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  1. ^I think I prefer Wicked Twister to V2, but it's really hard to say. I like the double twisting on WT but I also love just the straight spire on V2 (definitely gives a different sensation). I get what you mean about Great America though. My favorite park is Cedar Point, but with Great America being a bit shorter drive a way, I always want to go out there. It may not have all the "World's Best blah blahs" but it has a great selection of coasters and flats in my opinion. Also, when I go (late August usually) the waits are usually short. Both parks are very enjoyable to me and I'm glad you got to do the trip.
  2. That was from yesterday. It was discussed on the last page and a copy of the Knotts concept art was posted I feel that this is for whatever this attractions concept art is, but either way, there are striking similarities. Look at those lights. We'll just call those "boardwalk lights". Very similar to Knotts and the area in question was near the beach. As Mr. Ouimet said, they're always looking into more ways to incorporate the beach. This is a perfect way I feel. A family coaster and some classic flats. Sounds pretty good. But who knows what it may be haha. There's been teasers going out about this time each day. I wonder if we'll see one soon today.
  3. ^That'd make sense. But, if it were just a mountain repaint/redo, then Mr. Pirtovshek wouldn't have tweeted a photo of the hole saying "I bet you're wondering why there's a hole in the side of the mountain" (I believe he wouldn't if it were something like that). There are also markers up in the mountain and extending down into the field area.
  4. ^He had already announced they'd be investing $45-$60 million in their hotels for upgrades and such. He stated previously that they weren't necessarily interested in opening up a new hotel up there though. Today's photo according to the Tony's Twitter page shows "happy people" and hanging lights that look a lot like the lights in Knott's New Boardwalk section. As one of the photos kind of looked like the beach, this may be a new boardwalk section for the park. Mr. Ouimet did say that the beach was under-utilized and he wants it to be incorporated more. This would go hand-in-hand with the resorts upgrades too, kind of bringing everything closer together.
  5. ^Or they could've accepted none and just had thirteen weddings. I believe that he actually wanted to be "married" there, which just isn't legal at this time (sadly). If they would've gotten 13 weddings, then there would have been exactly zero vow renewals. As much as I would love for anyone to marry whoever they like there, it just isn't legal. If they wouldn't have had Thirteen Weddings, they may not have done it (and who knows if they would've made it to number 13 anyway). Or who's to say if they didn't get enough that they might not extend it for commitment ceremonies? Anyway, I do get what you're saying. You definitely know something like this could possibly surface with a contest like this, but I don't know if they really expected it to spiral out as much as it did. Maybe a different version of the contest could be done in the future and instead of calling it "13 Weddings" they can call it something else to include not just weddings, but vow renewals & commitment ceremonies. I do wish they'd address it again though instead of just letting it fly out of control. This happened at the beginning of the month and the press is just now grabbing ahold of it Moving off of that subject and onto 2014, that definitely appears to be near Planet Snoopy/The Beach/WindSeeker. This could be interesting.
  6. Tony Clark had stated they were looking for legal marriages, people with wedding licenses and that they would actually be married. The promotion was specifically called "13 Weddings" and they asked for renewal of vows as backup. But same-sex marriage is still illegal in Ohio (as much as I'm sure most everyone on here believes in equality in one way or another) we can't change the law. They did say that if it were 13 Acts of Love then there'd be no issue. But they were shooting for 13 weddings and if they didn't get that number, they wouldn't have held it. They would've only accepted one or two vow renewals probably because the focus was real weddings. There is a complete response from Tony Clark on PointBuzz regarding this topic that was posted weeks ago (because all of this went down at the beginning of the month and it just now got to the press apparently). But I'm not at the 50 post threshold yet so I'm not going to post the link. The park has already stated they do not discriminate and have offers Beach Packages to ALL couples (Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Renewal of Vows etc...), but no in park ceremonies yet. Also, the park is working on a formal wedding program, which would include commitment ceremonies. So to say the park discriminates when they are working on something like that just isn't fair. They cancelled to not discriminate. They said they would be interested in attempting it again in the future if/when same-sex marriage becomes legal. This is a touchy subject so this is all I will say on it. If anyone wants me to remove my post, just let me know. I'm just pretty much stating what the park actually said about it all because there is a lot of misinformation out there in the press (what a surprise) and the postings on the Facebook page are taken from all the misinformation (lots of maturity and people not knowing the actual truth about what the park did). From the way its blown up, it just seems that Cedar Point is anti-gay and ran by morons, which really isn't true at all.
  7. Where was the photo of the land taken? TO the B Walk could mean the Boardwalk (referencing the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk area of the park)?
  8. ^^World's Tallest Vertical Loop is held by YOLOcoaster right now at 160 feet. ^The total drop on GateKeeper is 164 feet, but the inversion is taken at the highest point of the ride (170 feet), so it wouldn't take the tallest inversion record at 165 feet, but it could take the tallest vertical loop record.
  9. ^^Outlaw Run's overbanked turn does count I believe. I know when it was originally leaked it didn't state it as one, but now the park, RMC, RCDB, the fact sheets (etc.) all say that it has three inversions. So that more than likely isn't it. I have a good feeling that this will be some sort of launched coaster and I would not be surprised if it was a Full Throttle layout. EDIT: Robb, you just win! Automatically corrects to YOLOcoaster. It's hilarious!
  10. ^I totally understand. It doesn't always look so good on paper either because things can change quickly. I know there is a difference between "experience" and "experience", I study it and use them for my papers and such, but I haven't worked on the business side of an amusement park (and as much as I love them, I don't really plan to either). So I'll just post what I know from what I've studied every now and then and rely on everyone else here for the other information . It's a good place for it, there's lots of knowledge around here. Yeah, that really was a shocker. Quite a few parks went up then too. I'm just glad to see Cedar Fair focusing on shedding some weight and focusing on the debt load and upgrading resorts. I like the direction the company is going.
  11. Not meaning to be rude, but you're 21 years old and probably know very little about how the amusement business works. While I don't see any of those parks being sold anytime soon either, I've seen some CRAZY things happen in this business and nothing surprises me. So please just take that into consideration when you make posts like this. No offense was taken Robb, and I understand one may think I have "lower credibility" due to my age, but really that shouldn't mean anything. But honestly, my major is Business related (I say that because I'm a double major) and I have studied these models, so I know a lot about how it all works. It has been pointed out by Cedar Fair themselves as well as in several articles that Michigan's Adventure has one of the highest profit margins in the chain. Of course, that doesn't mean it makes the most money. Even in the FunForward presentation last year, it was specifically stated that "Michigan's Adventure pulls in less than 1 million people but pulls in the profits comparable to some of our larger parks" (speaking specifically about margins though because the profit itself is nowhere near the higher parks). Age is but a number , but I got into studying this stuff when I was really young because it really interested me, and I can tell you that the park is an asset to the chain. One may ask "Then why are no rides put in?" but that's another story on its own. I do agree with you on CRAZY things happening. Lets say from a "what we know" standpoint, there's lots more behind the scenes that we don't know from what is made publicly or to investors every year. So I'll say "I hope those parks don't get sold". I get what you're saying that "things can rapidly change" etc... I don't see it happening based on their current model and portfolio shift, but that doesn't mean its impossible. But it really makes sense presently with the direction that the chain is going to get rid of those waterparks. It'll really help with the resort upgrades.
  12. ^I don't see any of those parks being sold. In terms of attendance, Michigan's Adventure has the lowest but pulls in a profit like some of the bigger parks. Truth be told, I'd keep an eye on Wildwater Kingdom, but I think the sales will cease for awhile. It's good to see the chain is getting rid of a bit of properties they know in the long run may not be as beneficial as the other properties and using the money to upgrade the resorts.
  13. ^Michigan's Adventure has one of the highest profit margins in the chain. It isn't going anywhere nor being sold anywhere. Even when the chain was looking into selling parks, Worlds of Fun & Valleyfair were the first ones listed. I'm glad those stayed. The sale of this park and the San Diego park to SeaWorld were good sales in my opinion. This one isn't much different than the one adjacent to Knott's Berry Farm anyway. Now the question is, will Wildwater Kingdom eventually get sold or will it remain as the sole waterpark in the chain that isn't adjacent to an amusement park?
  14. My money would be on Michigan's Adventure. Another Vekoma. It wouldn't be a bad fit, Thunderhawk did very well up there and still is. But, whichever park makes the most sense business wise. Is Boomerang rumored to be leaving too now? The WindSeeker deal makes perfect sense to me. It's not worth fighting on it anymore. Moving it to another park is cheaper than ordering a new one for that park (and that park rumored is Worlds of Fun)
  15. ^Or that could also be listed in the Top Border (that one is just the bottom). Who knows? Guess we'll find out soon. EDIT: Nevermind, on the site now and I see how it works. It'll go at the bottom of the image haha.
  16. The Incredible Hulk is a B&M Sit-Down Coaster that features a launch and 7 inversions I do some web design work as well and I 100% agree, but I just have a feeling about this one. Apparently, the logos and stuff from Flight Deck are starting to disappear. Maybe that will become The Bat and Banshee will be next door? Studying the blueprints, it's got to be an invert. Only the leaked site or the blueprints can be right (or neither?). I'll go with blueprints. So I'm saying Invert. For the most part, I'm going that route because I hope Cedar Fair IT wouldn't end up making the same mistake two years in a row.
  17. Is that even a world record though? I'm guessing its going to be the Longest Inverted Coaster in the world? 7 Inversions would tie the record for most inversions on an invert. If it were 8 inversions, it'd take the cake not only for that, but as the coaster with the most inversions in North America. Top 195 feet and it's the tallest complete circuit Invert (Wicked Twister is taller). We'll find out soon enough.
  18. Today's Twitter Post from the park makes me think there will be a few more diversions ahead- "What are we announcing Thursday night? It depends on who you're talking to and what day of the week it is."
  19. I saw the page myself yesterday, there were actually three different pages. They were up for darn near 40 minutes before being taken down (it was taken down as soon as it started being shared on another site). As for the layout photo, those were just "dummy photos". They're just fillers. It's what you use when you are constructing a website. Same with the text. They had a Renderings Tab, a Facts Tab etc...There was even a Take a Ride tab or something of that sort, but it reverted to a WindSeeker POV. Don't know about the comb, but amusement and theme parks use old names sometimes. Look at what Coney Island is doing. Look at what Cedar Point has done. It's not entirely impossible. Non-Launched. And I always say a Wing Rider and Wing Coaster are different anyway. In a sense, Wing Riders (built by Intamin) are essentially Accelerator Coasters with the seats on the side. A Wing Coaster is a B&M Model, is non-launched and has a traditional lift. Two entirely different models in my opinion. I do believe that one could say that is the "Fastest Wing Coaster" then because it isn't a "Wing Rider". But for the sake of records and being more correct as to include the winged seats on Furius Baco, Cedar Point advertises GateKeeper as the Fastest Non-Launched Wing Coaster.
  20. Now it reverts back to the Social Media page. But if you really want to go the 404 route. www.visitkingsisland.com/banshee also goes to a 404 Error page. Who knows? haha
  21. ^That's just filler text and and filler images (known as dummy text and dummy images). It's what goes in to set up the design of a site and then you go back and modify it. The "latin" is lorem ipsum. It's just filler text that goes in text boxes when designing sites. Either way, if this wasn't a "teaser" to throw people off, then this is the second year in a row at Cedar Fair that a page went up early when it wasn't supposed to.
  22. Don't sweat it Robb, you have to have order somewhere or things just fall apart. Besides, you're in charge. We all have low tolerance for stupid people but sadly we still face a lot of them in life. At any rate, you have him a chance and the next step was the necessary thing to do. Without even seeing the IP Address I could say it was probably the same poster. Why would someone without posting here previously just join and their first post defends someone just banned? Either it's the same person or they know the person. Oh well. Can't wait for more YOLO updates. That loop is going to help dominate the skyline. Will love seeing it go up.
  23. ^How long will it be before you make it back to the park after this year? Seeing as it will be August, the park will be packed (not as much as if it were a weekend, but still packed). Your best chance at getting onto as many majors in one day as possible, I'd recommend getting Fast Lane or Fast Lane PLUS. Fast Lane PLUS includes GateKeeper & Top Thrill Dragster. GateKeeper is part of Early Entry (which you will get for staying at Camper Village), Top Thrill Dragster is not. I'd say maybe purchase a regular Fast Lane and ride GateKeeper during Early Entry and then ride the major rides/rollercoasters as you come across them? (remember, not all of them have Fast Lane so ride them as deemed fit per posted wait times). If you have regular Fast Lane, then Dragster will be your longest wait of the day, but you should be able to squeeze it in. Remember, this is all of estimates, who knows what GateKeeper will do with the other lines in the park. I can't give you a definitive "strategy" or anything like that because it is an entire realm of unknown with a large and high capacity coaster like that opening up near the front of the park. Enjoy your trip though and have fun!
  24. What the heck did I just see? Haha That is one interesting attraction. Glad you reached the bone and not the poop. The perfect exit would've been an air blast out via a fart. We need some stuff like this in the states. Seems like you guys had a blast inside Alicia. I'm now off to have some salad.
  25. I'll have two that I'll talk about, but Cheetah Hunt actually takes the cake for longest/slowest. It was the day after the ride debuted. I was at Busch Gardens the day before the ride opened and I decided I'd ride it the day after. It was about 3 hours before park closing and my friend and I decided to get in line for the coaster. At the time, the wait sign was reading around a two hour wait. I decided we'd be fine and it was worth the wait to try out the new coaster. Well, I should've noticed when we got in line that a train hadn't run for awhile, hence the reason the long wait was posted. Once they fixed all the technical stuff, the ride began running again. However, about 30 minutes later, after the ride was moving great, it broke down again. It was down for awhile before it came back up. Later, it went down again. By this time, everyone in line was getting impatient, largely in part to the fact that you could see lightning on the horizon and everyone wanted to get their rides it. A little before 9, we were able to board the ride and ride it. All in all, it was around a 3 hour wait. Mantis also holds a spot for longest/slowest line. We got in the line knowing it would be a little on the long side and that loading and unloading stand-ups takes forever. However, as the line went on, we noticed that they were only running one train (they were sending a second one out, but it was completely empty). It was one hot day too. But after waiting in line for about an hour and thinking about leaving the line, we decided we had waited this long, we have to keep going. Eventually they started running the other train too, so the line picked up. All in all, about a two hour wait.
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