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  1. Shirt : Blue Tie : Green Trousers : Blue Shoe : Black View of the top of the station roof at London Paddington Station Nick “Are dam I am at work again ” Collins
  2. Should have known that. Unless it has shore fire pounds signs all over it then they don’t touch it with a 10 foot bargepole. Thanks for that. Nick “Just looking forward to the new sim game, Sim toilet cleaner” Collins
  3. I know what you mean I have seen those types of toilets around europe its a common type. Are but at least you have not had the privilege of going in a local toilet in Portugal. This is hard to describe but – imagine the bit you stand-in in a shower but with a bigger hole (shall I leave the rest to your imagination as to how you go – theres no sitting involved in going for a dump !). Some of the older european trains have toilets with not water in it, just a hole at the bottom of the pan start out of the train – it get a bit drifty when going ! Nick “right that’s enough of that I think” Collins
  4. Dare I ask about the so called “interesting” toilets ?. Nick “Dam my curiosity !” Collins
  5. Top Park !! Was there last year & the year before that. Goliath just proves that bigger is not always better !. Nick “Just takes all day to get up the lift hill on Robin Hood” Collins
  6. I question for Robb (Game Guru) here : - I am surprised that no one hasn’t come up with the idea for a game like Rollercoaster Tycoon but with a fun fair. Say you can start with a few oldish rides. You have to travel around a country having to pay to set up in a field near a town or city or a travelling fair with other owners of rides, Say like some of the travelling fairs in Germany. Until you make enough money to buy new rides & so on. Nick “I know, I waste way to much time playing games on my PC, when I get time” Collins
  7. No no no no don't let that coaster put you off. There is always Katun the best Inverted Coaster I have ever been on. The first drop is just amazing. The Vekoma Junior Coaster was very smooth as is the Junior Coaster at Bobbejannland (How do they do that!) !. Nick “If only Vekoma big coasters were the same as the Junior ones” Collins
  8. Its amazing what you can get in to caves these days ! How does your computer work (Does your hamster run on the wheel for the electricity ?) Hello, I am Nick & I am from the UK Nick “And I am going to bed now as it is almost 2300 way past my bedtime !” Collins
  9. Robb The two week itinerary is :- Fly out on a Saturday to New York. Sunday :- Train to Washington & then a train on to South Bend arrive Monday (Don’t Ask Unfortunately I like trains as well as coasters). Monday pick up a car from the airport then drive to Michigan's Adventure then Drive to Cedar point Tuesday & Wednesday at Cedar point Thursday :- Geauga lake Friday :- Paramounts Kings Island Saturday :- Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Sunday :- Holiday World Monday :- Indianna Beach Drop car off at air port. Train from South bend to New York arrive Tuesday. Tuesday :- New York Astroland Wednesday :- Six Flags Great Adventure Then Thursday & Friday :- Trains & Sightseeing, shopping (What ever else) Fly back on the Friday night. Nick “maybe trying to shoehorn to much in to one visit. But why not” Collins Can’t wait until June
  10. Also did Volare at Wiener Prater last year I can understand completely why.Feels like you are in a mobile nut house with the cage on the front on the cars. I another one for the roughest coaster list I think. This has to be the worst coaster ever ridden on. If any of you are intending on doing this one please take shin & elbow pads they are a must. One of my mates made a remark “Has anyone got an axe to make this in to matchwood” Sierra Tonante at Mirabilandi
  11. Rob, Elissa or Anyone Ok ask anything, here goes. O, I am privileged I can ask the first silly question. I am flying over to the USA in June, to do some parks in Ohio, Indiana & Kentucky. Have seen that it is cheaper to get a season ticket from Michigan's Adventure (So it includes : - Cedar point & Geauga lake) I will not ask why if you get the pass from Cedar point it not valid in Geauga lake & vice-versa !!. As it is only $95 (£50) for the Pass it seems a bit cheap as it is £80 ($151 :shock: ) for a tussauds pass for Alton Towers & Chessington (They don’t call us rip-off Briton for nothing !). All I can hope for is that I can get one of these passes as I am from the UK. The other parks I am visiting are :- Paramounts Kings Island I see the Son of beast on one of your clips & wish so much to have my bones shackin around like the 7 goes in a row on I had on Psyclone at Six Flag MM in 1996 :shock: . Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom Holiday World Indianna Beach Amusement Resort New York Astroland Six Flags Great Adventure If there were any other tips and info to point me in the right direction would be greatly revised. “I Guess Donkey's Are Okay” :shock: Nick “What makes me a donkey then ! – it is because I am a ass !” Collins Only Joking .
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