet. Alton Towers did something similar last year with Rita. It said 0-100 in 3 secs. You think wow 100mph but you would be wrong it 100kph (62mph). Nick “Parks love to massage the figures for a good headline” Collins
  14. London Police Shot someone on a undergound train at Stockwell station http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/4706787.stm
  15. No it’s not me. Just thought people might be interested to know how to pronounce it. I found it at this address. http://www.llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.co.uk Nick “I am not Welsh, just do I lot of travelling in Wales” Collins
  16. Yes you would spend 30mins watching the coloured lines jump up & down while the game loaded & then you get to “Failed to load” Yes, indeed it was a sequel to School daze. Nick “Arrrr 16 bit colour computer those there the days !!” Collins
  17. This brings back a lot of memories Some of the ones I used to play :- Chuckie Egg Jetpac Spy Hunter Space Harrier Jet Set Willy Head over Heels Ghost Busters Bak 2 Skool Manic Miner Horrace Goes Skiing There used to be a Olympic games one were you had to bash the keys so hard to get the player to run it almost destroyed your fingers !!. Nick “arrrr good times” Collins
  18. I have been through there a few times on the way to Holyhead & Ireland. I preferred the old sign; it almost took the whole length of the station platform up. It’s better if you get drunk and then try and say it!!!! The name translates as "The church of St. Mary in the hollow of white hazel trees near the rapid whirlpool by St. Tysilio's of the red cave" Here how to say it Nick “All I can remember when people are pronouncing it is gogogoch” Collins
  19. A great contest & great clips. I least the pain, bumps & bruises was all worth it ! Nick “Hoping to enter the 2006 contest” Collins
  20. Unfortunately I will be chained to my desk at work for both of those days. But have a great time at the parks. Will have to catch you in the UK next year. Nick
  21. The IRA is now involved in the political processes in Northern Ireland and has called a ceasefire. Its part of the Good Friday agreement of 1998-99. Here is a link to it. Hope this helps Nick
  22. As I have worked in & around most of the north London railway terminals since 1988, Kings Cross, Euston, Liverpool Street & Paddington. I have (This is not a thing I am proud to say) got used to bomb scares. Yes the IRA did a lot of this, but at lest most of the time, NOT all of the time they phoned in a warning before it went off. This is what makes the new threat more troublesome and very hard to stop. The IRA did bomb a lot of railway stations. Victoria being a bad one, Left in a rubbish bin (That is why most railway station do not have them anymore). I went to work today as lot of people did, Or though the train I did to London had only 6 people in the carriage, when it is normally full & standing. I got to work not on time and had to walk from Kings Cross to Paddington passing what is left of the Bus & the closed Edgware Road station. Most people just getting on with there lives. I know it must sound a bit callous saying that I am sorry if it does. But life must go on & while we do that we must remember the people that have lost love ones in all places that have had these attacks. Lets not argue as that is playing in to the hands of the terrorists, Divide & conquer is one of there games. Things are indeed very tense in London. There has been a lot of security (Community support Officers & British Transport Police & Police) on most of the Underground station I have been using for a long time now. Nick
  23. Yes indeed they do. I used the underground to get to work a Paddington Station this morning and went thorough Edgware Road 25 mins before one went off at that station. I WILL be going to work tomorrow in London if the transport is working. It is a very sad day indeed Nick
  24. Me & some friends have recently returned from a 2 week holiday around the north east of America. Parks included, Michigan's Adventure, Cedar Point, Paramount's Kings Island, Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Holiday World, Indiana Beach, Six Flags Great Adventure. The best park on the trip was defiantly Cedar Point but I also like Indiana Beach & Holiday World very much. This picture seem to be on the photo both screen for most of the day for shivering timbers (They must of liked Mr Skunky !!)v I don’t know why Brian is try to boast (Its never that big !) v Here is a clip of the trip, hope you like it. Clip as about 26MB Nick "Sorry not very good at writing trip reports" Collins
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